Marcus Thornton Sets Official Visits

Dylan Burkhardt

According to Phil Kornblut of Palmetto Sports, Marcus Thornton has decided on four official visit destinations. The 6-foot-7 forward will make an official visit to Alabama this Thursday but also has three more visits on the docket:

He also has scheduled an official visit to Texas for next weekend. His coach said he will also take officials to Kentucky and Michigan.

Thornton’s family had mentioned taking official visits to places that were further away and using unofficials for the local schools (Georgia and Georgia Tech). This strategy obviously appears to be in place and Kornblut also reports that Clemson is still a factor but Thornton doesn’t feel the need to make a return visit.

For what it’s worth, NBE Basketball Report has a contradicting list of scheduled visits that doesn’t include Michigan ($).

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  • Billiam

    just wondering, but what's the real difference between an official and an unofficial? Is there one, and if so, does this really help us with recruiting? I have no idea what this kid is thinking, but Alabama and Kentucky's academics are squat compared to ours…not that that'll make much of a difference in the head of a young kid. Also, just for us ignorami, could someone please tell me what they see this kid doing in our offense, I just haven't watched any videos on him yet.

  • An official visit means that all travel expenses are paid for by the school. An unofficial visit means that all travel expenses are paid for by the recruit.

  • Im a firm believer if u get him on campus anything can happen. Dylan do u know the timetable for Sykes and his other visits because right now it seems as if Belien will take Thornton first.

  • ATLblue

    If you havent seen him here is some video

    After i watched this all i could say was wow, he is extremely Athletic. You never know though if you can get him to visit campus anything can happen

  • YpsiTuckyBoy

    Wow. Just…Wow. That kid is a stud. Making plays on the big stage, too. He does not handle the ball like he's 6'8″. He's only a 3-star? Geez. Seems pretty underrated to me if that's the case.

  • UMAdam

    I know he and Zeigler play different positions but the video I've seen of Thornton is far more impressive than Zeigler's but Zeigler is rated higher.. what gives?

  • Zeid

    Marcus Thornton would be a great get. He fits really well here not just athletically but academically. I read that he takes AP classes, has 3.7 GPA, and has parents with graduate degrees.

  • zrl

    Thornton didn't blow up until his senior year, hence all the big offers coming his way now. Rivals/Scout haven't updated their rankings since the year began. Once they do, I'm sure Thornton will be somewhere in the top 50.

  • fresh

    depending on what his shot looks like after watching that youtube video he could be a nice replacement for manny at the 3………he seemed capable of doing things off the dribble and seemed quick enough to defend the wing………..great looking prospect

    -it would be really great to see Beilein land this kid, however distance was an issue so its obviously a long shot

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  • SamGoBlue

    Echoing the statements of just about everyone else on here: WOW. The kid can jump out of the gym, run the floor like a greyhound, dribble like a seasoned point guard, and put the ball on a dime. Like someone else already said, the only thing not in that video is a little bit of shooting, but judging by his free throw stroke I'm not too worried about that. And to think that this was all in the state championship game. Absolutely incredible prospect. If we were to somehow land him, to say I would be excited would be an understatement.

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  • Jay

    If Belein can land Thorton, I would have nothing negative to say about his vision or determination to get these kids to UM.

  • Jay

    If Belein can land Thorton, I would have nothing negative to say about his vision or determination to get these kids to UM.

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  • SamGoBlue

    Here is another little article confirming that Thornton does plan to visit Michigan and is unsure of whether he will visit Georgia or GT. He is in Alabama today as planned and will visit Texas this weekend.

  • YpsiTuckyBoy

    Wow. I'm surprised that he might not visit Ga/Ga Tech. I was most concerned about Tech in that whole list. I guess there's the likelihood that he's been there already, since he's from GA. Either way, seems like we have at least a 10% shot. This would be an amazing get. It would more than make up for Zeigler.

  • kainkitizen

    I think has updated their player ratings today. I see Marcus Thornton at #121 nationally. He's a top 150 recruit. I did not see Tim Hardaway Jr or Jon Horford in the top 150. Both are still 3* recruits which hopefully means they are top 200. Evan is at #59. It's a very nice class even if Thornton does not come and decides to play elsewhere.

  • fresh

    gotta love rankings………marcus was just named Mr. Georgia meaning he is the best player in the state of Georgia while according to the new rivals 150 there are at least 7 players from the state of Georgia ranked better than he is some of which were 5 star players……….interesting how that works…….i guess you really cant read to much into the rankings, just trying to comprehend this

  • Billiam

    True dat. Rankings don't really do much more than give us something to talk about and hype over. Nevertheless, the are so FUN…

    Seriously, who do you think was a better freshman, Novak or Morris? Then think about their rankings. There are a plethora of examples. Although…(wishful thinking coming up here) another fab 5 would be nice…

  • fresh

    just good basketball that is fun to watch would be nice………5 guys on the same page working together towards the same goal, and having fun………thats all i want make it fun to watch

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  • David kool won mr basketball in michigan a few years ago as a two star and went to western

  • David kool won mr basketball in michigan a few years ago as a two star and went to western

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