Q&A: 2011 Center Pat Ackerman


I recently got a chance to chat with Pat Ackerman, a 6-11 big from Worcester Academy, Blake McLimans’ old school. Ackerman’s stock has been on the rise this summer and he’s already picked up a few Big Ten offers. Michigan has taken an interest in him and he plans to try to visit in the fall. Here’s what Pat had to say.

Describe your game. I’m definitely more of a defensive player and a rebounder. I block shots, change a lot of shots and I like to rebound. Also I like to get out and get a lot of my buckets in transition running the floor, getting ahead of guys. I’m more of a post-up, I don’t step out as much as I used to. I can shoot the mid-range but I’m more of a post-up player.

What offers do you have? The offers I have right now are St. Bonaventure, Siena, Bucknell, Penn State, Minnesota, Ole Miss and those are the only ones I can think of right now.

What have you heard from Michigan? They just told me they’re really interested in me and they want me to come for a visit and all that. They said they’re going to come out when we start our fall workouts and come visit with me and all that.

How did AAU go? I think I played really well. My team in general, we just had a great summer. I thought I played really well, apparently a lot of other people do to because I’ve been hearing from a lot of schools since I got back, but I think it was just a great summer overall.

Do you have the schools that have offered you ranked? No, honestly I really haven’t. Right now, I’m still hearing from a lot of different schools. It’s still pretty early and I’m just taking everything as it comes and just listening to what everyone has to say. I’m sure in the next couple of weeks I’ll sit down and really go over this and think it all over.

When are you coming to visit Michigan? I’m hoping to make all my visits in the fall. I haven’t committed to any visits yet but definitely all my visits I’m hoping to make in the fall and hopefully have a decision made by then, too.

So that’s the timeframe for commitment? I’m really hoping to before the season, just to take that pressure off before my senior year, but like I’ve told everyone else, if the right school doesn’t come along before then, then so be it. I’m not going to rush and make a decision just to get it out of the way, but I’m definitely looking to before the season.

What do you think of Michigan’s new coaching staff? I think they’re great. I talked to coach Beilein last week and coach Meyer and I think they’re great guys. I actually know one of the kids on the team right now, Blake McLimans, he went to school with me two years ago and everything I’ve heard from him–he never has anything bad to say, he loves it. From what I’ve heard, they’re great guys.

Does having Blake at Michigan influence your decision at all? Not really, I don’t think it influences it either way. It definitely helps to be able to get an honest answer from somebody I know as opposed to if I go to a school and I don’t know any of the players and I’m asking them what the school’s like, I feel like some guys would just tell me what they want me to hear as opposed to an honest answer.

How would you fit into Michigan’s offense? I think I could definitely help with my length and all that. When I’ve seen them play they have a lot of long guys and athletic guys, and I feel like I could fit into that because that’s what I try to bring: the use of my length and athleticism. So I definitely feel like I could fit in and help them.

Anything you’re focused on improving about your game right now? Right now I’m just trying to get a lot stronger and bigger. I feel like if I can do that and bulk up that will just help the rest of my game greatly. I’ll be able to finish a lot better and D guys up a lot easier.

What ultimately goes into your decision? First and foremost is the academics. That’s important not just to me but to my family too. I want to go somewhere where I’m going to get a great education and be challenged that way. But obviously basketball is very important because I’m going to be spending most of my time in college doing this. I just want to go somewhere where I can be happy. It’s like my mom says, if I blow out my knee first day of practice and I never play again I want to be happy where I am for the next for years.

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  • FL Wolve

    Just google stalked Mr. Ackerman and let’s just say that I’m scratching my head on that one. Why on earth would we take Ackerman over McDonald at this point? Not that I would offer McDonald but he has had a much better summer than Ackerman and he’s a local kid. I will be really disappointed if we end up with Ackerman.

  • cc

    We gotta get mcdonald

  • JBlair52

    Fl Wolve where do you see that we would take Ackerman over McDonald?

    I dont know much of Ackerman but from watching some of McDonald’s videos I havent been too impressed.

  • Brick

    You should tell the coaches about this google thing and they can stop wasting their time actually scouting players.

  • GregGoBlue

    lol Brick.

  • I feel that offering a big this year is not smart. We have Blake, Morgan, and Horford all with freshman eligibility and Jon could still redshirt this year. I would prefer to see a kid with length that could play on the perimeter such as Katenda, or an athlete like Pointer. Then save 3 ships for the 12 class where there is a bunch of studs available still.

