Recruiting Roundup (5-17-10)

Dylan Burkhardt

It was a busy weekend on the AAU circuit with major tournaments in Houston and Bloomington. We didn’t make it out on the road but here’s our best attempt to wrap up the weekend in recruiting. Possibly the most interesting nugget is that a European prospect has appeared on Michigan’s recruiting radar. (Everything after the jump.)

Euro Watch: Jonathan Gilling

Rumors have swirled for weeks that John Beilein was looking around in Europe for prospects. Go Blue Wolverine first reported that Michigan did, in fact, host a European prospect last week. The prospect was Jonathan Gilling (pictured above), a 6-foot-7 wing forward from Denmark in the class of 2011. Here’s a translated blurb from

He is without doubt one of the biggest young talents, I know, and he is in force of his good head, physical / size, technique and high basketball IQ.

He is a very versatile player that has a great eye for the game and find his teammates, but he also has the scoring mentality and is a fantastic shooter. He is also able to lift his game to a higher level when required, which in my eyes tell a lot about a talent. He was, for example. a very important factor in ungseniorholdets (?) cup final victory.

Commenters have pointed out that Gilling appears to be an all-around player who scores the ball relatively well but also has very respectable assist and rebound numbers. I have limited knowledge of Euro-hoops so I don’t really know how to judge Gilling’s production.

Houston EYBL: Brundidge Shines

This summer has made one thing clear: there aren’t many players on the AAU circuit that can guard Carlton Brundidge. We posted video of Carlton scoring 44 points in a game at King James but he upped the ante at Nike’s EYBL event in Houston this weekend. Carlton went for 53 in an overtime win. reported that Brundidge went 17 of 26 from the field and 18 of 21 from the stripe in the 113-112 win over Seattle Rotary.

Carlton might not be a prototypical 6-foot-6 jump out of the gym wing but he can score the ball in bunches.

Amir Williams was also in action in Houston but he didn’t draw such rave reviews from Scout’s Dave Telep ($). It’s hard for big men to get going in AAU play, especially in The Family’s guard happy offense,

Adidas May Classic

Gary Harris played well at the AMC (Photo credit: Indy Star)

There were a host of Michigan targets in Bloomington for the adidas May Classic this weekend.

Indiana Elite was missing IU commitment Austin Etherington. As has become par for the course, Yogi Ferrell got a number of positive mentions ($) from the national sites. The IndyStar caught up with Ferrell for a Q&A.

Marshall Plumlee wasn’t there for the entire weekend but here are some tweets from people who saw him play:

peegs: Plumlee has played hard but not often finished inside
Brian Snow: Marshall Plumlee just knocked a kid down on a rebound and apologized for it…

The Hoosier Scoop reports that Plumlee doesn’t have any visits lined up and is just “laying low”. Plumlee also wasn’t hearing from Indiana for a while but recently caught up with Tom Crean.

Aaron Thomas is a guy that we haven’t mentioned much but he continues to mention Michigan and play well. Here’s Rivals’ report on the 2011 wing guard:

There’s some room for Thomas to make a move and he might be playing his way into four star status. A long and wiry wing who can let it fly from deep, what stood out on Saturday was his exceptional body control. He can take a hit, adjust and finish around the rim and handles well enough to set up his own shot.

Inside the Hall caught up with Thomas, who plans to make a decision in July, for a video interview:

Alex also posted a video interview with Cody Zeller that’s worth watching.

We’ve already told you that Gary Harris can really play but the wing guard went out with a bang in Bloomington. He had 36 points in the D3 Heat’s loss to SYF, Rivals reports:

While SYF came away with the win over D3 Heat, Gary Harris poured in 36 points, and asserted himself as one of the best players in the 2012 class. The 6-foot-4 Harris had his outside jumper working, finished with explosive athleticism, and was simply too big and too athletic for anyone on the SYF roster. It was a big finish to a breakout weekend for Harris.

The Indiana Star has more on Gary Harris in a feature story.

Dorian’s Pride 16U team went 3-1 on the weekend before being knocked out by the Michigan Mustangs’ 16U team. Team Pride was playing without Ray Lee and Matt Costello but Flint wing Anton Wilson played very well. Denzel Valentine carried the Mustangs to semi-finals of the 16U gold bracket.

Rivals reports that 2013 wing forward Basil Smotherman has Xavier and Purdue offers to go along with interest from Michigan State, Indiana, Michigan, and Notre Dame.

Other notes: GoBlueWolverine has a report from The Detroit Spring Showcase ($). Javontae Hawkins, Jordan Hare, and a couple other local kids played in the tournament hosted by Team Detroit. 2011 point guard Chasson Randle has a Michigan offer ($).

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  • GregGoBlue

    53 points?!?!

    Granted it was quadruple OT (Family won 113-112 over Seattle Rotary), but that's an impressive number any way you slice it. The kid can score.

  • GregGoBlue

    53 points?!?!

    Granted it was quadruple OT (Family won 113-112 over Seattle Rotary), but that's an impressive number any way you slice it. The kid can score.

  • It was quadruple overtime but AAU overtimes are usually like 2 minutes long so it's not like they played a whole new game.

  • (erg, edit)

    Mmmm, Euro goodness. In Beilein I trust.

  • And, the typical AAU ref, especially one in Houston, isn't going to give a kid star treatment, so to get 20 foul shots is impressive.

  • KennyMe

    Seems that Beilein looks to add a PG in 2011. It makes sense given that CB is truly a 2G. The euro wing player, however, is puzzling. A post player would make more sense.

  • Attrition or no attrition, if Beilein plumps for this Great Dane, then he is gonna be a player. Hope it spurs LLP to play lights-out all year.

