Recruiting Quick Hitters (7-12-10)

Dylan Burkhardt

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  • Bluebufoon

    U-M needs more scholarships. Nick Stauskas is one “BAD” Canadian. Don’t know how we fit him into U-M’s class for 2012 ? Amazing the folks that didn’t see this kid’s talent from the previous clips but Stauskas is a keeper.

    The comments from Yogi, though encouraging are very dangerous. Does U-M prioritize Ferrell and/ or Pangos and try to slow play Ray Lee, a kid in your own backyard ? If you do that you run the risk os striking out on all three.

    Obviously Javonte Hawkins and Matt Costello are priorities for 2012.
    Would either consider comitting early to make our lives easier and to give the Michigan program some recruiting momentum ?

  • Kenny

    I am impressed by the highlight video of Stauskas, perfect replacement for Novak?

  • AG2

    I don’t necessarily know that local recruiting is the be-all end-all. If you can find great recruits elsewhere then by all means do it. The only reason you’d want to prioritize local recruiting, other than encouraging fans of local recruits to come watch your games, is in case a big time recruit comes along then you hope your good relations with the local basketball scene can give you an edge. The thing is, in this day and age that edge would have to be big enough to prevent UNC/Duke/Kentucky/Kansas from swooping in and grabbing him. No amount of good relations could have made Harrison Barnes choose Iowa State over UNC, and Barnes’ mother even worked for ISU. In addition, Terrence Jones’ own desire to play with Terrence Ross wasn’t enough to keep him from choosing John Calip-I mean Kentucky, over Washington.

    From where I’m sitting, most of the best in state recruits prioritize getting into the NBA and playing for Tom Izzo above most other things. Changing that right now would require an almost self-defeating amount of effort. I say self-defeating because changing those priorities is going to require a quantity of success that you’re not going to get by sacrificing gettable out of state recruits in order to chase in state guys you might not have as good a chance at getting.

    That being said, if building a program Detroit, Flint, and Saginaw ballers can be proud of is your goal, then so be it. But I still think building a quality program with the best recruits you can get would go a long way toward winning the confidence of local recruits and programs.

    Lastly, I’m curious as to whether you guys think CMU and UD will be able to pull in other solid recruits based on the prospect of playing with Trey Zeigler and Ray McCallum or if those two might try to go pro too early for them to have an effect.

  • sven

    Stauskas seems to look better with every video we get.

  • gordie bell

    I would love to see M land Pangos, mostly because he is a 2011 recruit, and I think the sooner we land another point guard the better.
    Stauskas? like everyone else, I was highly impressed.

  • Sounds like Pangos could go either way. 2011 or 2012.

  • Paul

    Yikes – Amir W from the linked story sounds Kentucky bound

  • The thing I don’t get about Amir is that I think he could almost be a better fit in a more traditional offense that featured the post quite a bit. He’s not really an uptempo, high flyer, more of a methodical shot blocker. Just my 2 cents.

  • SteinerBlue

    Dylan, any insight as to what Pangos is weighing in his decision about 2011 0r 2012?

  • I believe he wants to be able to make a big impact from when he sets foot on campus. We’re going to try to catch up with him and post an article.

  • Bluebufoon

    Pangos graduates high school this year. Next season does KP head for prep school ? Begin his college career at a US college ? or red-shirt at the college of his choice ?

    Choosing a college this year and then waiting till next fall to decide whether to red-shirt seems like the wisest decision for U-M amd me personally. If he redshirts Pangos could get a head start on his academics and getting acclimated to the system Coach Belein or which other school he chooses runs. Plus he could take advantage of the college strength and conditioning program at the school of his choosing.

  • Brick

    Or he can prep when Morris is a junior, and then redshirt when he is a senior and be ready to make a big impact as an old redshirt freshman like Blake.

  • Sam

    Yeah, I have heard that if Amir is offered by Kentucky he’s gone for sure.

  • Brian W

    Beilein gives his feedback on the NCAA tourney changes…

    A preview of the Peach Jam. The championship game will be on ESPNU on July 15 at 7:00 p.m.

  • AG2

    Sigh, playing for John Calipari these days seems like the closest thing possible to majoring in Basketball.

    Perhaps, Dylan, Amir Williams would rather play the way Calipari coaches rather than the way he’s good at because he thinks that would be his best chance at becoming a high draft pick. Kindof like Pryor at OSU would rather be a drop back passer even though he’s a better running QB because that’s what he’d need to do to play QB in the NFL.

    But I’m just totally speculating I haven’t really seen much of Amir Williams.

  • ZRL

    AG2, or maybe it’s because it doesn’t matter how he plays as long as he plays for Calipari because he’ll be a first round draft pick after averaging 3 points per game (cough, Daniel Orton, cough).

  • Brick

    Players with one eye on the pros and the other on the stat sheet are not really what Beilein is looking for. I wouldn’t be surprised to see the coaches spending less time on him if he is giving off the get me to the pros fast vibe.

  • Wouldn’t Amir Williams already be a professional basketball player if he played for Calipari at Kentucky?

  • gordie bell

    Dylan with all due respect, I don’t think your 2 cents is going to be anywhere near the amount of cents Calipari is offering.

    About Pangos: kid needs to come to Michigan in 2011, I really don’t like our point guard situation, unless Bartlestein (sp) is better than advertised.

  • Sam

    Bartelstein??? He is the farthest guy on our team from seeing real game action on our team, and it’s not even close.