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Dylan Burkhardt

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  • Colby

    JB was watching the Oakland Soldiers, not sure who he is recruiting maybe Kyle Wiltjer. Also Dylan, any chance Dom Pointer becomes a serious target for us? Joe Coleman from Minny is playing well and Rivals has us listed, any word on on him before? Thanks

  • I just saw Dominique Pointer name… Apparently he reclassified and transferred to Quality Ed. Seems like they have a pipeline there with Anthony Fields and now Pointer. Doesn’t seem likely to me, seems like an odd recruiting situation but I hadn’t heard his name before last night.

  • Mark

    Pointer actually played for Quality Ed last season.

    Also looks like Darren Washingtoncommitted to EMU.

  • Sombrero

    What would you prefer they do with the extra 4 teams?

  • AG2

    I say, make all the 16s play in games. It will improve the quality of all the 13-16 seeds, it will give the 16s a chance at a winnable NCAA tournament game, and most importantly, it will provide extra TV money to the conferences that desperately desperately need it.

    Sure some of the tiny conferences like the SWAC and the MEAC might complain, but its better than a situation where a 10 seed had to play 5 games to make the Final Four but an 11 or 12 only needed 4 (don’t laugh, 2 11s have made the Final Four). The idea of giving lower seeded teams a first round bye flies in the face of everything competition is supposed to be about.

    Then again, I’m probably one of the few who had no problem with a 96 team field. The bottom 64 teams could be matched by the selection committee to play on the weekend before the Round of 64, and then have the committee seed the bottom half of the Round of 64 based on who wins. The Round of 64 is always the most fun because of all the games, this way there’d be twice as much to love.

    Heck, maybe you could even give bids to the Round of 64 to the Automatic Qualifiers and just have at-larges in the opening round, and then seed the field.

  • The other Drew

    Does anyone know who Sims and Harris are playing with this summer? I thought they were with the Mavericks and Cavs respectively, but neither of them appeared in box scores.

  • Sheryl

    I think Deshawn got like 2 or 3 minutes in his first game with Dallas and no playing time the second game.
    Manny’s first game was yesterday but he didn’t play. Manny’s second game is this evening.

  • Tweeter

    I also didnt care if the field went to 96, even though there really isnt a reason to do it except for money. But now that its 68, I really wish they had made the play-in games completely with the last 8 at large teams selected. Then match them to the same seed line and make sure that the only teams seeded above them are teams that received auto bids. Obviously this could be a huge disadvante to the teams that they will play next round or a huge advantage if the winning team is beat up. Who knows? But that makes the most sense to me.

    having the 16 seeds play in games just seems unfair to the small schools. Plus no one is going to watch those games. Most fans cannot even name a team in SWAC, MEAC, Sun Belt, Big west, whatever. If you have four games with those teams its basically just a waste of everyones time, since they are pretty much guaranteed to lose the next game anyway.

    The way they are going to do it just seems odd and will lead to more confusion and questioning of the committee. I think they could have saved themselves a lot of grief but oh well.

  • FLWolve

    Is the Family not participating in the Peach Jam this year? I thought they always played in that tourney.

  • ZRL

    I would have liked having the small schools be in the play in games because it would increase the likelihood of upsets. Assuming chalk holds, you’d have 1’s vs 15’s (5th-8th worst teams in tourney), 2’s vs 14’s, and 3’s vs 13’s.

  • Brian W

    Not certain what tournament (Hoop Group Jam Fest?), but Sean Grennan had 19 points in a New Jersey ShoreShots win today, according to the ShoreShots twitter page.

    Not basketball related, but the Big House will have a capacity of 109,901 for the upcoming season. Add the visiting bands and others, and it should get over 110,000 consistently.

  • Brian W

    Flwolve, The Family was supposed to play in the Peach Jam. ESPN’s preview of the tournament said that Carlton Brundidge was recovering from a concussion. I haven’t found any Peach Jam recaps that mentioned how The Family or the Albany Rocks (Katenda) did.

  • The Family is playing at Peach Jam. I’ll have a post with some notes from down there tomorrow. CB is playing along with Amir, McDonald, and LaDontae Henton.

  • Sheryl

    I was wrong-the Mavericks have played 3 games and Deshawn played in 2 of them. Here’s a link to his stats..

  • Bill

    Seems to me if a team in seventh place in their conference can get in to the big dance what is the fuss about how many teams get in. They should just let everyone in works fine in high school. People worry about making it less special should really ask themselves what’s so special about a seventh place team getting in.