Video: Jalen Reynolds at Great Lakes Classic

Dylan Burkhardt

Joe posted a video interview with Jalen Reynolds over the weekend but here’s a chance to see him in action. The competition is not the best but Reynolds’ potential, athleticism, and length are on full display. Reynolds has reportedly been measured at 6-foot-9 with a 7-foot-2 wing span and it’s hard to doubt those numbers after watching him play.

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  • GeorgeEsq

    The basics are there: hands, athleticism, mobility, good handle for 6'9″. I think AW is a long shot; Plumlee likes Beilein but that may not be enough. Reynolds would be a very nice back-up plan – or maybe we just offer him this summer anyway. He might blow up and become a hot commodity.

  • YpsiTuckyBoy

    The tools are definitely there, but he is an awful dribbler for that level of competition. He'll get ripped every other time by a good B10 defender.

    I like his energy a lot, though. Seems like he has that Sykes-like swagger that we need.

  • GeorgeEsq

    I think his dribbling is pretty good for a big man especially, but he was trying to show off against a smaller, quicker guard and was forced to pick up his dribble under pressure.

  • YpsiTuckyBoy

    Basically any time he tried to dribble in transition it looked bad. Also, if you watch Smot's highlights, he's a lot better putting the ball on the floor and he's a legit 6'9″…not saying there's no time to improve, just saying that dribbling looks to be a weakness, even considering his size…

    FWIW, I played against him at the Livonia Rec Center last year. He was definitely good, but not all that strong yet. Hopefully he gets more bulk.

  • Mo Money

    Ha, I used to ball with this kid at the Livonia rec center. It was a couple years ago and he was shorter and very raw, but he held his own on the mens court.

  • Brad

    He's 6'9 so I would hope he is not doing too much ball handling…I actually like his shot…pretty high and i think it has potential

  • fresh

    the kid is probably 16 years old ………..cmon

  • AG2

    Well, if Reynolds is the guy Beilein wants, there should be no reason he cannot get him being from Livonia. As for Amir Williams its probably over. If UNC wants him we just cannot compete. I for one considered it a minor miracle that Delvon Roe chose MSU over UNC, and apparently Roy Williams does not take losing recruits like that lightly.

  • mark

    JR is the reason I was not a fan of offering CC. We could have taken AW or MP plus JR if we didn't offer and take Colton.

  • Bill

    He has good length it would be nice to see him go against some better competition. He needs it to realize he needs to work on fundamentals. Athleticism only goes so far.

  • Wayman Britt

    Bill – I also wonder about the level of the competition he plays against. You are right, a player needs fundamentals and play against good competition. He can rely on athleticism playing in the KLAA, but it's a different world in college.

  • Ben

    His dribble is ok consodering he will probably play the 4, where as Smotz is more likely to play the 3 because he plays more like a guard where as Jalen plays bigger. I like his potential and would love to pick him up. Sounds like this will be a MSU UM battle because I think he mentions that he would like to play close to home.

  • If you're 6-9 in high school, competition doesn't matter so much as good coaching, and he has a good coach. If he were on one of the good teams in the PSL, he's play bad competition most of the time as well, only with a lot of coaches who can't game plan for him. Stevenson is fine for him. REACH plays a good schedule, so he can test himself on the circuit against similar sized athletes.

  • Andy

    But you just never know what can happen. I will trust the coaches in making the right decision there. You can not expect to land any of the 2011 players. We need help now and CC looks like a solid player. I still think I would rather have Katenda than Reynolds at this point. Katenda is a perfect fit for JB's offense and Reynolds still needs A LOT of work as far as fundamentals and discipline.

  • Legends

    Here is some footage of Reynolds vs. much better competition.

  • Andy

    I think at this point I would still rather have Katenda, but I think with the additions of Horford, Smotrycz, and Christian in 2010, I think we have bigger holes to fill in the 2011 class. I would still like to have Katenda, but it seems like Beilein intentions are to land a legit C (Williams or Plumlee are the main targets as of now) and I believe PG is a bigger hole than a 3 or 4 man. That is where Pangos comes in and I hope we land him, but I would be very happy with any 1 of Plumlee or Williams and 1 of Reynolds or Katenda. My ideal class would be Williams and Pangos though.

  • Brian W

    Reynolds looks a little raw, but his dribbling is okay for a guy his size. You can see the potential. Don't the elite campers play against the incoming freshen? I think so. Reynolds would be able to test his skills against the guys coming in and fellow campers…

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  • Ben

    JR is 2012 kid so we can take him in that class

  • jon

    This team he’s playing is terrible. i was on that team number 33 big husky.

  • terry

    This anonymous post is ridiculous. Anonymous obviously isn’t man enough to use his real name. My guess is that he’s been drinking an awful lot of hater-aid and I look forward to when JReynolds’s future performances will prove this hater wrong.