Weekend Rundown (6-1-10)

Dylan Burkhardt

Hawkins Flying High

Javontae Hawkins has been high on the Michigan radar for quite some time now. The 2012 wing was told this winter that he was “Michigan’s #1 wing target in the class” and he’s beginning to show why. Hawkins made the switch from Team Pride to Team Detroit and his play appears to have improved. He drew rave reviews last weekend at the NY2LA tournament in Milwaukee and this weekend he continued to impress as Team Detroit swept the Michigan Memorial Classic. BankHoops was there and had this to say on Hawkins:

It was a 2012 prospect who stole the show, this time being 6-5 Team Detroit via Flint Powers sophomore Jovantae Hawkins. He dominated his draw for the second weekend in a row, after leading Team Detroit to the 16-under title of the NY2LA tournament in Milwaukee previously. No one in this most recent 16-under field could discourage his shooting or impede his drives. His release and range bring to mind some of the state’s best big guard jumpshooters of the past decade, like Darryl Garrett and Erik Kangas, with the smooth drives and above-the-rim play of Maurice Ager and a touch of Malik Hairston’s rebounding. So it’s no surprise Hawkins is being recruited by a wide array of schools including U-M, MSU, Indiana, Wake Forest, Arizona and Stanford. It should be exciting in July when Hawkins blows up nationally, doing so in his backyard at the Great Lakes Summer Championship in Swartz Creek.

As Bell says in the scouting excerpt, this summer is when things will likely take off for Hakwins. The “official offer date” is June 15th for 2012 recruits and the live AAU season begins in early July.

EYBL Notes

Amir Williams has drawn some mixed reviews on the AAU circuit this summer. One time you catch him he looks great and other times he doesn’t do much of note. CourtCred saw him this weekend’s EYBL session and was impressed:

Every time I see Williams he looks to have improved on something.  Quickly emerging as one of the best bigs in the country, his recruiting continues to heat up as Duke has reportedly been in contact with him.  One of the best things Williams does is establish great post position when he wants the ball, he also demands it by being vocal and giving his passer a good target.  He has good hands, catching numerous passes and finishing strong after running the floor.  When in a crowd he does a good job of gathering himself and powering up.

Jet quick Anthony Fields continues to garner praise and excepts a PSU offer soon. Tommy McCune played with All-Ohio Red and played well.

TOC Notes

Plumlee and Zeller were obviously featured in a number of articles because the TOC was hosted on Duke and UNC’s campuses. Here’s one such puff piece with a number of quotes from both prospects. As per the usual, Yogi Ferrell earned some praise from Rivals:

A sturdy and quick point guard, Ferrell was Indiana Elite’s most impressive performer in its close win over M33M. He knocked down three-pointers when open and created scoring opportunities off the dribble. His 16 points along with Cody Zeller’s 16 points led Indiana Elite.

A pair of St. Marks teammates played very well at TOC as well. Alex Murphy has officially blown up as he earned a Duke offer while Kaleb Tarczewski (Mich offer) was solid as well.

Anthony Wright

Anthony Wright will not be returning for a 5th year at Michigan but he still plans to play basketball elsewhere. Wright has an unofficial visit scheduled this Friday at Toledo. We will do our best to keep you up to date with Wright’s plans.

Draft Notes

Manny Harris comes in at only 67 on SI.com’s big draft board but John Hollinger’s PER predictions are much more favorable towards Harris, ranking him 18th (insider). Hollinger’s predictor has been very effective in the past so it is definitely interesting that Manny Harris would be so high on the list. A lot of this no doubt stems from Harris’ ability to stuff the stat sheet in a college game.

I did get a chuckle out of this HoopsWorld article where Harris claims that he thinks he can be a great defender. Defense was easily his biggest weakness in Ann Arbor:

“I think I’m a good defender and can be a great defender,” Harris told HOOPSWOLRD. “I told people in High School I never had to defend, we just pressed a lot, never played man-to-man. In college we played 1-3-1 most of the time, sometime man-to-man but it wasn’t a focus point. Coming into the draft I’ve focused on it a lot and think I can be a great defender because of it.”

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  • Ryan F

    Question on Anthony Wright…I thought because he red-shirted his freshman season at Michigan that he would have one season to play one…which would preclude him from transferring to a Division I school and playing this year because he would have to sit out a year, right?

  • I believe it's the old grad school extra transfer year rule. He could play his 5th year somewhere without sitting out.

  • JBlair52

    2012…Costello, Lee, and Hawkins. Possible? Crazy? There's some others too but something of that sort would be nice!

  • That would be a monster class of all in-state prospects. That's for sure. A lonnnnng ways to go though.

  • Bluebufoon

    The recent Costello article missed one of the most important questions, Is he camping this month at U-M ?

  • Bluebufoon

    Let's breakdown the scholarships left for the next two years,
    at least two more for 2011, maybe three if someone leaves early,

    If everything breaks U-M way, in 2011, we need a PG, front-runners for that scholarship Pangos, Fields and Grennan. We need a Forward, Katenda, Gilling, Antwan Grady and maybe Tommy McCune. If there is a third scholarship, I consider Plumlee, Reynolds and Amir Williams but ideally I save that scholarship for the 2012 class.

    2012 –Matt Costello and Javonte Hawkins (If Beilein decides Costello is his top priority for a big man I don't take a Big in 2011 because all three of the names mentioned appear to need a year to get acclimated and by that time Costello or Tarczewski will be available). If we miss on a PG in 2011, then Yogi, Ray Lee or Jacoby Bledsoe.

    Pure speculation on my part.

  • Brian W

    I'd be happy with Matt Costello, Ray Lee and Javontae Hawkins in 2012. One player that I've wondered about is Kellen McCormick since his Dad played at U-M. Anyone seen Kellen play? Just curious…

    The Miami Herald has a few paragraphs about 2010 All-State boys' basketball team as rated by Floridahoops.com. Tim Hardaway Jr. made 6A second team.


  • Jeremy_C

    Only one scholarship left for 2011.

  • Brian W

    Not if this LLP doesn't come back as fifth-year senior…

    Not sure if he'd try to walk on at U-M, but there's a nice story in the Flint Journal about Flint Beecher guard Salathiel Noronha who will be attending U-M on an academic scholarship.


    Not sure how I feel about posting something from Twitter, but Darius Morris has added muscle and is working out with John Wall…


  • Brian W

    Oops. That would be not if LLP doesn't come back for his fifth year.

  • I also agree harris could be a great defender The only thing i worry about is his jumper , It just seems unorthodox* and never really improved with his 3 years at michigan. I hope detroit takes Greg Monroe and Manny

  • Pop.Young

    Agreed with whoever mentioned Costello, Ray Lee, and Hawkins.
    I know for facts that Ray Lee and Costello wont pull any trey zieg bullcrap. Judging by a few UM fans/message board Lee has family ties through UM(older sister a current student) and Costello plans to be an instate stay, according to the word on the street.
    Hawkins is a hard one to call. If Costello gets an offer ..He's hopping on it, I want to say same with Lee.
    On Kellon McCormick, Great shooter, great size(6'7)! Projected to end up around 6'9-6'10 Great addition not one to drool over at this point.

  • EJ

    Watch out for Ohio State with Costello. He has really liked them since they were the first school to really show him love. I'm not saying that is where he will go, but they are going to be a strong competitor/leader if they offer him.