Sean Grennan to Davidson

Dylan Burkhardt

Sean Grennan had a strong Elite Camp showing at Michigan and was thought to be a potential candidate for a scholarship offer down the road but the New Jersey sharp shooter committed to Davidson.

It’s tough to get a good read on where Michigan will go in the class of 2011 at this point. European wing Jonathan Gilling is a target, Dayton wing Markus Crider, and Eric Katenda all appear to be serious targets as well. Jalen Reynolds and Trey McDonald are both intriguing but far from surefire prospects. Kevin Pangos has an offer but it’s unclear whether he will be a member of the class of 2011 or 2012. The only stone cold offers that Michigan appears to have outstanding are to big men Amir Williams and Cody Zeller.

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  • MHoops1

    Dylan–are you thinking that Pangos will reclassify to ’12, because he certainly has an offer? I think we will know whether guys like Trey McDonald and/or Jalen Reynolds will be serious targets within the next few weeks.

  • Yup. Didn’t list Pangos because it’s unclear where he should be classified. I just added his name to the post though.

  • Brick

    Do you know if Gilling has an offer? The fact that he came to campus from Denmark is pretty important. I thought Katenda did not have an official offer because he hasn’t had his visit but I would think he’s a lock to get one eventually. I wouldn’t mind getting a commitment from either of those two.

  • georgeesq.

    I sincerely hope that Pangos stays in the 2011 class and we land him. That would give us time to groom him behind Morris and badly needed depth at the position.

  • Brundidge plus Costello or Williams makes this a major class for Beilein. Hopefully in putting the full press on Prather and Zeigler we didn’t miss out on the 2011 class.

  • Brick

    Costello is 2012 and Williams is not likely at this point.

  • Ben

    sounds like if we offered Ray Lee, he would probably commit. Scout has a video with Javontae Hawkins and he seems high on michigan and he seem to love coach Bacari A. but i would love a class of brundidge, pangos and Katenda, followed up with 2012 class of Costello, staukas or hawkins, get 2 canadian boys in the program!!!! sorry were not use to having lots of talent over here…haha

  • aMaized

    i find it interesting that the Wolverine offers more regular basketball content as of late.

  • Brian W

    The quote from Grennan in The Wolverine about prepping for 2012 makes me think that they don’t want another guard for the 2011 class. Maybe Pangos could be a different story, but based on the number of guards that U-M is following, 2012 looks to be the year for another point guard.

  • Brian W

    Michigan Mustangs lost yesterday, according to the link below. I read last night that Indiana Elite cruised to an easy win in their first game…

    Coach Beilein was watching the Fab 48 tourney…–underdogs-and-unknowns-shine-at-fab-48.htm

  • Brian W

    Weird summer. Another day, another tornado warning in Southeast Michigan.

    Beilein and Izzo were courtside at the Fab 48 tournament watching Team Detroit…

  • Bluebufoon

    Question becomes if Michigan loses out on Katenda where do we go for forward in 2011 ? Is Jonathan Gilling still viable ? Joe Coleman ? Rod Days ?

    This staff appears to be solid with multiple players at every position for the class of 2012 but does U-M have enough players for 2011 ?

  • Colby

    Blue, I have been wondering the same thing about who we are targeting, som new names have to pop up. Any chance we get back involved with Wesley Saunders Darius Morris’s old teammate. Are we recruiting Joe Coleman?

  • Brick

    We have 6 new players this year. We don’t lose anyone for next year. We really don’t need many 2011 recruits because we won’t have any spots to fill. I think we keep going after Gilling and Katenda who have good size and are versatile enough to play the 3 or the 4. If we don’t land either, we see what shakes out around signing time, maybe there will be a decommit, transfer or rising senior we go after. The roster is balanced enough now that we can hold out for talent instead of filling a hole.

    My plan would be Katenda or Gilling in 2011 with Pangos or Ferrell, Hawkins or Valentine, and Costello in 2012. We may need a 5 in there but it will depend on the development of Morgan and Horford as well as if they are recruiting Costello thinking he can play some 5.

  • eric

    Well what about Jesperson committing to Virginia, and how serious of targets are players like cody zeller, kenny kaminski, rod days, jeremy hollowell?

  • Brian W

    In addition to Katenda and Gilling, Markus Crider has an unofficial offer. It’ll be interesting to see who comes to campus for visits this fall. The UConn football game should have some basketball visitors in attendance since it’s the opening of the remodeled Big House. I’d like to get Katenda. Iowa and some other schools are heavily recruiting him also.

    Here’s a report about Gary Harris’ performance at AAU Super Showcase. U-M coaches were in attendance at a different game involving Julius Randle and Rodney Purvis as well.

  • smance

    I read that Costello may make a decision earlier then originally intended. With the recent offer from State, I wonder if there is a relationship? Would really love to land Costello in ’12

  • Kenny

    To be fair, it is very hard for anyone to recruit against with Izzo in the state of Michigan, especially elite post players.

  • Bluebufoon

    I don’t believe Costello is gone. If you remember what Costello said he wanted Good Academics, structured offense and moral coaches that will mentor him. I still believe that’s Michigan. No doubt Costello was impressed by Izzo but I believe Beilein’s system is a better fit for MC. Spartan fans and media believe they are getting every in-state prospect, law of averages Costello breaks Blue !!!

    Bacari make some noise !!!

  • Bluebufoon

    Back-up PF in-case U-M loses out on Costello. Hans Brase, a 6-8, PF prepping in Pottstown Pa. Last year, Brase attended high school in Gaston, North Carolina — Sprechen sie Deutch ? Surely Beilein, Travis Conlan or Bacari Alexander speak this young man’s lanuage ?

    This twitter is from Rivals Brian Snow.
    # Sleeper 2012 big man Hans Brase can really play… 6’8 with an inside-outside game… Quite impressive

  • AG2

    I don’t suppose the fact that Costello is from Bay City will play against us, would it? I mean, I can’t remember the last time anyone from Flint, Saginaw, or Bay City committed to Michigan directly.

  • Brian W

    Costello has spent quite a bit of time at U-M, more than at MSU. Sam Webb had mentioned this week that Costello was looking to visit MSU, though, which is when the recruiting will get tougher.

    A report from the Adidas Super 64 with some 2012 players getting interest from Michigan…

    Not sure if U-M is still recruiting him (they’re not mentioned in this), but LaDontae Henton has Dayton as his favorite…

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