Trey Zeigler Will Sign With Central Michigan

Dylan Burkhardt

Drew Ellis of the Morning Sun has confirmed that Trey Zeigler will commit to Central Michigan tomorrow afternoon at 4:45 PM on ESPNU. Zeigler chose Central Michigan, and the chance to play for his father, over Michigan, Michigan State, UCLA, and Arizona State. Zeigler will sign his letter of intent on Thursday at Mt. Pleasant High School.

Michigan was thought to be in good position in the Zeigler recruitment for a long time but at the end of the day the allure of playing for his father was too much for Michigan to overcome.

The main recruiting target left on Michigan’s recruiting board for the class of 2010  is 6-foot-5 wing guard Isaiah Sykes. Sykes does not have an offer at this time but the Detroit News is reporting that Sykes will make an official visit to Michigan this weekend.

Michigan has also reportedly offered Clemson decommit Marcus Thornton (video) a scholarship as well but so have Kentucky, Florida, Texas, Auburn, Georgia Tech, Georgia, and Alabama. It’s probably safe to call that one an uphill battle.

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  • kennyMe

    No surprise here. It is part of the negotiation of his dad's contract.

  • kennyMe

    No surprise here. It is part of the negotiation of his dad's contract.

  • GoGreen

    So surprising that UofM couldn't land a top recruit…. not! I think 10 wins is the ceiling for the Wolverines next season. Your athletic director, the Pizza Guy, should just get rid of Beilein now and not even waste another season with that pathetic excuse for a basketball coach.

  • Wayman Britt

    Big loss, but I wish him well. It's seems UM can't catch a break.

    If UM is to return to the top ten in the country they can't continue to lose high caliber state of Michigan talent to out of state schools and now in state non-MSU schools. Just look at the talented players lost, Crawford, Horford, CDR, Harriston, Jackson and now McCallum and Zeigler.

    The coach, AD, president, students and alumni all must work together to get UM basketball back to where it was in the 80's and early 90's.
    It will take some bold moves.

  • Kenny

    Very special situation here. If Ernie needs Trey, Beilein cannot compete.

  • AG2

    Are we going to have to play CMU in the next few years?

  • Brick93

    No. I doubt we ever see Trey play against Michigan.

  • The Yooper

    I really think Beilein is the coach for the future, but he needs to land big in-state recruits like this or we will never get anywhere.
    Oh well I'm still excited for the future, hopefully Sykes gets an offer.

  • Tim

    I don't know why people are so high on Sykes here. He has no high major offers. I guess we can hope he is a steal. I know recruiting rankings are not everything but an offer list is an offer list. If he has no high major offers that has to be a sign.

  • Brick93

    I'm not sold on Sykes yet. We're in on some really good 2011 players so it wouldn't hurt to save the ship. I have to trust the coach. If he thinks he's good enough for an offer, it's his decision. Beilein knows what he wants and has an eye for talent. He's also not one to waste a scholarship.

  • eddieben

    Losing Trey and having a couple open holes on the staff, make choosing in-state assistant coaches an imperative priority for Beilein. Perhaps grabbing a solid coach with in-state roots is more vital than blowing the scholly on Sykes, in the hopes that we can nab one of the bigger in-state recruits next year.

  • Matt_Varney

    I think we are gettin too caught up in Trey Zeigler. We are treating him as if he's the savior for Michigan basketball. I just hope all this talk about Zeigler really lights a fire under Hardaway Jr.'s ass and he comes to play. I think everyone saying, “we needed Trey Zeigler” will only fuel Tim's fire and we could see a lot out of this young man. Hell, Zeigler may be garbage in college.

  • Wayman Britt

    Matt- you may be right, Trey may not be that good in college, but usually the top 30 players in the nation turn out to be very good college and even pro players. What's big about not getting Trey, is it's a continuing blow to UM over the last 12 years where we lose out to the cream of the crop basketball players in the state.

  • SamGoBlue

    OK, well let me be the first to predict what the starting lineup will now be now that we basically know who will be on the roster:

    1. Darius Morris
    2. Stu Douglass
    3. Zack Novak
    4. Jordan Morgan/Evan Smotrycz
    5. Blake McLimans

    I would be willing to bet anyone on 1-3 and 5. As for the four spot, we'll just have to see how Metrics adapts.

