Video: Evan Smotrycz (2009-10)

Dylan Burkhardt

The quality is a bit lacking but we’ll go with the mantra that something is better than nothing. This isn’t a highlight tape of his whole season, just some footage is from a couple of games during the year. We will hopefully have some more footage soon.

In other news, Iowa decommitment Cody Larson verbally committed to Florida.

  • Giddings

    Dang, should have asked him about the long sleeves while we had the chance, it's pretty odd to see. I wonder if he'll keep wearing them at U-M, could start a new trend throughout college basketball… “I wanna be like Smot”

  • SamGoBlue

    This is some impressive footage if it is just the highlights of one game. A little grainy, but it appears that he has a very nice stroke, is an apt passer, and has a tremendous shot-fake. With his height, he shouldn't have a big problem getting his shot off and if he is able to run the floor like he does here, he could be something else in the future.

    As for the sleeves, I know I've seen pictures of him without the sleeves on but I'm also interested to know if that is just for looks or if he needs them for some other reason (i.e. some people have to wear arm sleeves because of elbow tendinitis). Is he gonna be the next Tony Crocker but just better?

  • Billiam

    We'll see…it didn't look like anyone on the other team had comperable size to mach up with his height. Although, those fakes looked real good and will really be assets with his shooting and UM's movement. He really does look (from one game!) like he's a good fit for UM basketball. I liked how he could shoot, but I wonder how good he'll be on defense banging against opposing 4s. He's a great step out guy tho, no doubt about that.

  • We always talk about how Novak can't bang with opposing fours in the Big Ten but the big difference is that Smotrycz is so much taller at 6-foot-9. That length will allow him to make up for some of that lack of strength.

  • What was this shot with, a spycam in someone's lapel? I didn't think you could obtain cameras this bad anymore!

    Looks marvelous. There's one scorer, now we need another one. And several confident guys to take it to the hole. The more I have thought about it, the more I think Sykes could be a help.

  • MaizeNBlueJ

    Good stuff, Dylan. It's easy to see why Beilein likes his game. He really seems to have the whole package, at least from this film. I'm very impressed with his game. Can't wait to see him in the Maize & Blue next year.

  • Pretty sure it is from his buddy video taping the TV… Oh well.

  • gpsimms

    wow, that is pretty exciting footage. I would have liked to see a few back to the basket moves, but his release looks quick and he was obviously having a pretty nice shooting day. Also had a few killer quick passes. He's going to be a perfect fit.

    Also, Sam Webb said Sykes got his offer, but will be taking visits to UCF and Arkansas before deciding.

  • Brian W

    Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany to end silence on conference expansion

  • Brad

    don't know if this has been posted yet, but I figured I would do it here… Fuller leaving Iowa…poor Hawkeyes…

  • alyzen

    As a couple others said already, you can see a really nice shot fake and good passing. Will definitely be an asset to this team, I'm excited.

  • eddieben

    Here's to hoping he does go back to Arizona (or somewhere closer to his home) and that we don't schedule wherever he goes anytime soon. that dude killed us.

  • Billiam

    did larson really commit to Florida or is that just old news since they've got another good PF going there too? Any new updates since then?

  • Yes, Larson committed to Florida after his visit.

  • Colby

    I am curious about the 6-10 Giogui Dieng who has a long list including us with Louisville as the leader. Guy sounds like a player and could contribute right away

  • Dieng looks like a great player but as you said Louisville has been considered the leader for months now…


  • flwolve

    Does Sykes have an offer or not? Did Sam say on the radio today that Sykes did have an offer?

  • Yes. Sam Webb said that Sykes does have an offer on his recruiting roundup today (

  • GregGoBlue

    Sykes received his U of M offer according to Sam Webb on WTKA this morning. FYI

  • michael the original

    Am I the only pathetic person who checks into U-M hoops like 3 times a day hoping for some good news that will buoy me? For a long time it was “Zeigler a Wolverine!” Then it was “Larson commits to Michigan.” Today its been “Welcome Sykes!” I'm not even sure I particularly love any one of these players, but whenever we nail down a commitment I can at least add a little something that has been missing for a long time: Hope.

  • YpsiTuckyBoy

    Michael, I probably check about ten times a day. Pathetic, I know, but I just really want this team to be good.

  • Sullycu

    me too.

  • JB01


  • Wayman Britt

    Boy is Iowa's program going down and losing talent. For all UM fans who wanted to fire Beilein after the OSU last second lost, watch what you wish for. Firing a coach can set your program back big time.

