Sunday Night Bullets

Dylan Burkhardt

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  • KRN

    Interesting about the Valentine MSU offer so soon after Michigan offered. Does anybody know how many scholarships MSU has to offer for 2012 because with so much talent in the state and the Midwest that Michigan is “in” on, it looks like State won’t be able to get a complete vice around the recruiting.

  • MSU has a lot of scholarships to give across the next two classes. Here’s a scholarship breakdown that includes Kaminski’s commitment.

  • Paul

    Burke is coming from a LOADED Columbus Northland team.

  • Paul

    I’m glad Gibson isn’t coming to Michigan. I watched him this season get DOMINATED BY Amir Williams, where he couldn’t even get a shot off against Amir.

  • aMaized
  • mark

    Gibson has long arms but is closer to 6-6 than 6-9. I don’t think he was good enough to play in the Big-10.

  • intrpdtrvlr

    Denzel Valentine’s MSU offer is good and bad for UM. On one hand, I think UM’s chances with him just plummeted but it appears more and more that Javonte Hawkins is UM’s to lose with little MSU involvement.

  • georgeesq.

    Izzo is in a nice position in that he has several highly regarded wing prospects looking hard at MSU, but I don’t think that DV was someone who he wanted to offer this early with those other prospects undecided. I think that Beilein’s offer to DV was a can’t lose proposition. If Izzo didn’t offer, we had a good shot at landing a very nice player. Now that he has offered, DV will likely pull the trigger soon. As was said above, Hawkins does not have an MSU offer and is now less likely to get one.

  • DNich

    We all know that we have been chasing MSU for a while now and are not winning the recruiting battles against them. But the big thing I am seeing now is that we are pushing Izzo’s hand for the first time.

    Getting out early on these guys is forcing State to jump in now. This may push them to take guys they were normally going to slow play. Plus it may finally show the kids that we ARE recruiting the same guys as Izzo and not just “Belein” type players.

  • fresh

    or instead of everybody insisting that state is slowing playing or we are trying to force hands, maybe valentine and others are just damn good players who these guys want……….people are really underestimating the ability of kids like valentine who have a tremendous sense of the game and whose IQ and passing is as good as anybody on either squad present day

    Tom Izzo is a great coach who has won a national championship he isnt going to offer a kid just because his dad was a former player….hes going to offer somebody that is going to help his team win this is D1 basketball not community college

  • DNich

    I think Valentine is a player and I do believe that Izzo does like him. But I do think the offer coming this weekend is 100% because he is visiting UM on Tuesday.

    If it was such a no brainer offer for Izzo why did he wait?

  • MSU Fan

    It’s said players earn offers in July. By most accounts Valentine played very well on the circuit and thus, earned his offer. I’m not sure if it’s conditional or not and 2012 is a long way off.

  • georgeesq.

    MSU Fan, are you saying that, if Valentine wanted to commit next week, Izzo would not accept it at this time? Are the conditions simply whether or not certain other players commit? Someone said that Izzo has 7 schollies to work with in 2011 and 2012.

  • 7 to work with but I believe 3 are taken (Kearney, Kaminski, Dwaun Anderson — all wings btw) so that’s 4 remaining. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  • AG2

    Is it possible that either Appling or Payne has one and done potential and thus opening up scholarships for MSU?

  • intrpdtrvlr

    Yeah, Dylan, four left for some combination of Branden Dawson, Gary Harris, Matt Costello, Mike Shaw, Jakarr Sampson, and Denzel Valentine as prime targets. Those are the most likely suspects, with perhaps Jalen Reynolds if Izzo doesn’t get Shaw and really wants a 2011 big man. Definitely need at least one post player out of that list.

    And AG2, doubt Appling, but I’d bet Payne does not see three years at MSU.

    And to be clear on my position, I think Izzo offered DV because of how great he’s looked this summer and what he can bring to the table. He doesn’t go after a player with options like Dawson and Harris out there merely to deny JB and UM. If he offered in light of the UM visit, it’s because Valentine is a top notch player Izzo didn’t want to see get away by making him wait.

  • intrpdtrvlr: any worry about the lack of point guards for MSU?

  • intrpdtrvlr

    There is some worry, Dylan, but the general feeling is that even if no one is a true pg, you can find enough minutes between Kearney, Anderson, and (fingers-crossed) Valentine to cover time in which Appling is on the wing or getting a breather. 2013 should bring in a pure PG.

    As I’ve commented elsewhere and sort of hinted at above, I think a Valentine commitment would face MSU with a new problem – can you get away with only taking one more big out of 2011/2012? MSU could end up focusing on Gary Harris, Branden Dawson, Mike Shaw/Jalen Reynolds, and Costello and have only three spots. Do you take the two big-time wings and go thinner up front, or do you sacrifice Harris or Dawson to take a 2011 big? Do you oversign thinking Payne is a two year guy max?
    That’s the new question for me, re: MSU recruiting picture. Good problem to have, I guess.

  • Brick

    Having a two guard play point or “covering” the position with wings has worked out really well for us. Izzo really should try it. I’m sure it will work.

    That is sarcasm.

    As much as I would love to see MSU with no backup point guards or big men, I have to believe Izzo is too smart not to have the proper roster balance. After what happened to Lucas this year, you can bet he’s not going to put all of his eggs in one basket.

