Manny Harris Presser Scheduled for Monday

Dylan Burkhardt
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Manny Harris and John Beilein will address the media Monday morning at 11 am. Harris is expected to forgo his senior year of eligibility and enter his name into the NBA draft. It also sounds like Harris is leaning toward hiring an agent, which would make him ineligible to return to the program if he wanted to withdraw from the draft.

Michigan recruiting target Trey Zeigler recently addressed rumors that Harris may be entering the draft in an interview with the Detroit News:

“I would rather have him stay but it won’t influence me one way or another. Not at all,” Zeigler said of Harris. “Michigan still has a good nucleus and coach (John) Beilein has a good team coming back.”

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  • Wow if he signs with an agent it’s all over. I wonder if he still is going to class, that would also be a telltale sign that he isn’t even considering withdrawing from the draft.

    I thought he would take a look at his chances first, but apparently not.

  • AG2

    Sigh, Manny’s leaving the program. The final four could be MSU, Beilein’s old team, Ekpe Udoh, and Butler.

    We really need big time impact from next year’s recruiting class, no matter who the 4th guy ends up being.

  • Sombrero

    Didn’t know the NCAA had a draft.

    I hope he doesn’t leave. That makes me sad.

  • Brian W

    Good luck to Manny. Hope he’s on an NBA roster next year.

    If you’re curious, Jordan Morgan is still wearing a sling for his arm. Morgan, Darius, Stu and some others watched the women’s team smoke Syracuse today. The women’s team plays in the final four game for the WNIT on Wednesday at Crisler.

    Marshall Plumlee is playing on an international team. I don’t remember if Dylan mentioned this already or not, so I’ll post the link to the story:

  • AG2

    Congrats to the Women’s team for making it this far in the WNIT.

    Baylor is disgraceful. Allowing 22 offensive rebounds? I don’t care if this is the biggest Duke team in a long time, Baylor isn’t exactly tiny. I especially loved how Duke made them pay with 3s each time down the stretch.

    To be honest, I don’t think Baylor plays much like a team. Scott Drew is definitely being out coached today. Coach K has got his guys well positioned every time.

  • gpsimms

    It makes me sad to see Manny go, I hope everything works out for him. He and Peedi are two of my all time favorites, and hope when M hoops are officially “back” theirs are the first two names people think of.

    Tweeter, as to our discussion re: Manny earlier, I wasn’t suggesting Manny had a great year, or wasn’t at all to blame for the team’s struggles. In fact, I was suggesting part of the problem is that his game is that of a helper, yet he was on a team where he was forced to be the star.

    I feel for Manny like I did for Horton sometimes. Imagine how good Manny would be on a team where he was not the only scoring threat (well, it’s not fair to DeShawn to say ‘only’ but you get my point).

  • gpsimms

    Oops. Forgot to restate my point from the previous thread:

    Manny was our best player, and while I agree he wasn’t always playing well, and may or may not have been the best leader anyone who says something along the lines of “good riddance” which is what that jk dude said, is seriously misinformed about Michigan basketball.

  • jk

    I never said “good riddance” at all by any means. Maybe what I said was misunderstood- dont get me wrong, I love manny, but I just don’t think it will be as big of an impact as some people think it will be without him. I wish him the best of luck and anyone who thought that I actually wanted him gone was wrong. Sorry for not being clear.

  • Someone over at mgoblog just asserted Izzo has been to the Final Four six times in twelve years–is that true? That would be an unparalleled level of achievement, wouldn’t it?

    Some of Zeigler’s quotes make him sound very interested in Michigan. Either he is the consummate diplomat or. . .

  • Tweeter

    Yea I understood where you were coming from gpsimms. I agree that people who say good riddance or that the team is better off without Manny are just silly. Even though it could happen that the team will be better next year, there is still no doubt that they could use Manny.