  • Brian W

    Iowa has offered Eric Katenda. Hopefully U-M will do the same.

    Kentucky Sports Report has a premium article about Marcus Thornton. The link description at Google mentions that he just finished his visit with Michigan, but doesn't say how it went.

  • Brian W


  • YpsiTuckyBoy

    Brian W, are you Brian of mgoblog fame or just a fan who keeps up on this?

  • Brian W

    No, I'm not that Brian. I'm working on my own Michigan site in my spare time, but it's bike trails, travel info, and stuff like that about the state. I am a basketball season ticket holder, though… I appreciate it when Dylan or others post news/links, so I just post something when I find it. U-M basketball is a nice diversion.

  • UR MY BOY BLUE!!!!!!!!!!

  • jblair52

    I think Scout shows that Michigan has offered Katenda…not sure if it's confirmed or not.

  • Brian W

    Nice catch. If you search through Google News for Katenda, it brings back part of the Iowa article on the Hawk Talk site, and it says that Iowa, Michigan, and Notre Dame have all offered. Interesting. Hopefully, it's not like Sykes where he had “offers” from Syracuse and others on the recruiting sites for a while when he didn't actually have one.

  • Wouldn't compare Sykes' scholarship situation to Katenda's… They are completely different circumstances.

  • Ten–yup, probably.

  • Brian W

    Yeah. I was only inferring that the recruiting sites sometimes list an offer that hasn't been made. I'm not comparing Sykes and Katenda in terms of offers. I'd hope that Katenda has one.

  • Yeah, I know what you mean Brian. It might become a more stone cold offer when he makes it to campus but it seems like a safe bet that he does have an offer.

  • toblav

    I too am among the pathetic

  • Billiam

    With full knowledge of the posts above me I have a quote about Isiah Sykes which might “Syke” some people:

    -Isaiah Sykes a 6'5 SG from Detroit, MI/Finney is blowing up! One high major assistant told me he may be one of Detroit's top talents in the last 10 years. Can flat out score!!!! Michigan State, Syracuse, and Tennessee are in on him.

    That was from a link on this website (in the 2010 hotboard) and the quote is actually almost two years old. I'm pretty sure that he hasn't reached his potential yet (still can't shoot, etc.) but man, this looks good. Here's to hoping that he's a steal (and heck, we got Hardaway Jr. and Smot back when they were ranked low, why not the same with this kid?)

  • Brian W

    Sykes is supposed to play in 2010 Michigan Boys High School All-Star game at Oakland University this Saturday (April 24). Maurice Jones, Keith Appling, Juwan Howard Jr. and Roy Marble Jr. are some others playing in the game. I mentioned it a couple of weeks ago, but thought I'd post it again in case anyone forgot.

  • Good call Brian. We were going to try to cover it but I think Joe and I are planning on going down to the King James tourney instead.

  • AG2

    Great to hear Sykes got the offer. No such thing as too many guys who are excited to play for the Maize 'n Blue. I too check here frequently and all year round. Something about Beilein leaves me feeling the Basketball program is run more competently than the Football program.

  • jsham

    My Uncle is a referee in the DPSL and has seen Sykes play at least 10 times and he said the former Wolverines his game resembles is a cross between Jimmy King/Bernard Robinson/Ray Jackson. None was a great three point shooter but King was average but they were all athletic and made their marks at Michigan. I think this kid has a really high ceiling and will surprise alot of people. Lets just hope he comes to Michigan and has his grades in order.

  • tjm

    I seem to be hitting refresh constantly. I've checked 10 times by lunch most days!

  • tjm

    I seem to be hitting refresh constantly. I've checked 10 times by lunch most days!

  • SamGoBlue

    Let's hold the “scorer” talk for just a bit here. Yes, he looks very good in this one video, but as it has been pointed out, it is just one game and he is playing against good, but probably not B10 level competition yet. Keep in mind he only averaged around 13 points a game his senior year, so I'm not sure how big of a scorer he will translate into. I still think Stu and Novak will be our go-to guys on offense with D Mo providing a scoring lift when those two aren't on (which hopefully isn't so often next season).

  • Matt

    evan have talent and size, it would be great if he palyed powerforward for u-of-m and pick up some more weight at lease 240 with muscle and speedy guy. cus college ball is so what down because most plays arent good to turn on tv and watch like schools thats doesnt win any games and cant get over .500