  • smance

    Just curious but I don’t see Kaminski in rivals/scouts top 100, is this an oversight on my part? For a point of reference I’m trying to compare Stauskis to Kamenski and wonder where the gurus have them ranked (I see Nick at 88).

  • michigan hoops 4eva

    First off, why are so many MSU fans coming on this site? I don’t have a huge problem with it and it’s interesting to get some different opinions, but this is a new trend that I’m just noticing.

    Second, it’s just embarrassing how MSU out-recruits Michigan. The newest move, Denzel Valentine’s MSU offer right after a Michigan offer, reminds me of Draymond Green’s situation. Unfortunately, MSU has the state of Michigan on lock (with a few exceptions of course).

    Third, just a comment on MSU recruiting…why doesn’t MSU make more of an effort to get top recruits? They do get some stars (one being Adrian Payne), but in my opinion the only thing separating MSU from being a Duke/UNC caliber program in the future is that they don’t get as good as players.

    Finally, it’s somewhat sad that Michigan a year ago was recruiting top 50 prospects Trey Zeigler and Casey Prather, and even Amir Williams, Cody Zeller, and Mason Plumlee. Now, Zeigler and Prather are long gone and the 2011 guys seem unattainable and now Michigan is stuck looking at 3-star players. It’s just too bad.

  • Dirtgrain

    “First off, why are so many MSU fans coming on this site?”

    The excellent reporting and commentary, no doubt.

  • Dirtgrain

    And MSU is already a Duke/UNC level program (just check their performance in comparison over Izzo’s tenure). I’m impressed by Izzo’s ability to do so well with the talents he recruits–and it’s not as if they are all chopped liver. He seems to build teams damn well.

    That said, I hope that Beilein starts stealing Izzo’s thunder, that Michigan gets to that upper level. And I hope Izzo loses forever from here on out.

  • intrpdtrvlr

    Word, Dirtgrain. Dylan, Joe, and UMHoops do a great job, particularly on the recruiting front. That’s why I’m here. I fully believe in the ability to swap perspectives without antagonizing anyone.

    I think this Valentine/MSU offer is a wavemaker, which may explain the bump. I don’t think many casual observers expected it to happen so soon.

  • Polisci

    Recruiting between MSU and UM is not a zeros sum game. There is more than enough talent in the state and around the country for both to thrive. If Michigan fails to get back to the level MSU is at now, then it is our own fault.

  • cody wiseman

    When will they offer pointer

  • fresh

    rod days signed with central florida……..

  • Brian W

    – In a Free Press snippet at the end of a football story, it said that “the whole roster was in attendance” for yesterday’s basketball practice.

    – If you pay attention to U-M women’s basketball, they’ll play Kansas at Crisler on December 9, according to KU’s web site.

    – The Big Ten will not be changing its name, and Jim Delaney doesn’t believe Notre Dame will be part of expansion…

    Alex Murphy sat out a game over the weekend with a nagging knee injury…

    Patrick Lucas-Perry story with a cameo from Joe…

  • wayman britt

    In my opinion Izzo really doesn’t want Valentine. Beilien knows the recruiting situation with MSU and he forced Izzo’s hand. MSU can get the best players in the nation, but Izzo knows he needs to keep UM down, especially with in state kids.

    In fact Izzo said it himself with D. Green. He only took Green because he did not want him to go to UM. Fortunately for Izzo, Green turned out to be way better than everybody thought. Izzo did the same with Herzog. He is no dummy.

  • Ludicrous Speed

    Please show me where Izzo said that he took Draymond simply to keep him from going to U of M. Either that or take off the tin foil hat.

  • I don’t think Izzo offered Green because he was about to commit to Michigan entirely. The version of the story I’ve heard is that one MSU assistant was very high on Day Day. That being said, when MSU offered Izzo, most expected Draymond to be on the verge of committing to Michigan. It is what it is.

  • re: Draymond Greens recruitment statement above: I heard it on Channel six sports, directly from Coach Izzo’s mouth. It is not questionable, he flat out said it.

  • AG2

    Izzo has made it clear he doesn’t like recruiting, and considering he’s built his program on defense and rebounding rather than sheer NBA talent, its not like he’s really had to chase one and dones like UNC, Kentucky, and Kansas.

    If Izzo thinks he needs to keep kids out of Ann Arbor, that really shouldn’t be a problem. The issue is what we can do to build our program regardless. They can’t all go to MSU even if they are willing to make us wait to see if Izzo offers them. The key is making sure that nobody has the mindset that its either MSU or out of state. Or worse, choosing CMU and UD over Michigan. I know that family was involved in the cases of Zeigler and McCallum, but if family was everything Harrison Barnes would be in one of those ugly as sin Iowa State jerseys.

  • intrpdtrvlr

    The public version of the Draymond Green story was reported last Spring and is pretty similar to what Dylan is saying:

    If this was purely Izzo’s MO – to deny UM the best in-state talent – he’d be hard after Javonte Hawkins too, right, and there’s no indication that’s the case. The player has to be worthy of the offer on his own merits. Does it help to deny a rival a player? Sure, but he has to be able to play for you.

  • georgeesq.

    Of course, DV has the added feature of being an MSU legacy. Izzo wouldn’t just be losing a recruit to Michigan, but the son of an MSU player who plays 5 miles from MSU’s campus.