    I was just commenting on your last statement that questioning Manny’s play or unselfishness is the same as questioning his leadership or attitude. I thought he was a tremendous team player throughout his career but that he seemed to lack the leadership ability that this team missed (or maybe he just didnt want to be a leader, in which case that’s fine, but the team really needed him to be that leader). And there is no doubt that his attitude was not the greatest as evidenced by his multiple benchings and suspension.

    I wish him the best in the future regardless of what happens with his basketball career. I wanted him to stay but I’m not gonna question him for leaving.

  • other steve

    mattski that is true. 6 Final Fours in 12 years. Izzo, Wooden, and Coach K are the only ones to do it. I do believe Izzo is the best college basketball coach in the country and it really isn’t close. No other team is as consistent as MSU (especially in March Madness). I don’t like State but I have mad respect for their performance.

  • Tweeter

    MAttski, that is true. And while it is certainly the best over that time period (the last twelve seasons), it is not unparalleled. Duke went to 6 final fours in 7 years and 7 in 9 years back from ’86 to ’94. Im sure there are some other times as well, including UCLA winning like 8 titles in 9 years or whatever.

  • Tweeter

    ahh, beat to the punch.

  • Brick

    Anyone know if Manny or Coach Beilein will be answering any questions. I’m curious as to how they would answer the question of why someone would declare early when they are not projected to make an NBA roster. Leaning towards hiring an agent makes no sense. Is someone in his ear telling him that all of the scouts are wrong and he will go first round? If he doesn’t make a roster next year, this will be widely regarded as a huge mistake. Marcus Taylor anyone?

  • Jeff

    Brick, declaring as a junior is a lot different than declaring as a sophomore. If you’re not considered a 1st-rounder by your junior year, you’re not that likely to become one by coming back for one more year. If you’re not a 1st-rounder, making a roster becomes a crapshoot. I think a lot of players declare as juniors because they don’t think they’ll improve their stock by coming back one year. Personally, I think he could benefit from coming back one more year, but I don’t think it’s a huge mistake if he leaves this year.

  • intrpdtrvlr

    Mattski, I think TZ is THE ultimate diplomat. All his interviews have that feel. He’s very media/recruiting savvy and I think that’s largely why the recruiting world is so in the dark about his intentions.

    I don’t think I’d read into his thoughts on UM too much one way or the other from that piece.

  • JB

    Trey would definitely have to fight for playing time at MSU from day 1. He wouldn’t start over Lucas or Summers, and maybe not over chris allen either. Keith Appling would be right there competing with him for playing time. With Manny leaving, he could be the man from day 1 at Michigan.

    FWIW, I think state’s previous two wins speak volumes about the extent of kalin lucas’s supporting cast’s superiority to manny’s.

    When did Izzo get this reputation as a class act? didn’t he give zach randolph a scholarship knowing that he had been arrested for selling guns to minors in high school? i know there are way bigger dirtbags coaching…just saying

  • michigan hoops 4eva

    Zeigler has an interesting decision coming up. Each of the schools has something to offer, but at Michigan, with Manny out the door, Zeigler has the opportunity to be a star right away…

    Honestly, as long as he doesn’t choose MSU, I won’t be too crushed.

  • intrpdtrvlr

    When talking MSU and character, people usually mention (even in the mainstream press) that Randolph was Izzo’s one big risk. I believe he kept pretty clean in his one year at MSU. Beyond that, Izzo’s been a pretty great ambassador for basketball in the state of MI. I don’t think many close to the programs would dispute that.

    Like JB says, TZ would have to fight hard for PT his freshman year. However, with Lucas, Summers, and Allen all gone in 2011 and Appling playing some PG, there are probably two starting wing spots for the taking if Zeigler can earn them.

  • AG2

    First, I don’t know if you can safely say that Summers is coming back next year. Second, I still think its possible that Zeigler and McCollum will team up and head to the Pac-10.

    That being said, I really think Beilein needs to prove he can not just recruit blue chip talent, but get them to choose Michigan OVER other schools.

