Thursday Links

Dylan Burkhardt

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  • GeorgeEsq

    Would be great for Manny and for Beilein if Manny snuck into the first round.

  • AG2

    For all the talk about Izzo's players thinking he's gone, Keith Appling seems convinced he's staying.

  • BBFan
  • JimC

    I was coming here to get your take on Tom Izzo, Big Ten Expansion, and USC Sanctions.

    But yeah I guess there's enough national noise on that stuff.

  • ZRL

    Dylan, when's your post previewing the future classic Michigan Nebraska bball games going to be up? 7PM Thursday, Feb 14 at, uh, whatever Nebraska's stadium is called. I CAN ALREADY FEEL THE EXCITEMENT!!!

  • MusketRebellion

    My sources in Lithuania say that Izzo to coach their national team is a done deal. He's bringing Lucas and Tom Herzog with him.

    In other news, Nebraska joining the Big Ten does absolutely nothing for basketball, but is great for football. We'll see who else joins, but this was clearly a football weighted decision to begin with.

  • maxwell's demon

    why is the only colors not listed in your b10 blogs section?

  • Because it's so damn out of date and I still have Spartans Weblog in there. I'll fix it now.

  • Bluebufoon

    Does Javontae Hawkins visit by himself or does he visit with another Flint baller and another member of Team Detroit Monte Morris ?

  • Javontae has rescheduled his visit. He was planning to come today but Michigan asked to push it back to next week because it has been such a crazy week w/ LaVall Jordan/Mike Jackson.