A Quick Update with Dominque Pointer


I had the chance to chat briefly with 2011 wing prospect Dominique Pointer last week and he passed along several updates on his recruitment.

Pointer is an athletic, 6-5 slasher playing with The Family this AAU season. Pointer originally went to high school in Roseville, MI before transferring to Quality Education Academy in North Carolina.

Pointer said that though he is known for his ability to play above the rim, he is also a “lockdown defender.”  He said he felt like he “definitely” played well this summer. Pointer added that he has picked up offers from West Virginia, Miami (FL), Tennessee and DePaul.

Pointer is currently playing at the Nike Global Challenge in Portland where he has impressed with his athleticism:

Pointer has a terrific wing-type frame, has off-the-charts athleticism and gets his points by attacking the rim. He takes contact well and usually elevates over the competition. He can finish with either hand and his conversions are usually of the spectacular variety. However, at his size, his jump shot needs to get better. The lift on his shot is ideal, but he tends to shoot on the way down causing his shot to be flat.

Regarding Michigan, Pointer said that, were the Wolverines to offer, they would be “up there near the top” of his list.  He also mentioned that say he would like to commit around “the middle of the college season.”

After stopping by for a quick unofficial visit last weekend, Pointer has met the Michigan coaching staff and said “they’re real nice people.” Pointer said he likes Michigan because “it’s close to home, it’s a good school, and some really good players come out of there.”

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  • sullycu

    Great interview, that’s good to know where um stands with him! Does committing in the middle of the college season mean that it has a pretty big impact on him if we are playing good/bad.

  • Brian W

    Dylan, nice update… I like it when a player takes pride in his defense, and based on the number of steals he was racking up this weekend, he can create some havoc. The highlights that aMaized posted from the Nike tournament this week showed some good things too. He can really get up in the air and handle the ball. Hopefully he’ll get the offer and join his AAU teammate Brundidge at U-M. If he can help bring Amir, that would be okay too. :)

  • It will be interesting to see if Michigan offers. It seems like they are still in evaluation mode for Pointer right now.

  • Brian W

    A few days ago, he told Sam Webb that the coaches were going to visit him in September. “They’ve been saying that they want me, and they just have to look at my grades and they will offer me.”

  • Yeah… Evaluation is the whole package. They are interested in him no doubt because of his play but they want to look at grades and all that, which seems like it’s only fair.

  • Brian W

    Yeah, due dilligence…

    The 2012 USA team (Yogi) beat the 2011 USA team by three points at the adidas Nations tournament. The adidas Nations web site is pretty haphazard, so no word on how Yogi did yet.

  • Kenny

    To those who had chance to watch him playing, how is Pointer’s game compared to Prather’s?

  • That Guy

    Was Michigan after Branden Dawson?

  • 90 M Varsity

    What is there to evaluate. Everybody pretty much knows he can play. Somebody needs to wake up at the wheel cause they are asleep at it right now.

    Either that or scared to go against other programs. Or out of their comfort zone recruiting a player who is actually good enough to be on a Nike All-Star team.

  • georgeesq.

    The evaluation most likely has to do with his grades, core courses, etc.

  • BigTx

    Will there be a Q&A with Pointer now that he has been offered?