Recruiting Notes (4-19-10)

Dylan Burkhardt

This isn’t a full recruiting roundup per se but here are several updates after a busy weekend on the recruiting trail.


Isaiah Sykes – Wing

23452_1390192955918_1264947287_31131397_4663748_n[1]As expected, Denby senior Isaiah Sykes made his official visit this weekend. Sykes got the red carpet official visit treatment including dinner at Beilein’s home but his offer status remains unknown. Sykes passed this text message along to’s Mike Rothstein:

"have a great feelin about Michigan I enjoyed it."

Beilein typically likes to allow kids to take a few days to “be sure” of their commitments so if a commitment is imminent we should hear relatively soon and expect to know much more as the week progresses.

Cody Larson – PF

The interesting development surrounding Larson’s recruitment is that he will likely have to appeal to attend a Big Ten school after being let out of his LOI. With Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio State on his early list, this is obviously a big development. At this point, I have a tough time seeing why every recruit doesn’t sign a “financial aid offer” like Brandon Knight rather than a letter of intent. Financial aid offers allow the athlete to back out at any time though so I wouldn’t expect college coaches to be excited about that idea.

That rule is obviously bad news for Michigan… Larson is also expected to visit Florida today according to but the Gators also landed a commitment from PF Will Yeguete today as well.


Markus Crider – Wing

I don’t think Crider ended up visiting Ann Arbor this weekend as he was in action with the King James Shooting Stars as they won the Grand Rapids Storm Classic. Crider reportedly played well in Grand Rapids but I haven’t seen many scouting reports from the event.

Cody Zeller – PF/C

Zeller was described as dominant by those in attendance at the Double Pump tourney in Denver. Rivals’ Brian Snow thinks that Zeller has a great chance at 5-star status by the end of the summer:

Zeller has a motor that never quits, and that allows him to pursue rebounds with the best of them, and he also has a simple natural instinct to know how the ball is going to come off the rim. Also despite not being the strongest player in the country, he battles hard for position both on the offensive and defensive glass.

Along with just being a beast on the boards, Zeller was finishing down low on the offensive side of things. He has a nice looking jump hook, a solid mid-range jumper, and also he is plenty athletic which allows him to finish at an above the rim. His game is just getting more and more diversified as the years go along, and now Zeller is capitalizing on a strong high school year and propelling it to the AAU season.

Justin Gant – PF/C

Gant has long been considered a guy that could make a name for himself this summer on the AAU circuit. It seems like he’s making the post of his opportunities. Gant drew rave reviews from Evan Daniels ($) however he didn’t list Michigan. A quick twitter search on Gant shows that Daniels wasn’t the only one he impressed.


Javontae Hawkins – Wing

24696_116428488370585_100000103033141_283378_3080042_n[1] According to BOTB, Javontae Hawkins was on campus this weekend and was informed that he is Michigan’s #1 wing recruit in the class of 2012 and an official offer will be coming on June 15th.:

A offer was extended, and an official offer will be granted July 15. Hawkins was told by the UM staff he is their "#1 sophomore wing recruit". Hawkins definitely has outstanding upside and potential. Baylor, South Carolina, Notre Dame are the newest schools to his recruitment.

Kevin Yogi Ferrell – PG

post[1]Basketball fans in Indiana learned about Yogi this year but now the national scouts are realizing that his game is for real. Ferrell got his first taste of action with the U17 Indiana Elite squad and impressed. Rivals’ Brian Snow was one that was very impressed tweeting twice about Yogi’s performance and then providing this writeup:

In an age where many point guards are more focused on scoring than running their team, Ferrell knows what his job is. He penetrates to the rim and looks for easy buckets via the pass, he knows when to push the ball and when to pull it back, and also if he is left open he will knock down the open three.

Having grown since last summer, he is now 5-foot-11, Ferrell is a tough as nails defender who helps his team easily convert defense into offense. Ferrell is quickly playing himself into the conversation as one of the best floor generals in the 2012 class nationally.

Yogi’s recruitment is looking more and more likely to explode as the summer wears on.

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  • JB01

    as always, great updates. It doesn't make much sense for the big ten to enforce this rule with larson and lose out on a great player and kid. his circumstances just aren't what the rule was designed for. i think he's a long shot for us anyways, but the sad thing is he's really the one getting screwed over.
    BTW – I really hope we get sykes. Just his size and athleticism alone are bringing something to the table that can immediately help. when will we hear about his transcripts?

