State of Michigan Rankings: Class of 2011


After following these players around all spring and summer and evaluating their games, we decided it was time to stack them up against each other.  It might not be the most talented class but there is still plenty of talent and potential.  Here is our take on the top 10 players in the state and how they compare with one another.

Amir_Williams-214x300[1] 1. Amir Williams – Detroit Country Day/Family
Center – 6-11 –
The guy is physically dominant, he has some good post moves and he’s scary athletic.  He’s had problems producing every night but his size and potential speaks for itself.

Offers: Arizona, Cincinnati, Duke, Florida, Kentucky, Miami, Michigan, Michigan State, Minnesota, North Carolina, Ohio State, Pittsburgh, Purdue, Tennessee, Texas, USC, Wake Forest and Wisconsin.

19965_1336983426885_1300106134_984134_4546821_n[1] 2. Dwaun Anderson – Suttons Bay/Mustangs
Guard – 6-3 –
Anderson isn’t as consistent a scorer as Brundidge, but his insane athleticism puts him above Carlton on this list.  He can handle the ball and finish at the rim exceptionally well.  He has a very consistent jumper but is always in attack mode.

Offers: MSU Commit

23322_430882798766_695178766_5635125_7088501_n[1] 3. Carlton Brundidge – Southfield/Family
Guard – 6-1 –
Carlton Brundidge is a scorer.  Pure and simple.  I would say he is the best pure scorer on this list, without a doubt.  He’s strong, he gets to the line, he’s a good shooter and he grabs rebounds better than most guards.

Offers: U-M Commit

JTLsaginawheritagebball011[1] 4. Tommie McCune – Saginaw/Dorian’s Pride
Wing – 6-7
McCune is a heck of a player.  He’s versatile enough to play on the wing or down low. His shot is a little funky, but his vision and handle is great for his size.  McCune has the chance to develop into a big-time college wing.

Offers: West Virginia, Baylor, Southern California, Minnesota, Cincinnati, Dayton, Providence, and Xavier

Jalen_Reynolds_Stevenson-210x300[1][5] 5. Jalen Reynolds – Livonia Stevenson/REACH
PF/C – 6-foot-9 –
Reynolds is a very intriguing prospect.  He needs to improve his consistency and stay in the game mentally, but he has all the physical tools to be a tremendous college player.  He has some post moves and a respectable shot.  But most of all he is athletic enough to be whatever he wants. (Photo credit: IPS)

Offers: Xavier, USC, Pittsburgh, Virginia, Providence, Washington

22051_273807677120_553137120_3787090_2492891_n[1][8] 6. Brandan Kearney – Southeastern/Team Detroit
Wing – 6-foot-5 –
I have a hard time deciding what I think of Kearney.  When I watched him earlier in the spring, he seemed a little too focused on shooting from outside and his shot wasn’t very reliable.  Most recently, I saw him knocking down shots and he was getting to the basket.  He still has potential – he’s very long, athletic, and quick.

Offers: MSU Commit

23146_100000742615014_1249_n[3] 7. Trey McDonald – Battle Creek Central/Mustangs
Center – 6-foot-10 –
McDonald is steadily improving.  His shot has improved.  He has great size, hustle, and is a respectable athlete.  However, his offensive game still has a ways to go and his ceiling isn’t as high as Williams or Reynolds.

Offers: DePaul, Miami, Arkansas, Iowa, Dayton, WMU, CMU, and Oakland

41496_100000549556771_501_n[1] 8. Ladontae Henton – Lansing Eastern/Mustangs
Forward – 6-foot-5
I saw Henton most recently at the KY Hoopfest, and he looked great.  His shot is very accurate and consistent and he is still quick enough after his knee injury to get by guards who are smaller than him.  He’s a truly versatile player and a talented scorer.  The problem is that he may have already peaked.

Offers: Dayton, Penn State, Utah, Cleveland State, Duquesne and South Alabama

plp 9. Patrick Lucas-Perry – Flint Powers/Mustangs
Guard – 5-foot-11
He has great handle and a very good shot.  His vision is excellent.  He’s quick but not incredibly so, and he knows how to finish at the basket.  The downside is that he’s really small.

Offers: Harvard, Oakland, and Northwestern. MSU/U-M interest.

35751_1504412218187_1470690121_31339405_7089061_n[1] 10. Percy Gibson – Southeastern/Team Detroit
PF – 6-foot-8
Gibson doesn’t possess the same size, potential, or athleticism as a Williams or Reynolds but he can play.  He’s a good rebounder, his touch around the basket is exceptional with some impressive post moves.

Offers: Dayton, USC, Providence, Colorado, Temple, CMU, FIU

No rankings are perfect and there is certainly room for argument across the board. The production versus potential debate can literally last for hours. If you’ve got differing opinions we’d love to hear them in the comments.

  • Adam

    Good list.. very informative and I’m pretty much on board with the rankings

  • Mat

    Is PLP’s MSU offer a preferred walk-on?

  • intrpdtrvlr

    PLP as a walk-on at MSU? First I’ve heard of that. Even though I’m assuming its pure speculation and intensely unlikely, that possibility is pretty intriguing.

  • Neat. I usually have no idea where the cavalcade of players stand in relation to each other. This kind of thing helps. Cool that Brundidge ranks so high. Maybe he’s the answer to the all-important question about who (the heck) will put the ball in the bucket.

  • I am unsure about PLP, he’s reported Michigan and Michigan State offers in various places but there haven’t been many recent updates with him. He’s also been hurt most of the summer and I don’t think that he is near the top of Michigan or MSU’s list at this point.

  • intrpdtrvlr

    The WOTS as early as last Fall was that MSU and PLP had parted ways for reasons unknown. Those who knew and said so publicly didn’t get into the details, only suggested that it wasn’t going to happen.

