Tuesday Night Bullets

Dylan Burkhardt

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  • Dirtgrain

    I have a feeling that Beilein would smoke Izzo in one-on-one (make-it, take-it, of course).

  • JBlair52

    haha that picture is kind of symbolic of both personalities…

    Beilein relaxed back, pretty laidback

    Izoo leaning forward on the edge of his seat all intense


  • AG2

    You really gotta feel for Kevin Coble not being able to put Northwestern over the top, but if there’s any school where guys think hard about life after basketball, it would be Northwestern.

    As for the photo of Beilein and Izzo, they both have kindof a “man I’m sick of recruiting” look.

  • Brick

    Euro trip in 24 days, but practice starts next week! I hope some info leaks out. I can’t wait to hear any snippets about the new kids.

    The Coble injury is a big hit. I thought Northwestern was going to get a bid next year but it will be tough now. It made me think of Cronin and how we all assume injuries will heal in a year and kids will always be back the next season. Sometimes injuries linger.