Matt Costello to Michigan State

Dylan Burkhardt

Jeff Goodman has confirmed on twitter that Matt Costello verbally committed to Michigan State today. Costello made an unofficial visit to East Lansing today and decided to pull the trigger. Costello chose Michigan State over Michigan, Indiana, Oakland, Butler, USC, and others.

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  • ZRL

    Bluebufoon, I’m pretty sure Bacari was talking about the dominoes on this year’s team falling into place. They are practicing this week, after all.

  • Beast1530

    I’ve been warning ya’ll that Costello is all MSU for a long time. Once MSU offers, it’s pretty much over.

    JB still has quality prospects to recruit. Michigan, IMO, need a PG and a slasher to complete the class.

  • aMaized
  • “if Beilein continues to have us play second-fiddle to MSU, then he is not doing the job he was brought in to do. He was brought in to win championships.”

    You do realize that the last time our basketball team was a contender was 6 years before Izzo started his tour de force. You ask us to not play second fiddle, but fail to realize that we are second fiddle. The whole “we are Michigan” argument doesn’t apply here. Izzo has gone to the last two final fours. He has never had a kid graduate without going to the final four. Recruits see that and know that they will play on the biggest stage. Getting mad because we missed out on Costello shouldn’t lead to statements of grandiose expectations. You say that Beilein was brought in to win championships. I disagree. Beilein was brought in to keep our team out of the NCAA doghouse, and hopefully put together some tourney teams. You don’t go from cellar dweller to Final Fours overnight when possibly the most successful program of the last 15 years is right down the street.

    We have all become so impatient. But if you thought that we would be NC contenders by year 4 of Beilein’s reign, then you were sadly mistaken.

  • aMaized
  • Mark

    I think people need to calm down. I really wish Valentine and Costello would have committed to UofM because they are very good players but there is a chance that they won’t be the top 2 players in the state by there senior year. Hare (Saginaw) will probably end up Michigan’s top player in the state (Note: Will not end up at UofM). Hawkins athleticism very well could get him into the top 2 also if other parts of his game develop. So while it sucks it not like state received commitments from the guaranteed top 2 player in the state and top 25 recruits nationally.

  • Beilein’s Bricks

    Regarding losing Costello to MSU, it happens. It does hurt a bit more because Beilein was on him earlier and has had time to cultivate a relationship and he still struck out. However, it’s been known for weeks he was going to MSU, so no use getting too worked up over.

    As to Beilein, I don’t think anyone was expecting a national championship by year 4. My expectations were a bit modest. A couple of post-seasons would’ve been nice. However, a losing record after four seasons would be an abject failure.

    If Beilein wins less than 10 games this year, he should be summarily dismissed. We’d be in rebuilding mode anyway, and it’s not like we’d be losing an overwhelming number of 2011-2012 commits during a transition. 10-15 wins and I think they’ll still retain him. It’ll be paramount for him to get to the Tournament the following year, though.

  • jack simms

    a repeat of the draymond green case——another top recruit decides 5-10 freshman minutes per game at a top-notch program is more attractive than 25-30ish freshman minutes per game at a mediocre program

  • frustrated

    Hard to be positive here. The story with JB recruiting is always the same: so nice of a guy, really loved the visit, wow they are really nice, i am going somewhere else. Coming in second over and over again is not much better than coming in dead last. It may be that hiring an “older” coach was not a great idea in the end; it takes a ton of energy to recruit, and it is pretty clear that recruiting is more important in basketball than almost any other major sport.

  • matt d

    I know its frustrating to see the top tier recruits(especially those on our wish list that have taken visits to Michigan) choose MSU, but the reality is that Belien has done a decent job recruiting when compared with the results on the court. My take on recruiting is that your recruiting ranking should be comparable to your record, that being said I think Coach B pulled in an excellent class last year considering we were 15-17. We pulled in 2 top 100 kids, a player in Colton Christian that is underrated in my opinion after watching film, with Horford being the only project. Our recruiting class was on par with the lower level top 25 recruiting classes. I know there is something to be said for improving the talent and winning the recruiting battles vs. Izzo, but the fact of the matter is that MSU has a winning tradition over the past 10+years and better facilities. I think Coach B has upgraded the talent overall,3 top 100 guys over the course of the past 2 years, and that will be and hopefully 5 after the 2011 class is signed. How many other coaches with a losing record in a 3 year span can say they’ve dont that?

  • AG2

    Sidney Lowe? LOL!

