Tuesday Links & Notes

Dylan Burkhardt

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  • Wayman Britt

    Dylan or other posters: Is there a limit on the number of walk ons a team can have?

    If its unlimited a guy like Schaljo doesn't seem like a bad person to have on the team. Always good to have a hard worker.

  • KennyMe

    From the comments below the article, Schaljo is already on the team as a student manager. Looks like a great great kid. Maybe he will never play a single minute, but it cannot go wrong to have those kind of students in your university and be involved in your program.

    Have never heard of Crider. Sounds like he did not impress Dylan. But clearly Beilein is looking to add another wing and/or another PG for class 2011, which brings back the question of Kearney's commitment to MSU immediately after Brundidge's made his pledge.

  • Yes there is a limit to the # of roster spots. There is no limit to people joining as student managers/practice players though.