Marshall Plumlee to Duke


As reported earlier tonight by Scout’s Evan Daniels, Marshall Plumlee has committed to Duke.  Plumlee will join his brothers Miles and Mason on the Blue Devils roster.

Plumlee had Michigan as one of his top schools for a while, but they fell off his list in recent weeks.

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  • sven

    They can have him.

  • JB

    no surprise here. i’m with sven though, they can have him.

  • Beast1530

    This is why you don’t bank schollie for next year class because you can’t assume that you can get one of the bigs who are interested in Michigan. Getting Colton Christian is a good call for JB because in the light of LLP dismal, Michigan are hurting for good depth on the roster.

  • Bluebufoon

    I wanted Marshall Plumlee at U-M, so good luck to the young man but I don’t see how MP earns major minutes at Duke early on in his college career ?

  • Brick

    I think we will do better than Plumlee. It’s really not sour grapes. He’s been underwhelming and after watching some film on him, I really didn’t get what all of the fuss is about. He’s tall but that’s about it. He didn’t look overly athletic and didn’t have an outside shot to speak of.

    This means Williams isn’t going to Duke since they don’t need another big man. I’m wondering if some of the guys who wanted to wait until the last minute are going to rethink their timeline. A few pieces could fall over the next month and spots are going to go away.

    Next shocker…. Zeller will commit to UNC.

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Katenda. I think he’s going to end up a better player than Plumlee.

  • Kevin P

    Not surprised here…he was down my list though for bigs at least. My first 2 were for 1 of either Williams or Zeller, then going for the wings/big of Katenda or Days in this next class.

  • Bluebufoon

    Folks I don’t think U-M has a scholarship for a big this year. We have four more scholarship over the nxt two years, unless additional attrition. I’m guessing, a PG Pangos, Ray Lee, Yogi Ferrell or Jacobby Bledsoe. Then a forward for this year names previously mentioned Katenda, Gilling, Day and Jesperson.

    Next year scholarships are set aside for Matt Costello and Javonte Hawkins.

    Unless someone else leaves I don’t see how there’s room for another big ?

  • Polisci

    He pulled a Lebron, i.e., afraid to be the man.

  • I think he’ll do well at Duke for two reasons: 1) he’s a Plumlee 2) he’s being coached by Coach K. Good luck to the young man, and that’s that.

  • AG2

    So if Plumlee’s at Duke and if Zeller goes to UNC, do we have a better chance at landing Amir Williams? After last season I have to say that players who drag out their recruitment are more than likely going to Kentucky since they’re just waiting to find out which of Calipari’s freshmen go pro.

  • the original steve

    Amir Williams is not coming to Michigan. The staff MUST make Jalen Reynolds and Matt Costello their top targets.

  • Paul

    I’m holding out hope that Amir Williams is coming to Michigan, as he’s tight with Brundidge

  • Bluebufoon

    Next big question for Michigan basketball is when does Ray Lee get his official offer from U-M ? The kid has shown he is a quality guard prospect. He plays alongside Matt Costello on the team, Dorian’s Pride, which is coached by Tim McCormick. Lee’s sister attends U-M. Not only is the kid an in-state prospect, he’s from Detroit and plays at Romulus High, which is a school U-M wants to develop good relations with.

    It appears Michigan likes Pangos and Ferell at the PG position in the next two classes but those kids aren’t in your (immediate) backyard. Lee has to be offered this week. Truth be told, if the kid has his academics (?) in order he should have already been offered by U-M. Lee’s already camped with U-M each of the past two years and in recruiting the early bird gets the worm– this should have already been done.

    Hopefully if Coach Beilein is dragging his feet on Lee, someone on the U-M staff will challenge his thinking on this. There are too many positives to overlook in recruiting Ray Lee. U-M needs to get this done as soon ASAP.

  • mr

    Plumlee played out as expected. I dont see us getting Williams or Zeller.Will probably play out like 2010 class. No go with top choices, Ziegler, Prather. Srtike out on second choices, Sykes and Larson. Then offer to anyone who will take Beiliens offer, like Christian. This is how you build a mid major roster in the Big 10.

