Michigan Practice: Recap

Dylan Burkhardt

Joe posted a number of articles and updates from yesterday’s practice. Here’s a quick listing of all the posts for easy access:

We also posted a pair of post-visit interviews that might have been lost in the fray:

And finally, Michigan will play Syracuse on November 26th.

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  • JBlair52

    That was my all-time FAVORITE “slew” of postings by umhoops.com

    awesome job! actually – spectacular job!

    that’s GREAT coverage right there – well done.

    Let’s hear it for this great work!

  • Brick

    Great job guys. This is quite the fix for the basketball junkies. Keep up the good work!

  • AG2

    So far I’m content with the increased size and overall talent level of the team. While it is frustrating to watch MSU reel in another 5-star recruit while we’re still trying to figure out who we can get, I just read on Yahoo! Sports that:

    1. The NCAA is investigating Josh Selby’s amateur status.
    2. Anthony Davis allegedly solicited cash payments to play for Kentucky (allegedly).
    3. Will Barton will probably go to the D-League since he was academically ineligible to play for Memphis.
    4. Tre’Von Willis could possibly play for UNLV this season with felony charges pending against him.
    5. Rick Pitino’s job is in jeopardy because he wouldn’t submit to blackmail.

    I’d rather see Michigan field the best TEAM it can than the best PLAYERS it can. For all the grief Michigan takes for transgressions of the 1990s, it just seems so much worse nowdays.

  • TheYooper

    Thanks for all the hard work Joe! This is some great stuff here.