  • JB01

    as always, great updates. It doesn't make much sense for the big ten to enforce this rule with larson and lose out on a great player and kid. his circumstances just aren't what the rule was designed for. i think he's a long shot for us anyways, but the sad thing is he's really the one getting screwed over.
    BTW – I really hope we get sykes. Just his size and athleticism alone are bringing something to the table that can immediately help. when will we hear about his transcripts?

  • Mike

    I agree with the desire to have Sykes in the fold. I think concerns about Sykes's shooting prowess are overstated for two reasons. First of all, Beilein is renowned as a great teacher, particularly with respect to shooting, and I think a guy like Sykes could improve his shot immeasurably under Beilein's tutelage. More importantly, this team needs someone who can get to the rim and create, especially with Manny's departure, and it looks like Sykes fits the bill. Also important, I think, is that Sykes will likely play with a chip on his shoulder, given his lack of recruiting attention. That's the attitude that propelled the 2008-09 team to unexpected success, and I would welcome that kind of demeanor on next year's squad.

  • Wayman Britt

    Is it me or does Yogi look like he is in 7th grade.

  • trueblue4life

    I really hope the bigten gets this one right with Larson and lets him attend another bigten school.Obviously I hope Michigan could land him,if not keep the talent in the confrence.He would be a huge addition for next year.We would have a pretty nice low-post rotation with Morgan,Smotcryz and Larson.I think Horford needs to redshirt and put some weight on,he's a stick.McLimans is a complete mystery to me,Ive tried to find some highlights on him and have been unsucessful.I guess if we dont land Larson,well just have to settle for Amir Williams.Wouldnt that be nice to bring him and Brundridge in next year.Brundridge looks like a stud.How about this potential line-up. Morris,Brundridge,Hardaway Jr.(that just sounds cool)Smotcryz,Amir Williams.That would be one hell of a line-up with a deep bench.

  • The Yooper

    I would rather have Amir than Larson.

  • Tim

    I just hope MSU doesnt offer Hawkins. He grew up a Spartan fan.

  • trueblue4life

    I would too,Williams is an elite prospect and Michigan is lacking that star player, but it would be hard to pass on Larson though.I think he could have more of an impact this year then Horford and Mclimans.

  • YpsiTuckyBoy

    FWIW, Dylan, a kid who was the leading scored at Rutgers, Mike Rosario, announced today that he is transferring to Florida. If both he and Will Yeguete are going, with Prather and another guy already in the fold, I've gotta think Larson won't be headed there unless they can take a massive class.

  • trueblue4life

    So what does everyone think of Sykes possibly coming in.I really like Sykes,I watch some video on him the other day and I was impressed.Much more impressed then watching Ziegler.I do have to say if Ziegler was 4inches taller he would be one hell of a post player.But he's not and he cant shoot worth a lick man.Sykes is alot more athletic then Ziegler,and Sykes is just one of those silky smooth ball players that is fun to watch.He's just one of those prospects that fell through the cracks,and Michigan is about to take advantage.

  • Yeah I had seen about Rosario… So that's four in their class. 2 already committed in '11. I don't know much about their roster but it only shows one senior? You might be right RE: Larson.. Math starts to not work I'd assume.

  • polisci

    While I agree that if you had the simple choice between Amir and Larson you take Amir. But that is not reality. There is no way you pass on Larson for only a chance at Amir.

  • Evan

    Dylan, any news bout katenda heard he was supposed to visit um last weekend if he could

  • trueblue4life

    I more then agree with you on Larson,He's just too good to pass on,I just think he would have a solid impact next year,it sounds like he really wants to stay in the BigTen too,so if the BigTen will let him stay in the bigten then its really between Michigan,OSU and Indiana,and probably Minnesota.Michigan and Indiana are by far his best bet to play next year too.

  • SamGoBlue

    Once again, I will say that people are going to be very surprised with McLimans this next season IMO. He won the most improved player award without ever stepping on the court, going to show how much he really improved. He has practiced at the 5 all year long and I expect nothing less than 25-30 minutes a game with maybe just under 10/game. Bold prediction, but I think he'll live up to it.

  • trueblue4life

    That would be great,thats the best news Ive heard about McLimans.That would definetely be a huge boost for next year.I have heard he can shoot,which is really a no brainer since beilien signed him.Ive just been a little skeptical of him since Ive heard hardly any news on him.I appreciate the feedback though.

  • Tim

    Florida seems to have a lot of tournover though. So i wouldnt be so sure on them being out of room.

  • trueblue4life

    I havent heard too much about Hawkins,how is he stacking up against the some of the other top in-state talent.

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