Monday Links

Dylan Burkhardt

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  • Giddings

    Didn’t read the article, but it seems clear that JB will wait on Trey’s decision to decide whether to offer Sykes – which I think is the right move.

  • Drew

    Can’t tell you how much of a smile it brings to my face that Raymar didn’t get invited. Everything about that dude over the last four years has irritated me to no end. He constantly fails to show up in big games, yet my clueless Spartan-fan friends talk him up so much.

  • Brad

    David Kool earned that invite to Portsmouth. It was absolutely the right call to invite him over Morgan…

  • Conrad

    i thoroughly enjoy watching MSU choking in the final 4 again this year. i root for the entire big 10 EXCEPT michigan st. everything good that comes out of their program directly makes it harder for beilein. i hope they lose every game by 30. as for tonight, i hope butler can pull it off in their hometown. i just want to watch a close game. gordon hayward may be my new favorite player

  • Kool was invited because he was a conference player of the year, whereas Morgan is a chronic underachiever.