Breaking Ground on the Player Development Center


Earlier today at Crisler John Beilein, women’s hoops coach Kevin Borseth, Athletic Director Dave Brandon and many others were on hand to be a part of the Groundbreaking Ceremony for the new Player Development Center.

Obviously, building a practice facility is a huge step for the basketball program.  Brandon said not having one has “had to have had a detrimental effect on our ability to compete for recruits.”  He also mentioned that anyone who knows what 18-year-olds want in a college would know a facility like this is really important factor in their decision on where to go. The facility is scheduled to open in fall of 2011 which means the current recruiting class, 2011, would be able to use the facility when they start their fall classes.

Video of the Groundbreaking from MGoBlue

But it’s not just going to be a boon to recruiting.  Beilein mentioned that the new facility will open up players’ schedules so they can be whatever major they want.  Right now, the men’s and women’s programs have to split their time at Crisler, which of course gets hectic.  With another facility, the practice times can be more flexible and free up players to take whatever classes they want.  A good example of who this could have helped would be Eric Puls, probably.  One of his main problems was scheduling practice and being an Engineering major, and having this facility will most likely eliminate that problem.

Beilein: “We can tell a kid, ‘All right, you can be an engineering major, or you can be a business major, or you can take that professor you want to take.'”

Beilein also talked about looking forward to being able to be in his office and have a player just drop by to shoot around, or have some guys come over and play pick-up.

“I cannot wait til I’m sitting in my office and a player comes by to shoot and just drops in and says ‘Hey coach, how you doing?'”

Overall, definitely a giant leap for the basketball program.  I think recruiting is where the new facility will have the most effect, but if it makes it any easier for Zack Novak to be a business major, that’s fine too.

Other notes: Patrick Beilein will be leaving his GA position for an assistant coaching position at Dartmouth.

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  • Winter sports fan

    They also have to take volleyball scheduling of postseason matches and women's gymnastics into account, which will be less of a problem with a dedicated practice facility.

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  • JimC

    Long time coming, but this is pretty sweet.

  • toblav

    Finally. This is a very good step in the right direction. I know kids, recruits, have been shown the plans but I don't think they are often too young for future-think. When they see bricks and mortar they can relate.

  • toblav

    Sorry, I do think they are too young . . .

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  • kainkitizen

    This was for many reasons to be had for the university and the basketball programs. Mr. Brandon and both coaches strongly talked about it being about recruiting and developing players. It seemed like Recruiting was the major point of everyone speaking about the Center. When it's all done next year, are they going to give public tours and show it off? I can't wait for the finished product. I'm excited!

  • Brian W

    Great to finally have it under way. Hopefully it helps coach attract kids to U-M.

    Nice to hear about Patrick Beilein. I drove through the part of New Hampshire where Dartmouth is located last year, and it's a very scenic place. Hopefully remembers to change the name of the person responsible for the basketball camps if Patrick's no longer responsible for them. has an article about Patrick's new gig…

    Dan Wetzel of Yahoo! Sports tweeted that the NCAA is supposed to deliver its investigation report on USC this week… Finally.

  • Wayman Britt

    Cody, Amir & Marshall come to Michigan and be the first class to break in our new practice facility.

    No other school can offer a brand spanking new facility. Join now!

  • waldo78

    Good call Wayman. I hope JB is sending those guys updates on the new facility just to get them excited about being the inagurial class. Lets hope this is turns our fortunes around to be a consistent tournament team.

  • Brian W

    Nice. I hope the pitch works on one of them. I think we have a good shot with Marshall and maybe Amir.

  • concerned UM fan

    The question I have is if Michigan is going to have any BBALL players to condition? Sorry, but I don't have a good feeling that Beilein is going to get it done at Michigan.

  • Sullycu

    I do.

  • alyzen

    I do too. And I might be deluding myself, but I think this team's gonna exceed people's (admittedly low) expectations next year. Incidentally, I liked Smotrycz's reply to Dylan's post on twitter about the Big Ten power rankings with UM at the bottom — sounds like he (and hopefully the rest of the team, too) will be playing with a chip on his shoulder.

  • section13row15

    Who are these people that say John Beilein isn't going to get it done at Michigan? His second year with some average recruits playing meaningful minutes as freshmen, he took the team to the second round of the NCAA tournament which hadn't been done in over a decade. He's doing a great job, they hit a road bump last year but life goes on. They'll be playing some team ball next year and they will surprise some people in the next couple years when T Hardaway, Brundidge, etc. come in. All Beilein cares about is guys that believe in the system, understand where they can improve, and are good teammates to one another. Butler will tell you the same thing and no one was complaining about their season. This practice facility is way over due but the best thing about it is that no other school will have a newer building with more up to date technology.

  • SamGoBlue

    what'd it say?

  • fresh

    i think its a good shot for both and honestly i think its more likely michigan gets amir……….close to his family and can play with a good friend in carlton………….but michigan cant suck they need to win and they need to show these kids that they are capable of getting to the next level and can play in beilein's sytems………..the end

  • alyzen

    Just something to the effect of “that's not how it's going to go down.”

    I don't know, I like that this team's going to be coming into this season as underdogs, and that people are counting them out already — I think it'll take some pressure off the young kids and will also be good motivation. I just want them to play team ball, like somebody said above, and for them to learn and grow as the season progresses. Hopefully they'll surprise some folks in the process.

  • fresh

    has there been anythign on colton christian, interesting that nothing has surfaced yet on him that i have seen

    -at this point after this last season and its recruiting, i would still like to see michigan get the best most highly rated players they can, but when alls said and done i just want to see good basketball…….i want to see 5 guys communicating playing great team defense, i want to see 5 guys that care about winning, and guys that are playing with the intensity it takes to win a national championship at all times……….i want to watch a team that plays together and makes it fun for the fans, even if they arent ever good if they can play good defense and make it fun for the fans i wont ever complain

  • papageorgio709

    some great emails boys. i think this new ad could do what rex ryan did for the jets. he is so into making michigan the powerhouse it should be. bye bye guys who only cared about being nba players like sims and manny. now we are getting a couple nba great's sons who want to bring glory back to michigan. beilein is an amazing motivator and cant wait till the entire team is only guys he recruited. its gonna be so amazing. stu, novak, and LLP, as seniors in the tourney. thats gotta be good, right? and hopefully smotrycz is our golden boy. then al horfords brother. lets go blue. those are my incoherent predictions. but will all come true…

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  • Brian W

    I understand the concern, but I think Beilein can get it done. He's an excellent teacher, and the new facilities will hopefully help with recruiting. He's won a lot of games over his career, and I think he can win more at Michigan. I have more faith in Beilein's basketball program than I do the football program.

  • Commitment watch is in full effect. Should drop within the next 24 hours. Just a heads up.

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  • Commitment watch is in full effect. Should drop within the next 24 hours. Just a heads up.

  • Brick93

    Does that mean Christian got an offer this weekend?

  • Colby

    Dylan, can you drop any hints for us? 2010 or 2011? Thanks for the info

  • It's a 2010 kid. Don't over think it. Some things just need to be finalized to be official.

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  • AG2

    I really cannot see Michigan falling lower than 9th in the Big Ten simply by virtue of how awful Penn State and Iowa will be. Iowa is losing all of its recruits, one of its starters in Aaron Fuller, and replacing a slow down coach with one who likes to run. Decent rebounding was the only thing that kept Penn State from going winless in the Big Ten last year, and they just lost two of their big guys to transfer.

    I'm not saying we can sweep PSU and Iowa next year, but I think both those teams have a better chance of going 0-18 than we do.

  • fresh

    it was colton christian…………..just saw it on scout

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