  • The Yooper

    Sykes was very rough around the edges, but IMO he was a vastly superior athlete to Zeigler and Sykes was a good slasher as well. Considering Beilein is a shooting coach, I could imagine him working wonders with Sykes.
    And if they decide to not offer Sykes and wait for 2010, that's fine with me as well. I just think Sykes has some massive potential, although potential only sometimes works out.

  • GrandChamp


  • alyzen

    I wouldn't mind seeing Sykes come in, either — beyond just the slashing ability, I really liked his passing in the videos that were posted. He looked like he had a great feel for driving and dishing the ball, and also made really good looks up the court, which would be great for the fast break game Beilein seems to want to encourage.

  • The Yooper

    Yeah he's really unselfish with the ball and is a great passer. The two big negatives I think are the lack of shooting and poor defense. (Although that very well may be because nobody plays defense in the detroit PSL and I'm sure thats coachable)

  • alyzen

    This is really just sour grapes, and also me looking for reasons to feel better about this, but watching Zeigler's videos always gave me a bit of a bad feeling about the kid's attitude. Just didn't really get a good vibe from him. And with all this talk about the importance of “buy-in” and “chemistry,” maybe it's for the best that we're just getting kids that really want to be part of this program.

    That being said…*sigh*

  • jblair52

    McCallum is hardly an in-state recruit. Yes, he's physically an in-state guy but he's only been in Michigan for what, 2 years? And even so, he's been all over following his Dad – more recently he went from Oklahoma to Indiana then to Michigan. He's no more of a “Michigan instate recruit” in my eyes than Brandon Knight or LeBron James. And all that aside, if we lost him to an in-state school…it'd be to his DAD sooo yeah.

  • Brick93

    He does have potential. I was impressed with his passing ability and athleticism in the game I saw. I can tell who the best kids on the floor are when I watch a game but have no idea who is offer worthy and who is not. I thought Zeigler and Sykes looked pretty comparable. That's why I have to trust the coach. I think we have options at the three spot so if Beilein offers Sykes, he must really like him.

  • Brick93

    Morgan is a center.

    Darius, Stu and Novak are starting for sure. I think the other two spots are open depending on who plays well when practice starts. If Horford is in play for some minutes, I wouldn't be surprised if they moved Blake to the 4. I thought that was where they wanted him originally with Cronin and Morgan at center. I think the injuries forced his move to center.

    I'm going with experience to start the season


    Second team


  • beast1530

    Actually, if you switch Morgan and McLimans, that'd be the starting lineup. McLimans is more of a 4 and Morgan is more of a 5. Smotrycz is certainly going to play due to the lack of depth in the frontcourt.

    Novak going to the 3 will help his shooting IMO because he is tired as a result of having to guard bigger players down low.

  • Wes D.

    We shouldn't blame the kid for wanting to play for his dad. I'm sure if we (UM Fans) were in the same boat. We probably would do the same thing.

  • MusketRebellion
  • GregGoBlue

    As much as I like Sykes' game, I don't think we can afford to gamble on ANOTHER project recruit. We've already got Horford in this class, who, IMO is a major project and won't see the court for several years. In the class before him we've got McLimans (project), and Morgan (project). We need high caliber, proven talent and there's plenty of that available in 2011 that already has an interest in Michigan.

  • SamGoBlue

    Just to let you guys know, Blake McLimans will be starting the 5 next year, no ifs, ands, or buts about it. McLimans has practiced the 5 all season long according to all the coaches and has made great strides (as evidenced by his MIP award). Think about Beilein's WVU teams with Pittsnogle. Pittsnogle was a 5 who could step back and stroke, exactly what I envision McLimans to become.

  • GrandChamp

    My father would want me to do what was best for me, and Trey going to Central is no way the best choice for him. I can see Ray going to UofD since they are actually gonna be very good next year.

  • zrl

    The thing that confuses me about sons playing for their fathers is that college is supposed to be about learning independence, not hanging out with your dad for 40 hours a week. I understand it for marginal players who would have no other opportunities to play high-major ball, but the decisions of Ray and Trey really confound me, and this is coming from someone who has a very good relationship with his father. To each his own, I guess.

  • Billiam

    I'll agree with the 1-3 but I think that Smot is better than Morgan and we put McLimans at Center and Smot at the 4. McLimans is supposed to be gaining strength and I wouldn't be surprised to see him at 235 next year, Sims' old weight. Add to that the fact that McLimans is 6-10 and he's playing center. Also, I'm not sure if Horford isn't going to be red-shirted, so I think we're going to have to move McLimans to 5 to have him help Morgan play center.