  • georgeesq.

    Re: McDonald, the coaches could be missing the boat, but it’s not for lack of thorough evaluation. They’ve seen him plenty. I saw him play in a high school game last season and am frankly surprised at a few of his offers. OTOH, he could still get an offer from us.

    Re; Ackerman, right now they are just looking at him. Last year, they looked at a 7 footer from NJ but didn’t offer. I would also say that evaluating young big men is tricky because at age 16 or 17, they may still be maturing physically.

  • FL Wolve

    Good point. How can anybody ever question his recruiting while at Michigan? He’s got us clicking on all cylinders in year 4.

  • Brian W

    GoBlueWolverine has an article up about a new offer. Look like Pointer got it.


  • Yup. We are attempting to confirm now.

  • aMaized

    Gosh, if we get Pointer (or Gilling, Katenda) and one big guy (or Amir, Macdonald, McGray) that would be a great 2011 class to me.

    I like what I see with Burke as a PG — hope he agrees with what coach B was suggesting about going 2012. The buildup from all the posts makes me look forward to some watershed event for MI Bball — really want to see us do well.

  • FL Wolve

    With what’s left out there, if we end up with a 2011 class of Brundidge, Pointer, and Pangos, that would be phenomenal. If Horford redshirts, then he would also join the 2011 class and that would be a nice foursome. For 2012, we would need to focus on Hawkins and another post player (ie Costello’s replacement).

  • fresh

    anthony davis committed to kentucky………..dont know how that affects amir williams but it probably does

  • aMaized
  • Nice link aMaized, that reminds me, we are 90% done w/ 2012 top 10 of our own which we’ll try to post soon.

  • JBlair52

    Fl Wolve –

    Maybe you could give a little more information behind your intitial post.

    And you act like we’re going to take this Ackerman guy now – but he doesnt even have an offer.

    So please, stop scratching your head. :)

  • Brian W

    I noticed that Jordan Hare is number two on that list and that he’s being recruited by U-M, according to Rivals. It looks like he plays on Team Detroit with Javontae Hawkins. Anyone know much about him?

  • FL Wolve

    Hey Dylan, can you create a section for all of your rankings? I’d like to revisit the 2011 rankings which you prepared a few weeks ago but they’re tough to find.

  • Yeah… We’re actually working on redesigning the whole site and one of the main goals is to make old content much easier to find.

    Here are the 2011 rankings: http://www.umhoops.com/2010/07/28/state-of-michigan-rankings-class-of-2011/

    It’s worth noting that Pointer isn’t considered a Michigan kid in the rankings despite his roots and playing for The Family.

  • fresh

    anthony davis committed to kentucky……….dont know what that means about amir williams

  • FL Wolve

    If Pointer was a Michigan kid, where would you rank him – before or after Brundidge?

    By the way, I’m a little surprised that you had Anderson ahead of Brundidge but it’s obviously a close call.

  • Rankings were mostly Joe’s deal with some input from me. I haven’t seen Pointer play live so I couldn’t say.

  • Chief

    The next question is this a ‘Stauskas’ offer or a real offer?

  • JBlair52

    Fl Wolve –

    What are your concerns with Ackerman?
    And what are your “likes” about McDonald?

  • Sam

    Stauskas has said that the coaches will officially offer him once he says he is ready to commit, so it’s not necessarily official at this point, but it is pretty much there for the taking from everything I have read.

  • FL Wolve

    I don’t think that’s the case for Stauskas. I definitely think he’s a Plan B recruit and if we land Pointer (who is obviously a Plan A kid), then Stauskas may not get the chance to commit. The best case scenario for Stauskas is if Hawkins commits elsewhere. Then Stauskas would become relevant again.

    As of today, I don’t think Stauskas could call up the coaches and give a commitment, not with the Pointer news and Hawkins still naming UM as his leader.

  • Sam

    With the Pointer news, you could be right FL Wolve. But I think Stauskas would still have a really good shot of landing here. He is ranked 88 overall by Rivals in his class and we all seem to like his video, even though it is obviously only highlights.

  • georgeesq.

    My take on Stauskas is that the coaches asked some pointed questions regarding where his interest in Michigan. Maybe the responses were lukewarm or he just didn’t have a handle o recruiting at all yet. So they didn’t give an unconditional offer.