Regional Pairings for Legends Classic Announced

Dylan Burkhardt

The Gazelle Group announced the regional rounds for the Legends Classic. Michigan will advance to Atlantic City regardless of the results but they will face Bowling Green and Gardner-Webb at Crisler Arena.

Nov. 18 – Bowling Green at Michigan
Nov. 21 – Gardner-Webb at Michigan

Matchups, game times, and television details for the Championship Rounds at Boardwalk Hall will be announced at a later date. The other host schools include Syracuse, Georgia Tech, and UTEP. Michigan avoids Detroit in the draw but this article makes it seem like Detroit is expected to be on Michigan’s schedule.

For a breakdown of Michigan’s announced and rumored games next year, check out the future schedule page here. Despite expecting a rebuilding year, Michigan will face Kansas, Utah, Clemson, as well as a tough trip to the Legends Classic vs two of Syracuse, UTEP, or Georgia Tech. Shoot me an e-mail if you’ve seen any other games mentioned for the upcoming season.

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  • I feel like these early games will be the true test games out of this tournament. If we falter early against teams like this, then we can kiss hanging with UTEP or GT goodbye. Thankfully Beilein is great at preparing for tournament games.

  • The Yooper

    Detroit is gonna be scary next year. McCallum Jr. is amazing.

  • I’m with you Yooper. McCallum is a baller.

  • AG2

    I don’t necessarily think UTEP or GT will be that great, they should both be rebuilding too. Cuse should be good though. If we play UD next year we won’t win. They were almost good enough to beat us last year, and now they’ll have McCallum who will be better than anyone we have on our team. It just makes me sad that as great of a 2010 recruiting class as the state of michigan produced with Zeigler, McCallum, and Appling we didn’t land any of them.

  • The Yooper

    Dylan do you think Zeigler or McCallum is a better player? For the longest time I always thought Zeigler was much better but after seeing McCallum play at the state finals, he definitely wins my vote.

  • McCallum. Hands down.

  • smh.

    I can now understand why big time recruits don’t come to Michigan. Without seeing any of the new players play or seeing if the veterans on this team had improved. You guess instanly jump off the bandwagon and stop rooting for the team. If we play UD, we will lose cause of Ray Mcallum right? Ok, if this team does have a goos season , watcch how many people say they always rooted for them. Some fans are pure embarrassing. I’ll probably get banned for this but I have a passion for UM basketball ( men and women) and Football. I get really upset when folks are throwing these players under the bus without giving them a chance.

  • Dirtgrain

    ^ Beware of absolutes. I’m looking forward to next season, and I think success is a possibility for U of M.

  • Whether Michigan is good or bad this year… Detroit will be tough. All people are saying is that they will be a tough game. McCallum is the real deal and I love his game. That doesn’t really effect how I feel about next season at all.

  • Brian W has an article about Jordan Morgan’s recovery. The quote from Darius Morris about Morgan wanting to lose weight is priceless.

    Article about Zeller attracting an all-star cast of coaches at the tournament in Indy today…

    ESPN has article about proposed change to moving the scholarship offer date. Not surprising that the slimier coaches don’t like the idea.

  • The Yooper

    I love Michigan but let’s face it, next year is gonna be rough.

  • AG2

    I love this team as much as the next guy. Yet the fact remains that on paper we won’t be better than last year. That’s not a dig at the guys we have so much as a recognition of just how much Manny and Peedi meant to this team.

    Now consider that the 3 best players in the state chose MSU (a potential national title contender) and two mid-majors, one of whom we struggled to put away last year even with Manny and Peedi.

    Its not like I’m cheering for UD to win out of some dislike of Beilein, I’m just saying it is what it is.

  • Alyzen

    Yeah, probably gonna be rough, but I’m not counting them out, and will definitely be rooting for the kids no matter what.

    I still think Stu’s got some game, and that he’ll get better this year. Novak will too, and I think they’ll both feel less pressure this year. Optimistic, though not without my doubts, about McLimans and Morgan. Excited to see Darius play, and very hopeful about his progress. Very excited to see all of the freshman.

    I’m actually really looking forward to this season. Still probably gonna be rough, though.

  • Gauna has humongous bust potential, but he’ll be able to sit behind guys for a couple years and learn the ropes.

  • aMaized

    i think AG2 meant the top 3 choose MSU and 2 midmajors = 1 chose MSU while the other 2 chose CMU and Detroit.

  • Yeah.. I can’t read.

  • smh: Being pessimistic about the team’s chances next year or blunt about the difficulties it has recently endured hardly signifies abandoning the team or disloyalty, right? Let’s be a little more logical here–some of us have been following and loving Michigan sports for decades and don’t really need to be lectured about our loyalties.

    With so many young and new players there will be a greater number of unknowns next year than usual, so hopefully there will be some pleasant surprises. But nobody, making an honest appraisal, can assume that next year will bring many wins.

  • Brick

    I think smh was just responding to the quote “If we play UD next year we won’t win”. It’s pretty sad for a “fan” to issue a blanket statement that this team is so bad we have no hope against UD.

    UD is building a solid team and McCallum is good but don’t forget that their next best player was rated below LLP and Kelvin Grady coming out of HS. I fully expect to beat UD and a number of other teams this year.