  • AG2

    In other news, Ekpe Udoh has declared for the draft and will sign with an agent. No surprise.

  • Brick93

    I moved McLimans to the four so we could go two deep there. Morgan and Horford are only centers so I can see us moving McLimans to the four so that we don't have to play Novak there anymore. If McLimans starts at the 5, Novak will probably have to play some four again next year. It could happen but that would probably mean big minutes for Smotrycz and who knows how fast he will pick up the offense. Morgan has been learning it for a year so he may be more ready to start the season.

  • As someone who gets along fine with his father, I also assumed that most recruits would rather not play for a team coached by their father. What I was wondering is if Trey feels like he has to play for his dad, in order to help him keep his job or allow his dad to be even more successful and eventually move on to coach a major program?
    Also, why is Tim Hardaway Jr a SG and not a Wing, since he is the same height as Manny Harris?

  • Bergs

    Hardaway is listed anywhere from 6'3″ to 6'5″ and it seems like he's on the lower end of that scale- so a little bit shorter than Manny. Also, he's more of a jump shooter than a slasher, which is why he is at the 2 guard spot.

  • Bergs

    Though this sucks, I think most people assumed it was going to go down like this. I think the big thing for this coming season is to show potential and promise in our team. It will show to other recruits that we are taking the right steps and that they are the key to getting us over the hump (although I think Amaker used this pitch a lot…). Just picture us landing Brundidge, Williams and Katenda/Crider/Days. A class like that would certainly be giving lots of people amnesia when it comes to the name Trey Zeigler.

  • junderground

    We won't win more than 12 games next year.
    We'll average 50 points or less per game, and no player will average more than 12 per game.

  • fresh

    i read that mclimans already is in the low 230s and expects to be playing at 245 next season

  • umquasi

    I'm a little more optimistic than that for next year. I'm not going to make a firm prediction, but I could actually see this team surprising some people and having a decent season.

    This will be our first chance to have a true Beilein-style group of players. True, we don't have star players, but he didn't have those at WVU either.

    I think most people are down on next year's team because we will be extremely reliant on outside shooting (even more than we have been) and given this year's shooting numbers, that's not a good thing. We have to consider that next year will be the first time in a while that players will be in their natural positions. Last year, at times, we had as many as 4 of 5 players playing out of position. That can have a big impact on shooting from a comfort standpoint, and in Novak's case, a fatigue standpoint. Next year, the players will be more comfortable and I expect to see a big improvement in our shooting numbers. I wouldn't be surprised to see Douglass & Novak shooting close to 40% from 3. So, we'll say that I'm cautiously optimistic

  • fresh

    it will be interesting to see how they create shots this next season, maybe more importantly is the hope that they play great defense, so that if their offense is struggling they still may remain in games with intense defense

  • Zeid

    I tend to wonder if Stu is going to start next year. I think he did a good job being the backup point guard last year. I wonder if he might come off the bench simply because he needs to play backup PG. If Stu starts and plays the backup PG then the substitution patterns become awkward. On the other hand, if LLP can step up and provide quality minutes at PG, then there is no issue.

    Sam Webb mentioned today that Sykes might have some academic issues and that his transcripts might be the thing that really starts (or stops) his recruitment. You can count me in the crowd of people that would prefer to bank the scholarship for 2011. Crider, Days, and Katenda seem like interesting prospects.

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  • maxwells_demon

    Nobody has any idea how good we will be next year. McLimans, Morgan, Smotrycz, and Hardaway are all big ?s. If we can get solid minutes out of the first 3, I think we are in decent shape next year. We definitely lack a true scorer but on the whole we might have better pieces to Beilein's scheme than we've had yet.

  • jjj

    we'll see, I bet we get to the tourney.

  • Billiam

    If Stu is the back-up PG then do you move Hardaway to starting 2? You're giving up some experience, or do you move LLP to 2 and not have as good of a shot? I think we'll see Dougless moving between both the 1 and 2, d

  • Billiam

    If Stu is the back-up PG then do you move Hardaway to starting 2? You're giving up some experience, or do you move LLP to 2 and not have as good of a shot? I think we'll see Dougless moving between both the 1 and 2, d

  • The Yooper

    Am I the only one who is kind of wishing we didn't offer Horford? I would love to have Horford turn out amazing but I just have a gut feeling that he is going to tank.

  • Dukesfriend

    At least he didn't go to UofM. That makes me very happy.

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