Weekend Visitors: Hawkins, Morris & Watts

Dylan Burkhardt

Monte Morris (left), Javontae Hawkins (right), and Denzel Watts all plan to visit Ann Arbor this weekend

Team Detroit’s Paul Carmona passed along the news that a number of Team Detroit prospects will be making the trip down to Ann Arbor this weekend. 2012 wing guard JaVontae Hawkins (offer) and 2013 guards Monte Morris and Denzel Watts are all planning to attend Michigan’s practices on Friday and Sunday.

Despite the rash of commitments lately, Hawkins is content to take his time right now. However, Michigan has made it clear that Hawkins is a priority for them and they are the school recruiting him the hardest.

  • Brian W

    Two days of watching practice, cool… Won’t be long before U-M makes the trip over the pond to play some games.

  • Why are we only recruiting guards? Beilein doesn’t know what he’s doing. Hawkins isn’t a top 5 recruit at all. We need top 5 recruits if we want to compete with Little Brother. We are Michigan. We play second fiddle to NO ONE!

    See how ridiculous it sounds?

  • sullycu

    Musket rebellion your comment is just asking to be critisized.and i cannot tell you how arrogant a “we are michigan” comment sounds… we have 1 legit championship from years ago. why should top 5 recruits come knocking on our door?

  • He was pretty obviously being sarcastic…

  • Brian W

    Look out. Calipari is doing missionary work in Detroit on Saturday to give shoes to needy kids. No word on whether he’ll be assisting needy kids with SAT scores, living arrangements or other “donations”.


  • Quan

    i would most likely cancel out morris because he loves MSU ( im one of his closes friends all the way seen 2nd grade

  • Seems I set off a little sh*tstorm. But what I said was that we needed to snag some top recruits sooner or later to get in the game–which, true. As for second fiddle, it was simply a statement of fact, not said in anger. Brian has a quote up at mgoblog right now that says, “now that MSU is out of scholarships we can start recruiting.” This is not rocket science.

    I am a Beilein SUPPORTER–brought up his name the day Amaker was FIRED, exulted in his hiring, love to hear him talk hoop. I just think we need a breakthrough, that’s all. And let’s drop all the talk about who’s a fan and who’s not, or whether they’re worthy–that’s for knuckleheads. Three generations of my family went to M, but I don’t question other people’s faith in the team or school. I just want to see them thrive.

  • AG2

    Hopefully, “taking his time” isn’t a euphemism for “waiting for a better offer.”

  • Chief

    Beilein has to recruit better. No question about it. If he doesn’t develop a good team in the next 2 years, he won’t be the coach. You can only sell building for so long. He has a chance and hopefully he gets it done.

  • Brian W

    Calipari is making a trip to Detroit to give out shoes to needy kids this weekend. Based on a past that’s included assisting needy kids with SAT scores and other “donations”, this just smells like something that shouldn’t be allowed. They don’t have any future highly-rated basketball prospects between kindergarten and fifth grade who live in Calcutta, though.


    Dominique Pointer made the Sporting News’ list of the top five players who raised their profiles in July.


  • Brian: What are you referring to that got deleted?

    Update: Found them. They got snapped up by the spam filter. Not sure why/how but they are up now. Shoot me an email and we can figure out how to make sure that doesn’t happen in the future.

  • Kenny

    Feel strange no mention of Michigan involvement of Pointer.

  • Brian W

    Dylan, okay. Sorry. Please delete the rhetorical question post. Thanks.

  • TR

    Dante Williams from Ann Arbor Huron just committed to Oakland. He has a great upside at 6’6″ and he is in the backyard of UM, why no recruit?

    UM is barely present in the state of Michigan. Look at the roster. We have 3 in-state players that were recruited by Div 1 schools. Horford and Morgan are the only in-state RECRUITS. Dumars is a transfer that wasn’t recruited. Person is a walk-on, not recruited.

    Honestly, Horford got his offer so late that had he received something better earlier he would have taken it.

    MSU on the other hand has 6 RECRUITS from within the state and they win…………..which formula works? 2 in-state recruits vs 6 in-state recruits.

  • Dante is a nice player but he’s not a high major kid right now. At a certain point some of these arguments are just ridiculous.

    Michigan has swung and missed on some in-state kids. LLP left.

    Michigan State is obviously the stronger program in the state right now, but the notion that Michigan isn’t attempting to recruit the state is absurd.

  • Not to mention the fact that you posted this on a post about three in-state kids that are visiting this weekend. 2 of which are 2013s, which is a shift for Beilein. Can’t remember him focusing this much on kids two years ahead.

  • Adam

    Yeah that’s the most idiotic statement I’ve heard. Would you rather have a mid-major caliber player like Dante, but he is from Michigan, or would you rather have players like Darius Morris, Tim Hardaway, and Evan Metrics who are not from Michigan. Seems like a no brainer to me.

  • DNich


    You think that McDonald gets an offer now that Costello is off the board?

  • It’ll be interesting. There’s a chance but I don’t think its a guarantee. I know they’ve been watching him but I don’t think they’ll rush to offer him right away. I’m working on a big recruiting “big picture” post that I’ll hopefully have posted soon.

  • Section13Row15

    I think Beilein’s been doing a good job with some of the in state kids like Valentine, etc. Once our record gets better, we’ll land a couple of those near misses like Draymond Green, etc. The kids and family are saying great things about Michigan and the staff. It will all fall into place once the new facilities are built and UM starts winning some games. I think our team will surprise some people this year. Can’t wait to see all the young guys play!