  • Sam

    Well, I’m not going to comment too much on Izzo’s reputation as a class act, but I do remember hearing that when Deshawn Sims decided he would be going to Michigan and called Izzo to let him know before he declared, it is rumored that Izzo ripped Peedi quite a bit over the phone, saying that he wouldn’t have wasted his time recruiting him if he knew he was going to end up at Michigan the whole time. I guess take that for what it is worth, but I think there are better people in the world.

    As for Manny, I’ll be interested to see what he says about hiring an agent. By holding a press conference to announce, it worries me that he is good as gone. I would think that if he were leaving his options open and not hiring an agent right away that he wouldn’t hold a press conference, but let’s hope I’m wrong.

  • intrpdtrvlr

    Yeah, Sam, I dunno. I’ve heard that “rumor” but I have to believe it’s just that. I know it’s an attractive thing to believe if you want extra reason to dislike Izzo but I have a feeling it didn’t happen like that at all.
    Try this:

    “Before tip-off tonight, as Crisler Arena rocks with Michigan and Michigan State fans, MSU coach Tom Izzo probably will look over at U-M forward DeShawn Sims and …”He always winks at me before every game,” said Sims, who was recruited heavily by Izzo. “We even tell each other we love each other.”

    Sound like two guys with deep running hard feelings?

  • gpsimms

    my $.02: I respect Izzo. He’s winning, and as far as I know, he is doing it the right way.

    That is the reason it doesn’t kill me when Sparty wins in hoops like it does in football. Their football program is, and has always been, a joke. They have always had some combination of stupid/douchey/made of questionable moral fiber/etc. as a head coach.

  • JB

    AG2 – I didn’t mean to imply it’s either michigan or msu for zeigler. I think it’s very likely he heads west. all of his finalists offer something different to him. i hope you’re right about summers, but i think he’ll be back. manny is way better and there’s a good chance he won’t get drafted…but not being good enough didn’t stop marcus taylor and a lot of others…

  • lansingrage

    sweet lou, daniel horton , deon harris
    Who’s the next guy ?
    Has anyone watched tape on hardaway? could he be our next star?

  • AG2

    1 minute left. Michigan on the man advantage. 2-2 tie with the Frozen Four on the line. Go blue!

  • gpsimms

    well…hopefully they come out with fresher legs in OT. miami dominated the last 10 minutes

  • Tweeter

    yea that third period was brutal. It only takes one good chance now though.

  • gpsimms

    well we’re outshooting them in OT. also, outscoring them 1-0 in “sudden death” yay college hockey refs.

  • Wow, this match is makin’ a hockey fan outa me.

  • AG2

    Yep. We just can’t catch a freaking break.

  • Tweeter

    UM has been screwed by the quick whistle all year. I think it has cost them three games this season. Unbelievable. Not to mention, if the whistle had been like that on MU’s second goal, it would not have counted. Just cant catch a break.

  • gpsimms

    three games this year, and what, three more the year before? at least three: msu, osu, nd. i wonder if any other fan feels as screwed as the m hockey fan in the past two years*.

    *-not saying the reffing is good for anyone. it just ‘feels’ like we must be more unlucky about crappy calls in recent history then other schools. but again, that is why i would like to hear from some fans of other teams on this. college hockey refs are terrible across the board and have screwed many teams over the years.

  • AG2

    Well, the refs cost us this one. No doubt about that. I’m disgusted. They missed a lot of Miami penalties, too.

  • gpsimms

    i suppose i should satisfied. it was an incredible improbable run. but what a fitting finish to 2009-2010. the kids play their hearts out, and the refs take it away.

  • Tweeter

    UM better win in football next season cause I just cant take anymore of getting my heart ripped out. I really thought that I would be ok with whatever result after UM made the run to the post-season, but the way that this game went down just kills me. I seriously feel like crying right now.

  • gpsimms

    you and me both. and now i have to START homework

  • GrandChamp

    Well he wouldn’t schedule a press conference to say that he is staying. Here’s to hoping that he didn’t/doesn’t sign with an agent. I wonder if going pro was even an option for him before having that big 2nd half against OSU.