Laval Lucas-Perry Dismissed

Dylan Burkhardt

This one is out of the blue. Laval was a counselor last week during camp but now it appears he’s gone. It’s time for some people on this team to grow up very quickly. Here’s the press release that came across this evening.

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — University of Michigan men’s basketball head coach John Beilein announced today (Wednesday, June 30) that redshirt-junior guard Laval Lucas-Perry (Flint, Mich./Flint Powers Catholic HS) has been dismissed from the program.

“The University of Michigan and our men’s basketball program has established expectations essential to the success of all students and athletes,” said Beilein. “These university and team standards have been clearly communicated to the team and Laval on numerous occasions through meetings, conferences and mentorship.

“Unfortunately, Laval has violated our team standards. Therefore, I have decided that he will no longer be a part of our basketball program. Given the fact that Laval is near the completion of his degree, he has been extended the offer to remain on scholarship for the 2010-11 academic year and graduate in May with our 2011 class.”

After transferring from the University of Arizona midway through his freshman season, Lucas-Perry has played 58 games for U-M averaging 5.6 points, 2.1 rebounds and 1.4 assist per game.

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  • Paul

    I wish he would have lost/freed up his scholarship for someone else

  • SteinerBlue

    Any truth to the rumor I’ve seen that he was bad mouthing the program to potential recruits? The timeline would make sense if he was just a counselor last week for the Elite and Team Camps, with numerous targets on campus. This is another sign of the chemistry problems that surfaced last season.

  • No, no, and no. Not from anything I’ve heard.

  • That leaves four (4!!!!!!) scholarship players on next year’s team that have played a college game. Just 10 scholarship players too I believe. Not good.

  • Troy

    So who will play the backup PG behind Morris? This season is getting more challenging by the minute for us. Could this mean Belien is bringing in a Euro prospect to play this yr.

  • Beilein could have brought someone else in even with LLP.

  • Evan

    I wonder if he was involved in that thing with harris a while ago. that could have been something to do with it

  • No — let’s try to not just throw out baseless rumors.

  • Tim

    I heard the same thing. Bad mouthing michigan to recruits.

  • Giddings

    Well this opens up time for Vogrich, Hardaway, and Akunne. I would especially like to see Vogrich take advantage of the opportunity…

  • michigan hoops 4eva

    Looks like Beilein is cleaning house and starting over, not that I was expecting much from LLP this year anyway.

  • And I’m telling you that’s not why he was kicked off the team so let’s put an end to that rumor in this post.

  • MGoTweeter

    I feel bad for LLP, but I imagine whatever it is he did, he is receiving the correct punishment. Although he never really showed signs of developing into a great player, I was still holding out hope that he was going to make a big jump this year. Didn’t Beilein say earlier this month that he was expecting a big year from LLP? Hopefully the kid keeps his head on straight and finishes his degree.

    As for the team, any loss hurts, especially with the lack of returning players, but at least it is at a position where we have depth and experience. I am really excited for the upcoming year to see how Beilein develops this team. There are truly no stars, so offensively the system has to take over. There is going to be a lot of pressure on Douglass and Morris to create shots for other people.

  • Jessie

    Do you know why Dylan he was kicked off?

  • This team is in a world of hurt. Am I the only person who thinks Blue may not win 12 games next year?

  • Jessie/Tim: Posting under different names on the same IP is grounds for banning. E-mail me and we can maybe work something out but for now I’ve gotta ban you.

  • FLWolve

    I just saw that LLP’s dad is the ass’t coach at Flint Powers. The very same Flint Powers that Javontae Hawkins attends.

    Blue Bufoon – do you still like our chances with that one?

  • JB

    he wasn’t good but we’ll miss him nonetheless. whatever happened, i imagine this was deserved. hope he stays and gets his degree.

    FLWolve – good point about powers. i hadn’t even thought about that.

  • TBP

    Not good for LLP, UM bball and Beilein. Whatever LLP must have been extremely bad. My concern is that this is some indication of a team and maybe a coach unraveling. Asst coaches leaving including one going to Purdue a competitor, Manny leaving (which I can understand), and now LLP. Is there a lack of confidence in Beilein and/or his system?

  • sven

    We won’t miss him one bit. We were going to be terrible with him and we’ll still be terrible without him.

  • Paul F

    This is rough to handle. I hope the rest of the team doesn’t break any rules.

  • trevell

    since he is gone can we bring in another recruit?? or someone from europe?? can someone answer this because i dont know right kno

  • trevell

    sorry i meant to say i dont know right now

  • Tom_McC

    Before we go over board on the attrition…let’s be clear on some things:

    1. Mahoney and Dunn were dismissed…they didn’t choose to leave.
    2. LLP was dismissed…he didn’t choose to leave.
    3. Manny’s leaving was not exactly abrupt. It was pretty clear after last season, Manny was looking to bolt, no matter what he may have said during the season. Manny and Peedi were tied at the hip. I suppose you can spin Manny’s leaving as a vote of no confidence of JB and his program but you can just as easily say Manny was going to leave no matter what.
    4. Mike Jackson leaving…that was a surprise but when you consider his replacement and how quickly he’s stepped in, I think UM came out okay. Add to that, Jordan came from a pretty dysfunctional situation in Iowa, I don’t think he’d put himself in a similar situation.

    Don’t get me wrong…I’m not saying things are hunky dory in Wolverine Hoops Land, but if anything, the progrma has been turned over.

  • Chris

    I heard he was selling team secrets to that hot Russian spy woman!

    Let’s not be ridiculous. Beilein doesn’t want to drive this team into the ground and wouldn’t make such a move without good reason that could not be ignored. What are the things you could not excuse from a senior leader on a team full of young impressionable guys? For me, it would be failure to attend class/keep up grades and excessive partying/failing drug tests. The release made it pretty clear that it didn’t come out of left field — “numerous occasions” “mentoring” and all that — so I’m guessing it’s one of the usual things people get dismissed for.