  • Brick

    @mr Smotrycz was the top choice in the 2010 class and he is coming to UM. Ziegler and Prather play the same position and it’s one that Hardaway can play. We needed a PF and we got a good one. Hardaway is better than Sykes so your “second choice” reasoning makes no sense either. Every school in the country has a list of good players they missed out on. It means they are going after top talent. Christian was offered by Cal and Penn State. I don’t believe those are mid major schools.

    @Bluebufoon I think it’s the bird in the hand. No one knows where we really stand with Pangos and Ferrell so do we give up on them because of Lee. It’s not my job to know so I have to trust the coaches on this one. I think if they rate him close to those guys, they offer. If they have him a tier below, they might wait to see what he does outside of AAU ball. Also, we don’t have a great track record taking Romulus point guards :)

  • Sombrero

    In other news, water is still wet.

  • mr

    @Brick Smotrytz was a good get, although I believe we were fortunate in that we gained his commitment before he blew up last spring and he seemed to have been a longtime U-M fan. Sykes did not come on our radar until Prather committed to Florida and Ziegler was questionable. Maybe you did not know that Christian was a 2 star verbal to Tulsa, which is a mid major. I consider our recruiting to be mid to upper MAC level.

  • Brian W

    Christian was not verbally committed to Tulsa. Larson didn’t get an offer since he was a decommit from Iowa and wouldn’t have been eligible to get a Big Ten scholarship unless he won an appeal on the Big Ten’s scholarship rule. ESPN gave U-M a B+ and ranked U-M as 4th in the Big Ten for the 2010 class, that’s not mid to upper MAC level. Enough of that…

    Canada won the bronze medal at FIBA under-17 men’s world basketball championship today. Kevin Pangos had 13 points, five assists.

    Kaleb Tarczewski & Alex Murphy played at Basketbull’s First Eight…

    Article on Matt Costello from Lexington, Kentucky paper…

  • @mr, Smotrycz is the correct spelling, and Christian was actually a commit to Tulane, not Tulsa.

    Since Smot’s offer to U of M was early, you can bet that he was a top choice. Whether he blew up before or after the Michigan offer, that’s neither here nor there; he’s top level talent.

    It’s true that several elite-level prospects have gone elsewhere when considering U of M, but look at where they’ve gone: Casey Prather went to a team that has won a national championship and played for another this decade. Marshall Plumlee went to the team that won the NC this past year. Trey Zeigler went to play for his father. All of these schools over a team that made the tournament for the first time in decades just two sesasons ago and missed the tournament this past season.

    Do you realize a disconnect in your expectations here? I think Beilein is doing an excellent job. He’s improving the team with the players he can get.

  • Deacon Blues

    Actually, it would’ve been more impressive if Christian were a Tulsa decommit. They’re not bad.

    Our 2010 class is solid. The problem isn’t them; it’s how little we’ve gotten out of the class ahead of them (other than Morris).

  • Brick

    That may change this year. It seems a lot of UM fans have unrealistic expectations for freshman contributions and immediately write off non impact freshman as unworthy. The VAST majority of freshman are not impact players and take some time to adjust to the college game. I think Vogrich showed flashes last year and he’ll contribute this year. McLimans will surprise a lot of people.

  • mr

    mgb- My definition of a coach doing an excellent job is contending for league titles.I am willing to give Beilien his fourth year to prove we are headed in the right direction, but I have a tough time seeing that at this point. Beiliens record in major conferences does not give me confidence that we will be title contenders anytime soon, if ever.In eight seasons at wv and um he has a grand total of one finish above seventh place. Sorry for the Tulane mistake with Smot, should of checked instead of using my memory. The bottom line is Beilien has no presence in the state recruiting wise and probably going in the wrong direction with the LLP situation.

  • aMaized
  • Bluebufoon

    Ray Lee just tweeted this,

    “First time me n matt costello are bonding lol”