  • APC

    Good list. Just out of curiosity, anybody stick out as the best player out of all the players you watched regardless of state?

    Also, I see williams is the only guy with a uofm offer that isn’t committed. I could be wrong but I don’t feel like he will end up at uofm but you never know. If Amir goes elsewhere, who in 2011 is the most likely to end up at uofm at this point?

  • In terms of who is likely to end up at U-M… great question. Reynolds and McDonald are possibilities in terms of in-state kids but I don’t know that I’d bet on either.

  • mitch

    Who is on USCs’ coaching staff from this area? I keep seeing USC offers and they got Maurice Jones to commit.

  • Mark

    Good job ranking the players. Ranking players is extremely hard because you have to take into account potential that they might not reach. I’ve seen all those players multiple times and agree with most of whatyou wrote.

    If I was basng it on HS and production my top 3 would be:

    If I was basig it on potential:

  • I agree with you Mark. It’s very tough. “Buckets” can flat out score the ball at the high school level and I think Dayton (rumored leader) would be a great fit for him.

    Anderson’s production is tough to gauge because he murders smaller schools regularly. That video of him dunking on that kid who looks like he’s 5-7 just isn’t right. Ha.

  • Section13Row15

    Do you think Brundidge’s friendship with Williams will have any impact on whether he will choose U-M or are there just far too many teams in the mix at this point to say one way or another? Amir Williams is the caliber recruit that could really help put U-M on the map.

  • I don’t have any reason to believe that it will make any kind of significant difference.

  • intrpdtrvlr

    Be interesting to see if Reynolds gets a UM or MSU offer. I think he’s waiting to see or he might already be committed to Xavier.

  • Beast1530

    Pretty sure that PLP doesn’t hold an offer from Michigan and MSU.

  • AG2

    I don’t want to ruffle feathers or talk out of turn, but just so we’re clear there’s no reason to believe Brundidge is anything less than a solid recruit we can completely count on to sign a LOI in the fall, right?

  • Beast1530

    I believe that the coaching staff talked to CB after Mike Jackson departure and it’s looking like he’s solid for now.

  • Matt

    Joe if you were out in Vegas and in LA right now you’d maybe be happy to see your boy Kearney ballin the way he is. He made the all tourny team in Vegas and is ballin out so far in LA @ the pump n run.He’s playing like he’s pound for pound the top player in 2011 in Michigan.

  • Great job as always, Dylan and Joe.

    The only one I disagree with is McCune. There are some cases (like Matt Costello) where I’ve seen him play well just once or twice, but tens of other reliable reports have him as a top 100 type of prospect. That I can get behind. I’m not sure about his personality, that’s a big part of it. He looks to get frustrated at times, and I’ve heard that work ethic has been a knock. Second, again, I haven’t seen him play at the highest level when I’ve been watching. I might put him behind the big guys in the middle of the list.

    We’ll have our list coming up sometime end of summer, or perhaps end of Fall to coincide with the start of the season, look forward to some discussion there as well.

  • Paul

    One other darkhorse player I’d think about adding to this list is Conway (Birmingham Seaholm, U of M FB WR commit). He’s super althetic and a heck of a shooting guard who plays awesome defense. Maybe he can be a U of M walk-on BB player

  • Jared

    The talk about PLP and UM/MSU is a tall tale, and always has been.

  • TR

    The list seems more like the list of the most popular not the best basketball players. Kearney should be higher if you evaluate basketball skills. He is a more skilled player and has a higher ceiling than some that are listed ahead of him.

    Some on the list have been identified as needing “offense” or “work ethic”. In my opinion that says that those guys are just tall and athletic. That doesn’t make a good basketball player, certainly not best in the state.

    Last year, Maurice Jones was the best in the state, period. Keith Appling is good and probably second to Jones but Jones was the best in the state. At 5’5″, he couldn’t get the “gift” of a ranking for just being tall.

    I appreciate the effort and challenges in these lists but some kids see their name and think their work is done. While others keep working and go beyond. In the short term, this gives awards to folks that may not be as deserving as others due to “height” not skills.

  • TR

    By the way, two on the list were outplayed by a 6’4″ kid from Ypsi during the Romulus summer league. The kid is a rising junior, Mo Ba and gave up 3-5 inches on his opponent and played a significant role in the Ypsi team beating one team and going to overtime vs the other.

    I think Dante Williams has been left off and he could be in the ranking. He doesn’t play at a school where he gets a chance to put up the numbers that some of these other guys do but, he is every bit a good ball player as some on this list. At 6’6″ he has more of an impact on his team’s games than McCune. Dante’s production led Huron over Arthur Hill in the quarters.

    Urban Bingham can be as dominant as his “mind” allows him to be. Reynolds is more athletic but Bingham has more strength and moves.

    George Goodman from Saginaw Buena Vista is a name left off the list but he produced more last season than PLP, if I’m not mistaken.

    Dietrich Lever is probably a comparable point guard as PLP. That doesn’t take anything away from PLP but Dietrich was the point man for Team Detroit. He plays high school ball at lowly Canton so he doesn’t get the press. Prior to Team D, he ran the show with that Common Bond team which had AJ Mathew, Justin Moss, Dante Williams, Colin Wedesky.

    I’m not trying to knock the rankings, the rankings look like the list of marquee names from the sponsored teams (Mustangs, Family, Team Detroit). McCune plays for Sag High which is a marquee program, the winningest high school program in the state’s history.

  • scout

    amir should have a big season but if plp is smart he should go to a good education school, he is not good/big enough to play for a major conference team…oakland or harvard i say

  • reachlegends