More Video from Great Lakes Classic

Dylan Burkhardt

This video is courtesy of the REACH Legends AAU program, video of their win over Team Pride (McCormick) from last weekend’s Great Lakes Classic. There are plenty more Jalen Reynolds clips in this one and Team Pride is no doubt a better team than the Grand Rapids team from the other video.

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  • JCB5

    Unrelated to this topic but I just saw that 2011 Toms River (N.J) guard Sean Grennan will visit Michigan this summer. I trust Beilein as a recruiter and I'm sure Grennan is a good player and a great kid, but if he gets an offer I will be very disappointed. That's all.

  • Tom_McC

    In re: to Grennan…I'd take a look at his highlight video. I know…it is a highlight vid but this kid can flat out play. He needs to add strength and probably could stand to be a bit quicker but this kid is very good, IMO. Whoever gets him will have themselves a very good 4 year player.

  • fresh

    also just saw video (espn) of rod days a florida wing who according to rivals may be visiting in the fall (he has michigan in his top 5)……….it seems as if his rankings have dropped because he used to be in the rivals 150 and a 4 star scout prospect now he is an unranked 3 star on both sites so i dont know what is happening there but the video i saw of him was impressive…………….he was fast and quick, looked very athletic and could shoot…… hopefully he picks his game up again

  • fresh

    i just saw video of grennan and he definitely can ball……….could use to be a step quicker but he looked fantastic from what i saw……..extremely creative good finisher good shooter good handle……..actually reminded me of darius a little bit but a better shooter and maybe a little less quick, but who knows how long ago this video was…………….nonetheless lots of potential

  • JCB5

    Really now? I might have to eat my words but my initial concern had nothing to do with him specifically as much as it does with our needs. With our 1 or 2 scholarships in 2011 I think we need a quality big man as a first priority.

    Now that I think about it a point guard is probably a higher priority than wing. Hardaway Jr., Vogrich, Brundidge, and Smotrycz will all be underclassmen while Morris is our only true point guard. Yogi Ferrell, Pangos, or Grennan could fix that.

    I guess I need to watch some film.

  • Brian W

    Kansas ticket scalping scandal involving the Pump brothers from ESPN and Rivals.;_y

    Don't remember seeing this. It's fluff, but U-M target Javontae Hawkins participated in a skills camp in Swartz Creek. Shows some work ethic, I guess.

    2011 PG Trey Burke has decommitted from Penn State.

  • Brian W

    ESPN gave U-M a B+ for this year's basketball recruiting class and fourth in the Big Ten in an article posted today. They forgot to include Colton Christian since they have the class size as three players.

  • KennyMe

    Kearney has a very nice shot from the video. Too bad that he went to MSU given that apparently Beilein looks to add another Guard/Wing for Class 2011.

  • SamGoBlue

    Once Brundidge committed to Michigan, we basically stopped pursuing Kearney. It is widely thought that Kearney would have come to Michigan had we still wanted him after we got Brundidge. In fact, I have heard that he said something about how sometimes it doesn't always work out on where you really want to play in college, thought to be referencing Michigan, so if we wanted him that bad we could have gotten him, but he probably projects at the same position as Brundidge.

  • ZRL

    Anyone watch that Suns-Lakers game? This is the second time this postseason where I've witnessed the “Kobe Watching” phenomenom. That is, when Kobe rises up for a game winner, all 5 opposing players just stare wide-eyed at Kobe expecting him to make it instead of thinking “hmm, maybe I should BOX OUT in case he misses”. The fact that these guys are getting payed millions and can't even box out during the most important shot of the season tells you all you need to know about the NBA.

  • jon

    lol weres the lerbon, kobe dunks in the game… and the big man need to dunk and reb, and block more, and wiings need to shot the ball out side the three ball better.