Harris & Sims Go Undrafted, Sims Signs with Celtics

Dylan Burkhardt

The news might not be surprising but that doesn’t make it any less disappointing. Manny Harris and DeShawn Sims didn’t hear their names called on draft night. That’s not to say that they don’t have a chance to make an NBA roster. Both will have a chance to join summer league teams and try to impress. DeShawn Sims has already signed with the Boston Celtics (per his twitter). We’ve yet to learn where Manny will land but there’s little doubt that he’ll land on a summer league roster.

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  • AG2

    I guess you can chalk it up to a combination of the large influx of underclassmen who are afraid the 2011 Draft could be canceled and the fact that the most valuable commodity at this year’s draft was salary cap space.

    That and some teams just plain don’t know how to draft. I mean, really New York? Andy Rautins and Landry Fields!? Is that the kind of competence from a front office that’s going to win the trust of Lebron James?

    And am I the only one who think the Bulls trade of Kirk Hinrich and a first round pick to Washington for a second round pick is practically cheating?

  • BigPlayBray

    As a Michigan fan that grew up in Syracuse, I support the Rautins pick. In the NBA, for role players, it’s not about being a superior athlete, it’s about filling a role. Rautins has good size for a guard, he has great range, he can pass and he was one of the top defenders in the Big East. He took over games for a top 4 team last year. While his athleticism and handle won’t kill anyone, he has tool that an NBA team can certainly use.

  • Adam

    I thought Rautins was a great pick for New York. Dantoni loves guys who can shoot the three ball, and Rautins can definitely do that.

  • Eddie

    Andy Katz kinda rough on Manny:

    Harris must not have enjoyed playing for the Wolverines much last season or got horrible advice. Or both. Harris had a chance to be a all-Big Ten first-teamer and a candidate for conference player of the year had he stayed in school. He did not and he didn’t get drafted.

  • If people think Manny staying would have magically vaulted him into the first round I think they are crazy. Harris is what he is and was ready to move on.

  • Benjamin


    That statement seems slightly flawed. Let me pose this question…

    Do you think him staying for one more year would have increased the likelihood of him going in Round 1? The answer has to be “Yes. Absolutely.”

    You saying “Manny is being Manny” has nothing to do with him being Round 1 next season or not.

  • Eddie

    I understand that the 2011 draft may not even happen, but an interesting dynamic has definitely occurred this year with so many non-seniors entering the draft because of that possibility. And since many of those players weren’t drafted and may or may not be signed as free agents or go abroad, the players that DID opt to come back for their next college season are certainly at an advantage if there IS a draft in 2011.

  • Jay

    Dylan your way off with that statement. For one to think that if Manny came back and was Big 10 POY, possible all american, and all the other accolades that could of came along wouldnt of helped his stock is absurd. Look how it helped Josh Howard, yea he went at the end of the 1st but he still got picked coming off a strong senior season.

    2nd of all who is advising UM underclassment, first Donnovan Warren, now Manny? Both of these guys would have been picked in their drafts had they stayed one more year.

  • michigan hoops 4eva

    First off, there were some AWFUL picks in the second round, players that were miles behind Manny Harris and Deshawn Sims. Guys like Landry Fields, Magnum Rolle, Pape Sy, Jeremy Evans, and Hamady Ndiaye.
    When you’re a fringe second round player such as Harris or Sims, sometimes it just comes down to luck.

    Secondly, I disagree with the position that Manny wouldn’t have improved if he had stayed another year. Did you see the Ohio State game? (the one where Evan Turner made the game winning half court shot). Although Evan Turner overshadowed Michigan’s play, Manny had 26 points, including ridiculously clutch and difficult shots. If he had played like that all year, Manny would’ve been a first round pick. Inconsistency has always been a knock against Harris, so he could’ve improved that with an extra year in college.

  • Dylan

    Harris’ numbers were some of the best. Without Sims it’s conceivable that his #s probably would take a hit.

    It would have taken 35%+ 3pt shooting to put Manny in the first rd and he didn’t come close.

    He spent three years trying to get bigger and while he made progress, he wasn’t going to show up at 205 next year.

    Harris played extremely well vs OSU but how was that different than PU a year before or any other tremendous performances he had. Consistency was always the biggest problem.

    Where would you rank Manny in terns of NBA prospects next year in the B10?

    I would have loved to have Manny back and it would be great to have him graduate, hopefully he does at some point, but I don’t think his stock could have improved that much.

    My 2 cents. Sorry for typing errors, I’m on my phone.

  • Kenny

    It is pointless to argue what would happen had manny stayed. The fact is that he is not ready for NBA, second round or undrafted make little difference. To say that he will not improve had he stayed is to say that he has reached his ceiling or that he needs play in a different environment, choice being somewhere overseas next season. Anyway, if he had no desire to come back, then I will not question his decision and wish him the best.

  • AG2

    With all due respect to Andy Katz, Michigan having a better season next year wouldn’t have changed the fact that Manny is a smallish 2 guard with a mediocre jumpshot who can’t go to his left (I still love’em though!) Could another year with Beilein fix his jump shot? Perhaps, but considering Michigan has shot poorly from 3 the past year how much of a certainty is that?

    As for accolades, go ask Scottie Reynolds what his All-American award did for his draft prospects.

  • Erik

    One year can make a difference. Ask Gordon Heyward or Ekpe Udoh.

    It’s perfectly conceivable to imagine next years team (plus Manny) could have made the NCAAs without Sims and gotten some positive exposure. He left after perhaps the most disappointing UofM year since 1998.

  • Dylan

    Gordon Hayward accelerated his progression with a huge tournament run, needed because most hadn’t heard of him. Gordon Hayward was on the radar before March ’10 though. He had no choice though because his stock would never be higher, I don’t know how Hayward leaving after his sophomore year is an example to support staying longer.

    Ekpe also left early. He had an entire season to work on his game without playing and it’s very clear he made the most of it. Not sure how his situation compares either.

  • michman

    Manny did what was best for Manny. I think he made the right decision in trying to enter the draft this year. JB’s system is NOT for a Manny Harris type of player and Manny knew that. I don’t think JB had anything left to teach him to become a better player. IMHO Manny would of had the same type of season this year if not worse from last year for various reasons. I think the team would have done better next year if he had stayed, maybe winning 3-4 more games then they will this year. I will miss watching him alot, but i believe he will be remembered as a underachiever to the great potential he had.

  • FLWolve

    Gordon Hayward will be one of the biggest busts in this draft. There’s no way he’s ever more than a role player.

  • Jeff

    People who think Manny coming back for his senior season would have got him anywhere near the first round are dreaming. If you haven’t made the big leap by your senior season, you’re probably not going to make it. If he came back next year, he would have still gone undrafted or in the 2nd round, and going in the 2nd round doesn’t gurantee you anything. Again, he may have experienced a slight improvement if he came back for one more year, but most likely, it would have made no difference.

  • ZRL

    Yeah, there’s only like 3 seniors that get drafted in the first round, and Manny was not going to be one of the 3 best senior prospects by coming back.

    Stop feeling sorry for Manny and Peedi. They are about to go off and make $200,000 playing basketball for a living in a country of their choice. Oh no, what a terrible life!

  • Brian W