Is Denzel Valentine Nearing A Michigan Offer?

Dylan Burkhardt

Lansing Sexton wing Denzel Valentine has been solid this spring and summer with the Michigan Mustangs on the AAU circuit. It’s tough to peg Valentine into any specific position but it isn’t hard to tell that he knows how to play the game. We’re working on editing some Valentine highlights from the AAU circuit but someone spliced Joe’s interview together with some footage from Valentine’s high school campaign (above).’s Sam Hosey is now reporting that Valentine is on the verge of landing a Michigan offer. Hosey apparently spoke with Valentine’s father at the Moneyball Pro-Am in Lansing.

Denzel Valentine, 6-5 jr. Sexton – Denzel, a 3.5 student, has offers from Xavier, Drake, USC and once U-M headman John Beilein returns from Europe, the Wolverines will be offering. And as many have said, Valentine is the type of player that would do well at Michigan. His cerebral approach to the game and high level of skill make him a terrific prospect.

It’s unclear what trip to Europe is referenced in the blurb. The way the post is written infers that it is referring to some sort of recruiting trip rather than Michigan’s late August trip. 2011 wing forward Jonathan Gilling is the main European prospect that’s been discussed and his Denmark team will be playing on July 21st, 22nd, and 24th. The 22nd and 24th just happen to fall within the NCAA evaluation period. Could Beilein be headed to the FIBA Europe U20 Championships?

Michigan has already offered Matt Costello, Javontae Hawkins, Yogi Ferrell, and Gary Harris in the class of 2012. Now it appears that 2012 wings Denzel Valentine and Nick Stauskas are both on verge of receiving offers. At the very least it’s clear that Michigan is making a push for a wing in the class of 2012.

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  • Tom_McC

    He is a very good looking prospect. Considering the fact he is a Soph in the vid you posted, some of the plays he makes are pretty impressive. Obviously he is not super explosive, but he is long and knows how to use his body. The most impressive part of the vid is his general feel for the game…pretty darn solid for a 15/16 year old.

  • Fun player. Great presence. Nice floaty thing. Popping it in from all over the court. Spotting the open guy. What Tom said.

  • smance

    Was it Denzel who had knee surgery or his older brother?

  • Denzel had surgery. Just remembered Joe did a video interview with him down in Indy or Kentucky. I’ll try to post it.

  • Bluebufoon

    Nice player but I don’t see how with the limited scholarships Valentine fits in at Michigan ?

  • gordie bell

    He reminds me of Mark Jackson. Big body and knows how to use it, plays smart, sees the floor well, not great quickness but compensates for it with his size.
    His shot is funky but there is plenty of time to improve on that, probably not a great defensive player and limited upside on the defensive end. All in all a very good soph. that would probably fit in well in Belien’s system.
    Probably tough to get him if State offers.

  • fresh

    remembering that he is 15 probably he can work on his foot speed, mobility and agility………..this kid looks real solid

  • Brian W

    Looks like a good player. With some of his moves and long arms, he sorta reminds me of a young Tayshaun Prince in parts of the video. He could still grow since he’s going into his junior year.

    Article on Ron Patterson and coaches watching him during the Kentucky HoopFest…

    The Sporting News gives an early preview of the college basketball season and gives an edge to the Big Ten in a few categories……_

    U-M is one of the schools that has contacted with Nick Osborne from Muncie, Indiana…

  • I would sure like one of these 2012 recruiting targets to commit now to UM and use that as a building block. If they all wait it could be difficult on us, because I’m sure other coaches, friends and non UM alums we use our poor upcoming season as reasons not to go to UM.

  • Bluebufoon

    Wayman– I’m with you. That’s why I’m looking foward to Nick Stauskas
    visit to Ann Arbor on August 2nd. Let’s get the ball rolling and pressure some other folks to step-up if they want to be Blue !!!

  • Bill

    Like the way he gets his shot off in traffic.

  • Bluebufoon

    Bill- i saw the same thing and wondered whether Valentine would be able to do the same things offensively against quicker, more athletic players ? Or is Valentine a very good high school player in part because he is bigger than most the kids around him ? I also question whether he will be able to shoot his jumper against someone his size or a little taller –he starts his shot very low ?

  • AG2

    So is the implication that people who won’t commit to Michigan early are just waiting for a better offer? Kinda makes you wonder how the heck Thad Matta does it.

  • Not sure if everyone is aware but Valentine is an MSU legacy recruit. Which is worth noting here.

  • They don’t get bigger or more athletic as high school wing prospects than JP Tokoto from Wisconsin. At at the Spiece Run-n-Slam, Valentine matched him shot-for-shot.

  • mark

    To me Valentine might be the best player currently in the class of 2012. He has a high basketball IQ and is high skilled. If he was an athelete he would be a 5 star player. It will laso help that he will know how to win since his team made the state finals (lost to DCD)and most of the team were in the 10th grade.

  • georgeesq.

    Dylan, yes, he’s a legacy, but he’s in the same class as Hawkins and Harris. Will Izzo even offer Valentine?

  • It will be very interesting. Michigan State has as good of a shot as anyone at landing Gary Harris and that makes the whole situation interesting. MSU also has more scholarships to play with though for ’11 and 12 I believe.

  • KDavis

    If anyone checks out The Onion, they took a shot at UM basketball today. I would link but I’m on my phone and I haven’t quite figured out this iPhone thing yet.

  • AG2

    Wow, the article was datelined Memphis and not one mention of John Calipari. Shame.

  • aMaized
  • Brian W

    I haven’t read the Onion in probably ten years. The program’s been clean for years, so it’s probably written by a graduate of a school who’s still bitter that their team got their butts kicked by the Fab Five. Must be a slow day in fake news at the Onion.

  • Brian W

    Michigan Mustangs, Indiana Elite, and New England Playaz are a few of the teams playing at the adidas Super 64 Tournament in Las Vegas.

    Team Detroit 16U is playing in the Fab 48 in Las Vegas this week.

  • intrpdtrvlr

    It’ll be interesting to see if UM can benefit from MSU taking their time with in-state wing offers. Valentine looks like a great player.

  • fanosthegame

    I have seen a kid that also play for the mustangs. Mondy was his last name I’ve watched him play a few things and I think he just as good. what the 411 on he.

  • fanosthegame

    I have seen a kid that also play for the mustangs. Mondy was his last name I’ve watched him play a few things and I think he just as good. whats the 411 on he.

  • Dylan

    Mondy is a nice player. I saw him play in Akron and he shot the ball very well. I don’t think he’s close to as complete of a player as Valentine though, especially in the passing game.