Anthony Wright to Toledo

Dylan Burkhardt


Michigan forward Anthony Wright has made up his mind to attend the University of Toledo next season. Wright played four years at Michigan but will have one year of eligibility remaining because he’s transferring to pursue a Masters degree. Wright visited Detroit and Toledo this weekend before reaching his decision.

It’s also likely that some other news is likely to break within the next 24 hours regarding the Michigan basketball coaching staff. The rumors continue to grow that Mike Jackson will be leaving the program and heading to fill Purdue’s coaching vacancy. Nothing is official at this point but we expect an official release shortly.

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  • mmccrae

    in unrelated news… Rumor is mike jackson is leaving for purdue. TOB is usually pretty reliable in my experience.

  • This is what I was getting at in the second paragraph of my post…

  • mmccrae

    well. shucks. good call. I suck.

  • Brian W

    Good luck to Ant and Coach Jackson… Maybe Saddi Washington or LaVall Jordan would still be interested in an assistant gig at U-M.

    The Cleveland Cavaliers have made Tom Izzo an offer:

  • Giddings

    Well I hate to see Coach Jack leave… but I guess it's a step up for him (hate to admit that), and I'm hopeful that Bacari can step into the role of “top recruiter” (just didn't want it to have to be this soon). Will be very interesting to see who Beilein hires (does he just go to the next guy on the list after Bacari?), and will be interesting to see the impact on recruiting without Dunn, Mahoney, and Jackson.

    I guess if you want to take any positive from this whatsoever, it's that Coach Jack was basically the last link to the Amaker era (after Manny, Peedi, and A-Wright left). The program is now all Beilein guys, from the players to the coaches to the administrators.

    …of course, this is all assuming that the rumors are legit (which is certainly seems like).

  • aMaized
  • Bluebufoon

    Hopefully, Carlton Brundidge stays on board. Mike Jackson's timing stinks, he leaves for a conference rival on the eve of camp season is unforgivable. I posted this elsewhere but it blew my mind when Mahoney and Dunn were fired, when Jackson was the senior recruiter on this staff. Recruiting was a problem at the end of Amaker's era and at the beginning of Beilein's tenure and Coach Jackson was the one holdover during both time frames, yet he escaped any culpability, which has surprised me.

    Jackson quit on the Michigan players, the U-M coaches and the Michigan program. Just like his (one) star recruit Manny. Beat Purdue and Good riddance to Mike Jackson.

    Coach Beilein needs to re-consider hiring Lou Dawkins. He would be a quality addition to Michigan basketball.

  • Jeremy_C

    Do the right thing Coach B. and hire Jalen Rose!!! He knows the game will be an excellent teacher and would be the best recruiter around!!!

  • MusketRebellion

    I share your excitement, but that is immediately tempered by reality. Reality makes me a sad panda.

  • slr

    Wow – Go Rockets!!!

  • At least he will get to play on a team that might have a worse record than Michigan