Video: Jalen Reynolds & Dominique Pointer

Dylan Burkhardt

Video courtesy of the REACH Legends AAU program.

Xavier is most likely the front runner in Reynolds’ recruitment and it’s unclear if Michigan will offer the Livonia forward at this point. However, Reynolds is still on the radar and this is some quality footage from two west coast events, the Adidas Super 64 and Double Pump Best of Summer.

We posted video of Pointer’s ridiculous dunk yesterday but Oregon Live posted a more extended highlight film of Pointer from the Nike Global Challenge as well.

  • intrpdtrvlr

    I don’t follow the UM recruiting nearly as closely as MSU and I’ve heard some concerns about fit with Beilein’s offense, but it seems like Reynolds would be a nice pick-up for UM. What say you all?
    What’s the scholarship situation for adding him?

  • detroitbry

    UM is passing on Reynolds.

  • unkdkjfbb

    They need to offer

  • ZRL

    I heard the main reason Beilein is passing on Reynolds is because of questions about his transcript.

  • gowolverines8

    i honestly may rank reynolds the best player in the state in the 2011 class, he can play

  • AG2

    Well I’d sure like to see some commitments in the near future from someone. After last year with Ziegler I don’t think Beilein can afford to wait until the bitter end to wrap up 2011, especially considering most of the better players who wait that long are apparently just waiting to see whose going pro from Kentucky.

  • sven

    So if we are passing on Reynolds are was just giving up on getting a big in 2011?

  • JBlair52

    Ok so I see 2 guys with GREAT athleticism from the Detroit area with offers from GOOD schools…and we’re passing on them?

    If it’s grades, I can understand that; but why not continue to recruit them? Let them know what the concerns are so if they want to come, they can work on those things.

    A defensive focus wing and an athletic shot-blocking big…and both can attack the hoop with some hops. Man…come on, get these guys BLUE

  • Kenny

    The new films on Reynolds is much more impressive than the last one I saw, and I don’t see him having problem fitting into Beilein’s offense at all. But if his transcript is problematic, we have to move on.

  • JBlair52

    What type of “transcript problems” are these kids having that they’re getting interest from Dayton, Xavier, and Ohio St but not Michigan?

  • Pointer transfered to QEA from his HS in Michigan and is going into his fifth year of high school. Not actually prep.

    Reynolds also has transferred high schools but I’m sure why but “transcript questions” can arise from transfers. They might not be problems but at least things that have to be figured out.

  • Brick

    Now that McLimans is up to 240, I think he is going to stick at center. I’m betting that Horford redshirts so he is essentially a 2011 center recruit. Add in Morgan and we have three centers over two classes. Unless the coaches think Reynolds will be better than all three of those players, he probably won’t get an offer. We don’t need four centers over two classes. We have other needs. We could use another 4 and a PG and Reynolds is not a 4 in our offense.

    It amazes me that people think they know who we should offer based on a highlight video. We have an entire staff of coaches that are paid a lot of money and do this for a living. They know a little better than all of us who should be offered. I am an optomist so I think the fact that they aren’t chasing too many centers means that they have faith in Morgan and McLimans.

  • JBlair52

    Brick – you’re right, the coaches would know best.

    But to me, I’m wondering if Reynolds is a good step ahead of both Morgan and Horford. From watching their videos, he looks like he has much more fluid movement and better shot-blocking ability. And I could watch a “low-lights” video to pick up on those things.

    And I’m not sold on Horford or McLimans as “true” 5’s – even in this system. Add in Smotrycz and Christian at the 4 and I think we can mix things up. But we need more athleticism and shot blocking ability in our bigs. We are getting height, and strength/size, but we majorly lack those things.

  • Kenny

    JBlair52, I don’t think that the coaches are passing on Pointer, but they would like to check his transcript before offering. To me, it is very reasonable. You don’t want to recruit kids who will be in trouble in their classrooms or may not have grade to qualify. And I don’t think that University of Michigan maintains the same academic standard as Ohio Stat University, Xavier and Dayton.

  • JayRich

    Reynolds reminds me a lot of JaJuan Johnson from Purdue. Athletic big man that can shoot a little and finish at the rim. We need to get these transcript problems figured out and get him offered.

  • cwiae

    He reminds me of love from Xavier

  • wayman britt

    You can’t possibly evaluate a whole player from a few videos and the coaches do know what is best. But, I sure wish UM would at least pick up one early offer.

    We need someone to start the ball rolling. Sometimes all it takes is one person to begin the building of a great class. Nothing recruits good players, like fellow teammates or recruits.

    Mr. Costello are you listening!

  • Brian W

    U-M has offers out to Matt Costello and Amir Williams, and neither of them are committed. If U-M’s goal is to get a big man in either 2011 or 2012, Reynolds may be behind both of those two regardless of the transcript situation. Duke got Plumlee and Zeller could end up at North Carolina, so unless Williams is leaning towards Kentucky, there could be a good chance with him. It’s been awhile since I’ve read anything about what Amir Williams is thinking, though. (I mean direct quotes from him and not someone else’s read on the situation) I’m not saying that I wouldn’t take Jalen Reynolds, just trying to put a different perspective on the situation.

    The U-M coaches are supposed to visit Pointer after school’s started when coaches can visit schools. They’ve told him that they want him and they plan to offer after checking his grades, so that’s not disinterest at all.

  • BL11

    This is the problem with the growth of recruiting websites. Some people assume things that just aren’t true. Realistically no one knows what is going on in Beilein’s head. IMO “Pointer should be on the priority list..Reynolds should be recruited but not offered yet.” If Beilein whiffs on the 2011 and 2012 class then we can start to wonder.


    UM is actively recruiting Jalen Reynolds

  • Brian W

    Reachlegends, thanks for the info.

    Costello visits MSU today it looks like.

  • I think Reynolds would give things that NO ONE on Michigan has or can give based on his ability and size. Costello is a possibility, but based on who’s calling and my gut feeling, forget about Amir. If you can get Reynolds, offer him. He could come in and contribute immediately in 2011-2012 at this rate.

    At a mid-major conference, he’s an impact player who probably ends up All-Conference. At a smaller level, he probably starts from Day One for anyone and is a POTY-type. Just wait until he plays a full year of HS ball now that he’s developed, he should be a machine in the post.

  • That Guy

    No interest in Tommie McCune?

    Seems like a guy who State laid off and went to a good Big East program would have been right up U of M’s alley.

  • Michigan never really showed interest in Tommie for several reasons. I think WVU is definitely a good fit for Tommie though.

  • Chief

    WOTS is that Costello will commit to MSU shortly if not today.