DeShawn Sims Signs with Greek Club PAOK Thessaloniki

Dylan Burkhardt

University of Michigan 2009 winter Commencement at Chrysler Arena on December 20th 2009(SAM WOLSON/Daily)

DeShawn Sims has signed with PAOK Thessaloniki. The signing was announced on the team’s official website, you can read the whole announcement here (translated link).

PAOK is consistently one of the top 5 or 6 teams in Greece but don’t usually come away with championships. The most notable PAOK player over the years is none other than Peja Stojakovic. PAOK is roughly considered one of the top 40 clubs in Europe and a very good place to start a European career.

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  • Alex

    Congratulations Peedi. Good luck.

  • Brian W

    Great for DeShawn. I hope he has a long, healthy professional career.

  • sullycu

    Good for peedi!

    Just curious, who is um going after for 2011… they have two scholarships correct? And really, I haven’t heard much about the recruitment of Katenda or Williams, and Pangos hasn’t decided what year he will be, so…who gets the scholarships? A big man and a wing or big man and a PG?

  • TheYooper

    I thought he was invited to the Celtics training camp?

  • Brian W

    Dominique Pointer is someone in the 2011 class who could get an offer. Katenda was out for part of the summer due to Appendicitis, which is why things were quiet with him. Markus Crider might still be on the radar, but I would bet on Pointer getting an offer.

  • He was invited to Celtics camp but a contract is a contract. Peedi tweeted that he was “a million dollar man” ( ) so I assume that he at least got a pretty good deal.

  • sullycu

    Brian W– That’s interesting so with 3 scholarships we have obviously

    1. Carlton Brundidge

    2. Either a wing or PG so for now priorities are (in no order)

    1. Kevin Pangos (if he goes 2011)
    2. Trey Burke (apparently)

    1. Dom Pointer
    2. Eric Katenda
    3. Markus Crider (though he seems doubtful)

    No more Rod Days

    3. Big Men
    It seems like we may need 1 big guy in the class of 2011 but right now the only real prospect of national attention would be Amir Williams but the chance of landing him seems slim, although I did talk to a scout from Kentucky I might add who said he thinks Michigan is his favorite, not sure if he is right or not but…

  • Brian W

    I know others have speculated that Amir Williams wants to leave the state, but your comment about U-M being his favorite is interesting. Pointer and Brundidge both play on Williams’ AAU team, so maybe that would help. I’m sure the coaches would love to have him at U-M.

    2012 is getting a lot more attention lately, and it seems like the 2012 kids are committing pretty early. OSU got a commitment from a 2013 kid this week.

  • sullycu

    Wouldn’t it be interesting if we got Williams, brundidge, and pointer, all from the same AAU team.

    JB said when my dad asked him a question at his camp (im 13) that he no longer is just recruiting for his style of play he said he is recruiting 3 types of people:

    1. His System Players (McLimans, Novak, stu)
    2. Strong players who can play in the big 10 (morgan…not sure who else at the moment)
    3. Players from the Michigan area (Horford, brundidge)

    and of course, he’ll take top 100 players as well…

  • Crazy Eyes

    Let’s hope Sims plays well enough to eventually gain the interest of a NBA team. And let’s hope he knows how to manage his money.

  • Thanks, Sully. That answers a question some of us have had about Beilein modifying his approach to succeed in the B10.

    I’m also curious to see whether a longer, more uptempo team generating fast breaks out of the 1-3-1 might offer a pretty entertaining brand of hoop. Or do they just get bogged back down in the B10 grind come late January? Anyone got thoughts about that?

    It seems to me that one way to correct statistically for an emphasis on the three is to generate a lot of easy layups, too.

  • Brian W

    Nike Global Challenge update mentions Dominique Pointer…

    At the Nike Global Challenge, Kevin Pangos had 15 points, nine assists, and three turnovers in Canada’s win over Team USA; he’s going to visit Gonzaga after this tournament. In Team USA Midwest’s win over All-Asia, Amir Williams had 12 points and 10 rebounds, and Dom Pointer had 14 points and four steals.

  • Brian W

    I’m still waking up, and I should have put that Pangos’ Canada team beat USA East.

    Anyways, at the adidas Nations, USA 2012 (Yogi Ferrell and Alex Murphy) battled the Latin America team to a 77-69 win…

    If you didn’t see this yesterday, there was an article about Tim Hardaway Jr. in the Detroit News…

  • AG2

    Congrats to Peedi. It ain’t the NBA, but its a million bucks. And that’s pretty friggin awesome.

  • JimC

    Congrats to DeShawn and best wishes!

  • Brian W has a nice story about Eso Akunne working hard in the classroom and preparing for the season…

  • Kenny

    Brian, thanks for the link. Good Article. A lot of freshman would be caught by the transition from high school to college when they take calculus 1. Eso and other student athletes should’ve gotten some more help during their first semester. It is interesting to know that beilein is trying to make him a point guard. I believe that he has a good chance to contribute.

  • aMaized

    noticed this on bacari’s tweet:
    Through all the years and the ups and downs the University of Michigan is still the 13th winningest program in the country!
    about 14 hours ago via web

    but i can’t find anything to support that… where are ranked? this list goes to top 20 all time and we’re not on it:

  • Sullycu

    Maybe he wins in all sports? I don’t know…

  • Sullycu

    I meant maybe he means wins in all sports… Which doesntvreally make sense now that I think about it

  • Brian W

    USA Midwest (Brundidge, Pointer, Williams) advanced to the finals of the Nike Global Challenge. Dominique Pointer led the scoring with 16 points and had 10 rebounds, seven steals and four assists. Carlton Brundidge had 14 points. Kevin Pangos had 13 points and six assists in Canada’s loss to USA South. The article lists Pointer’s offers at the moment and mentions his timeline.

    Yogi Ferrell struggled a little yesterday, but played well in the second half to help bring his team back to a win.

    This page has a pseudo play-by-play of USA Midwest (Brundidge, Pointer, Williams) win over France yesterday. Pangos is also mentioned in Canada’s loss.

  • aMaized

    saw this at the Wolverine boards posted by BL11, “Pangos is in the first few clips and pointer is #12 starting at the 1:30 mark.”

  • Haha damn, you guys just posted everything I had rounded up for a quick recruiting post :-) Good stuff.

  • aMaized

    Saw a few more this AM… an interesting reaction to our own 2011 rankings (was this posted?):

    also, perspective on MI State (Trice – the #4 player in Ohio per ESPN):

  • Anonymous

    Where is manny playing?