  • JimC

    It’s disappointing, but JB has to do what he has to do.

  • Andy

    This is obviously disappointing. I remember all of the “Once LLP is eligible, this is really going to take off” stuff in the fall of ’08 and I was right on board. It’s pretty amazing how much it’s all fallen apart. We have some talent and some potential going into next year, but when your most experienced and realistically best two players are Stu Douglass and Zack Novak, it’s hard to imagine this team not finishing last in the league. Too bad.

    Anyway, good luck to LLP. Without LLP we would have not had the magic of the ’09 tourney, so thank you to him for that. Hope it’s not another 11 years before our next bid.

  • the original steve

    I’d imagine this was very tough for Beilein to do considering the obvious hit he is going to take from Flint Powers. So now that the chances of landing Hawkins are down, how soon does Ray Lee get the offer? Personally I’d like to see him finish a full high school season at a school before you extend it, but man we have to land someone who can put the ball in the basket.

  • DNich

    Just add this to the fuel for opposing coaches to use on the local recruits. We will get over this but I would guess that it will hurt with the local coaches. Plus the depth on this years team will be interesting.

    Akunne, Dumars, and/or Person just picked up some minutes.

  • They might have picked up scholarships for a year but put me in the “I’ll believe it when I see it” camp on those three. Person, Dumars, and Akunne aren’t ready to be contributors.

  • ZRL

    I doubt Hawkins is going to make his decision based on what one of his hs assistant coaches thinks of Belein.

  • DNich

    Agree Dylan. I never thought that they would have to contribute but the numbers are looking pretty thin. Hopefully JB jumps quickly on another guard to go with CB in 2011.

  • Bluebufoon

    This is not a good day for the program but this isn’t the first program LLP has left early from. Unfortunately transfers wash out at a much higher rate than recruits right out of high school. I feel bad for LLP and the negative publicity on the program but as far as Javonte Hawkins, I guarentee that family will be explained this situation from the get-go, and Hawkins recruitment isn’t a complicated matter. Starting opportunity, in-state school, Great Academics, National Exposure, New facilities etc, etc;

    If the rumors are true that bad things were said to a recruit about U-M, who do you think LLP spoke to ? Probably the recruit from his high school would be my guess. So this actually gives the Hawkins family a first-hand look at how Beilein runs the ship.

    Gotta hand it to Beilein, he had to know this wouldn’t look good but he didn’t try to sugar coat it. He pulled the trigger because it was in the best interest of the program, not only can I live with that, I respect it and I expect that.

  • Bluebufoon

    I’m surprised no one has brought this up but early-on at West Virginia,
    WVU’s top player Drew Schifino kept making noise about going to the NBA and wasn’t taking care of his business off the court and finally Beilein had enough of it and booted the kid from the team. Again this was WVU’s best player and the community in Morgantown went crazy about how this was going to hurt the program and the team for the upcoming year and Beilein’s team came back and did really well– I believe they made the Elite Eight or Sweet Sixteen in the NCAA Tournament.

    Michigan basketball is just going to have to overcome a few setbacks this off-season and learn and grow from it.

  • The Yooper

    The way the program is going, playing Detroit this year is going to be a real tough game. Hopefully they turn it around soon.

  • ChelseaBob

    Beilein has integrity and understands chemistry. Last year we had talented guys who never gave 100% all the time. With LLP gone we’ll see team ball, and I’ll bet the effort is much better. I’m betting on this team making NCAA’s and Akunne will surprise a lot of people.

  • Adam

    You keep vehemently saying this has nothing to do with any of the rumors of him badmouthing the program to recruits. Do you have any ideas why he would be kicked off the team? How do you know with such certainty that the rumors are false? What else would it be? I don’t think it is grades because he is still on track to graduate. There have not been any run-ins with the law. All accounts are that LLP is a good kid and wouldn’t seem to be a trouble maker. So what gives? Do you know what happened or are your blind denials of the rumors just another rumor that isn’t substantiated in fact?

  • chitownblue

    Adam, how is it that you’ve narrowed the possibilities to:

    a) failing school
    b) illegal activity
    c) bashing the program

    How are those the only options? What if he wasn’t showing up to conditioning or practice? What if he didn’t go to meetings? What if he was confrontational with the staff? There are any number of things he could have done wrong in addition to those you’ve listed.

  • Adam

    I agree chitown. What I am saying is what is it? If you don’t know what it is don’t eliminate any options. Only report what you know.

  • The situation was complicated. Look at it like this. The situation was fragile. There was a pile of newspaper doused in gasoline and the spark was provided.

  • sullycu

    So what you’re saying is that LLP used Beilein’s newspaper, doused it in gasoline and therefore was kicked off the team?

  • junderground

    Chelsea, are you ready to literally bet? I’ll put a thousand dollars on them not making the tournament.

    • Driggers563

      You lost the bet Lmao, where’s her thousand dollars

  • Go Blue

    Dylan if you know, why the reluctance to tell? Was it told to you in confidence? at any rate, no loss here. For every one writing next year off just remember that in this system, you can overcome huge talent deficits by making 35-40% of your 3 pointers. The way I see it, just like the last two seasons its time for UM to shoot better. With Stu, Zack, Hardaway, Smotrycz, Mcclimans and Vogrich we stand a chance.

  • junderground

    When Chelsea Bob says he’d bet, he means he wouldn’t bet.

  • baller23

    I think it is ridiculous that JB can’t man up and tell what he did. He has everybody wondering and I can guarantee you that some people think this smart young man is a street thug. He was on the honor roll! I mean c’mon Belien