  • Ben

    Thats why it was a silly move to take Christian last week. We have no schollies for next year and were in on so many good players. a pg and center would be nice or a wing and a center. as of right now we can only take 1. Lets just hope a scholly opens up for 2011.

  • Bluebufoon

    I wouldn't be surprised to find out Gilling is class of 2010. The kid turns 19 in June, it doesn't make sense to be visiting a kid for 2011 at this time of the year. Plus I don't believe kids from Europe start college at 20 years of age which is what Gilling will be if he waits until 2011 to enroll.

  • Billiam

    Whatever you guys say I'm still going to think that CB will play as a 1. Wall was a point guard, King James is a point forward, Deron Williams scores, etc. Just because you can score does not mean that you can't play point. CB is going to be the point guard after Morris leaves, and he'll be the point because he's short. Please explain the logic that “because he can score he can't be a point”?
    And for those saying that we need a big, I think that we're more looking for a scorer than any one positition. We're going after this Danish wing player, Randle, Williams, etc. and there is no distinction between positions. There is no distinction because belien's just trying to get the best player that he can because we need a scorer. And about the post: why would we have 5 (McLimans, Morgan, Horford, Christian, Smot) guys 6-7 or above as freshman and still want a big for next year? I think that we'll take whatever we can get, but I wouldn't be surprised if Belein tries for a scorer above all else.

  • No offense, Ben, but. . . you're got a crystal ball? “Silly”? No way Beilein knows anything that you don't?

  • Brian W

    Fort Wayne News-Sentinel has an article about Cody Zeller. It talks about his decision process and timetable. Didn't mention U-M.

    The Big Ten meetings are underway in Chicago. David Brandon is quoted a lot in this AP story, which hovers around expansion.

    Bluebufoon's mention of Travis Conlan made me curious. He's now playing in Antwerp for Dexia Mons-Hairnaut. One article mentioned that broke his hand last September. Former MSU player Kelvin Torbert is on the same team.

  • Brian W

    Good point. I thought that was a little odd when I saw his age. The blurb on the Horsholm 79ers team web site described him as a “rookie” for 2009-10 season, but that's through Google's translation.

    Some of the translations for Horsholm game descriptions are unintentionally humorous, like this from the newspaper Lokalavisen.

    “12-0 was measured breed in Horsens got their first points, and especially drives Jonathan Gilling playing games with our customers. The one score after another put the young talent in the basket, and out of the home team the first 17 points, it was Jonathan who sent the 12 in the basket.”

    I never would have thought of saying “Manny Harris is playing games with our customers.”

  • Wayman Britt

    I like that Beilein is looking everywhere for recruits. With the quality of recruits he is looking at , he will probably not be inviting LLP back for a 5th year.

  • The Yooper

    My brother said he saw Beilein in a Buffalo Wild Wings with Jonathan Gilling

  • KennyMe

    The fact that Beilein is looking at some pure point guards like the Canadian kid for class 2011 suggests that Beilein does not think CB is best at 1. CB is small but is not smaller than Allen Iverson.

  • Ben

    I want more room in 2011, When Christian starts lighting the big ten up then I will eat my words but until then, I will continue to disagree with the pick up.

  • Bluebufoon

    Today ?

  • aMaized

    more EYBL from rivals — Amir Williams:….

  • Ben

    pulling out all the stops was he…lol

  • JB01

    i'm with ben – we should scoop up all of kentucky's 2011 commits, that way we'll have more talent than anyone. more talent = more wins.

  • Bluebufoon

    What I like about Gilling is he it appears the kid fills a void on nxt years roster, another guard to take the palce of Trey Zeigler, manny and Sykes. The Danish websites lists Gilling as a PG/ WG if memory serves which is what we need another ball-handler. This kid has to be for 2010, it doesn't make sense other-wise.

  • The Yooper

    I believe it was Friday or Saturday, and he said the power went out after Beilein left lol

  • I agree. I think we're damned near desperate for points and you take the talented bird in the hand if you can get him. And I assume that unless LLP lights up the world next year he may be done.

  • Bluebufoon

    Mattski — let it go. LLP is done after this year he has to be gone thats the only way scholarship numbers wrk. But there not going to announce till after nxt season or unless LLP transfers this summer.

    LLP's minutes were cut significantly as this past season went along, that wasn't a coincidence.

  • fresh

    is there any footage of gilling out there i have looked but have had no luck………….anybody else?

  • Brian W

    The following is a translated article from Feb. 12, 2010. Jonathan Gilling that says that he wants to go to college and talks about his plans.

    The following article from April 21, 2010 says that Gilling still need to finish a year of high school.

    This article from April 17, 2010 says that Gilling's team won a bronze medal and (based on what I decipher from the translation) he finished second for player of the year.

  • Bluebufoon

    Wow– Excellent info. Class of 2011 and it sounds like Gilling is playing
    with a team with older professional players on the roster, I don't know how that affects his NCAA eligibility ?

  • Ben

    LLP is only a JR this year, so This 5th year stuff doesn't make sense to me….. maybe I'm wrong

  • Ben

    We don't have deep enough pockets to pick up Kentucky recruits, but were great at stealing recruits from Sacred heart

  • Ben

    CB is not a PG, He will play the 2. Which is fine in Beilein's offense. I like Pangos from Ontario Kid looks lke he can really run an offense.

  • Deacon Blues


    LLP entered college (at Arizona) in fall 2007, so the 2011-12 season would be his fifth year.

  • “I'd like to end up as professional and monetize it,” says Jonathan Gilling. Gotta love those Google translations.

  • Tom_McC

    Here is an update on what Stu has been doing this offseason…Update on Stu

  • Bluebufoon

    Ed Schilling also coaches Park Tudor in Indianapolis, which is where Yogi Ferrell attends High School.