  • Same Old Story

    JB just can’t recruit well enough for an elite level (or even an upper tier Big Ten) program. He’s putting in the effort but just can’t close the deal. Maybe he doesn’t have enough snake oil. But this has been clear for awhile now. Still no top 50 recruits during his tenure and one NCAA appearance only due to Amaker’s two top 50 recruits who are now gone. Year 3 of JB was a losing year despite this better talent. It’s looking like another losing year and probably only single digit wins unless JB can work wonders with MAC level talent. JB has this year and likely next to turn things around or we just have to move on. I’m still holding out hope that he can do it.

  • Mark

    I disagree with Brick. UM has been 2nd choice far too many times under JB’s watch. If you comfortable with that always happening than that is your choice but you can’t tell me that it’s disconcerning that UM can’t land a highly recruited kid.

    If all of those recruits want to go to elite schools, fine, don’t recruit them, recruit the ones that want playing time because with as bad as UM’s roster is, we can offer that far more than schools like MSU.

  • Kevin Carroll

    Yes we have heard this all before. Same old song – we love JB, the campus was beautiful and the academics are great but…we have heard this since JB first arrived. We have been on some very good recruits over the past couple of years where it came down to Michigan and the other the school. Draymond Green MSU, Klay Thompson Wash St., Gordon Hayward Butler, Robin Benzing Germany, Nate Lubick Georgetown, Russell Bryd MSU, Kyle Kuric Louisville, Trey Zeigler CMU, Casey Prather Florida. These are just the ones I can rack my brain that we were the finalists. An Assistants job is to get the recruit to believe in your school and name you a finalists and the HC must be able to close the deal. The old staff has done that and I’m hoping this new staff can too but what it comes down to is that JB is not a closer. He is not a pressure guy. He has no one in the NBA so he doesn’t talk about it. So where would you go if you were a recruit? He must change his style and learn to close the deals. He has 2 years to do this.

  • Not sure how Benzing made your list. He committed to Michigan but didn’t get a high enough score on his SAT.

  • Kenny

    Dylan, my memory says that Benzing didn’t clear ncaa because he played in a semi-pro league.

  • Plenty of people said that… but it isn’t true. Benzing didn’t do well enough on the English SAT and missed by a test score. He may have been suspended by the NCAA but that was never determined.

  • Brick

    @Kenny The NCAA didn’t issue a ruling on his pro status. He came up short on his SAT before they had to.

    Dylan – I propose that the next poster to call our team MAC level talent should be banned for a week. It is untrue and basically a flame or an insult.

    Every program in the country has a LONG list of recruits they missed out on. If we aren’t missing out on kids, we aren’t aiming high enough.

  • 90 M Varsity

    Beilein’s problem is that he limits his recruiting to system guys and then doesn’t get the system guys he wants.

    Every other good recruit in the state then doesn’t want Michigan because it is known as a “system and shooters” school. That is a rep that JB created when he said that some kids in the State wouldn’t fit.

    Now none of them even consider UM. Guys who are not shooters don’t even bother.

  • fresh

    what does a system guy even mean?……….you hear that all the time but every single team and coach has a system what makes beilein so much different that its so unappealing to players…….you have to shoot in order to score, i would think kids would love that not hate it, however after reading several quotes and hearing beilein talk he realizes that he needs to broaden his recruiting game and look for players of all abilities

    …….in the end it comes down to winning, people i think blow this system concept out of proportion……once they start winning, if they do, then it will attract kids to come here however they have to start producing on a consistent level and its as simple as that

  • georgeesq.

    I agree. The “system” charge is as outdated as the idea floated that Beilein ran a “Princeton offense” when he was hired, that he wouldn’t recruit Detroit, that he he wouldn’t recruit Michigan, that he wouldn’t recruit top 50 players. Some people might still be stuck on the “system” thing, but it’s pretty clear that Michigan’s recruiting targets are not limited to spot-up shooters.

  • JBlair52

    90 M Varsity –

    glad you’re now on this website preaching about recruiting…

    If every other good recruit in the state doesnt like UM and Beilein’s “system” then why is Brundidge coming to Ann Arbor?

    What about Hawkins? We’re supposedly his #1.

    Dray Green, Valentine, Costello – they all liked UM and Beilein but, uh, when the Spartan’s come calling with their recent success…well…it’s tough to turn that down.

    And would you not agree that there are a number of players in the state of michigan that dont fit due to either needs of the team and/or the play of the recruit?

  • Dirtgrain

    Can anyone objectively compare the quality of Beilein’s Michigan recruiting classes with his West Virginia recruiting? Is he getting better ranked players at Michigan?