Manny Harris Likely Leaving, Will Announce Plans on Monday

Dylan Burkhardt

Rumors have been swirling that Manny Harris has decided to enter the NBA draft. At this point nothing is official however Harris gave this quote to Terry Foster of the Detroit News when asked if he was declaring:

“How did you find that out?” he said. “I will get back to you later on that.”

He told the Michigan Daily that he would make his decision on Monday:

“I’m going to make my decision on Monday,” Harris told The Daily this afternoon in a phone interview.

Obviously most signs point toward Harris entering the draft. The real question, is whether he plans to sign an agent. Signing an agent would rule out any potential withdrawal from the draft.

DraftExpress has Harris slotted as a late second round pick, they also have a lengthy scouting report that is very well done.

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  • michigan hoops 4eva

    I’d like to think that Manny will just test the process. Odds of him being a first round draft pick are very slim…there’s still hope that he’llcome back.

  • South Florida Maize Rage

    Detroit News is reporting he’s a goner. Think this sways Trey Ziegler at all now with the prospecting of picking up Manny’s PT?

  • gpsimms

    trey zeigler has said he’d rather manny stay.

  • South Florida Maize Rage

    Well, that’s not good…

  • Whether Manny stays or leaves it should not change Beilein’s recruiting strategy. Put on a full court press to get Zeigler. He is the man.

    If Zeigler chooses UCLA instead – it would hurt, but then offer Sykes but don’t take them both. Save a scholarship for next year when we have some very good players looking to play in Ann Arbor.

  • TomThrice

    There is no way he’ll be a first rounder with his inconstant jumper and he might not even get drafted at all. We’ll have to wait to see if he gets an agent.

  • Jon Antonides

    What’s it all about, Alfie?

  • tom

    I hope to God he doesn’t leave. The sad part is, there’s not really much reason for him to go. The school won’t get that much national air time, but people already have him on their radar and will watch him. Belien’s also a great shooting coach, and Manny really needs shooting practice. Finally, it would be a year for him to show-case his talent now that his hammie isn’t hurt. I don’t know why he would go, other than the fact that he is dissapointed with their performance last year.

  • With the commitment of Horford, if championships were given out for having the most sons of former NBA players we would be a winner.

  • tom

    With Harris left this makes things a bit more interesting. Do we take both Zeigler and Sykes if they both want to come here? My answer: no, but free to disagree.

  • Tweeter

    Tom, as Wayman, myself, and many others have said, Manny leaving or not leaving does not change anything. The scholarship situation remains unchanged except for the fact that one of the walkons could conceivably get a one year scholly for next season. Other than that, we still only have two to use over the next two seasons.

    Use one on Z or Sykes, one on a big or Gilchrist in 2011. If we had no shot at one of those guys in 2011, I would say get both Z and Sykes. But knowing that we are in a pretty good spot with both Plumlee and Williams, I think you gotta hold a spot for one of them. If you do end up losing out on those guys, then maybe Crider will be there still if you really want another wing.

  • gpsimms

    man, it annoys me the way brian always brings up beilein and manny’s “antagonistic” relationship over on mgoblog.

    his evidence for this:

    manny got benched in the iowa game a year ago.

    manny had an altercation with a teammate in practice and beilein benchd him, hence manny does not like beilein?

  • fresh

    whatever happens manny had a great game against ohio state and single handedly almost won them the game so bad if he goes he had to end his UM career like that same with deshawn……………..i think manny likes beilein…..if he didnt he probably would have transfered long ago…..the kid played for the man 3 years

  • fresh

    always will be a huge manny supporter…….thank you sir

  • gpsimms

    that’s part of the thing that makes this year so sad. i love manny and deshawn. if we had just been ok this year, and squeeked into the dance, then manny, peedi, CJ, dave, shep, novak, stu, all these guys (who i love way more than any M team since the fab 5) could have forever gone down as the guys who put M hoops back on the map.

    now. their last season was bad. they left. if we succeed, it will be beilein’s legacy, more than manny’s or peedi’s.

  • gpsimms

    man, it annoys me the way turner keeps losing control of the ball, but every loose ball finds its way back into his hands…

    in other news though, does anybody think trey looks like a future evan turner type? (i say this as turner turns itover a million times and loses the game…but you know what i mean)

    like, there are smooth type athletes and explosive type.

    like the smooth type is the vince young/terelle pryor mold who runs by people without even looking fast. i put trey and turner in that category. magic johnson was smooth.

    explosive type looks fast, but look like they have to try hard to go fast. think manny, sykes, brandon minor etc.

  • Tweeter

    stupid buckeyes cost me my pool. Guess its my own fault for believing in em. Seemed like Turner took a page out of the Manny Harris book on ball handling tonight. He lost the ball several times while trying to dribble thru the entire Tennessee defense, one of those time on a key last minute possession.

  • Brian W

    gpsimms, I wouldn’t worry about Brian from Mgoblog when he was analyzes basketball. He was pretty one dimensional in his assessments when he was on the radio and talking about things other than Michigan football… Manny had said that he always wanted to leave when Deshawn left. There could be several factors for wanting to leave (not wanting to go to class, wanting to get paid, impending NBA lockout after 2010-11, etc.). I’d like him to stay, but it’s his decision. I wish him well.

    After watching Sykes play today, I’m not quite as sold on him as I was after seeing Dylan’s video from earlier in the week. I’d like to try to get Zeigler first and have Sykes as plan B. Sykes is a good passer and has good vision, but some of his drives were wild layups that had no chance to go in. He didn’t even look at the rim for jumpshot when his man was way off him. Beilein might be able to teach him the stop-and-pop instead of the wild layup, I suppose.

    Lost in all of the Manny talk is that we still go Horford today. Glad he’s in the class. The skill of Smotrycz, Hardaway and Horford will be nice to see.

  • michigan fan

    I cannot see Manny playing in the NBA at this time. I must be missing something. Average shot, below average ball handling skills, lazy at times playing defense. These are all things he can improve on. I hope he stays but if he doesn’t, it will be interesting to see what happens with Manny.

  • Brian W

    I agree with you. He’s not ready. He needed to work on his game. He may have people around him that he should go or just has an overestimation of how things went. The NBA is his dream, so he evidently wants to go for it. He could find himself overseas or in the D-league, hoping for a 10-day contract.

  • Brian W

    Anyone else notice that neither Evan Turner or OSU’s coach shook hands with Tennessee after the game? Not really surprised considering the way OSU’s coach acted at the end of the UM-OSU game in the Big Ten Tourney.

    Hopefully Purdue can win their game with Duke tonight.

    It’s bittersweet seeing Udoh play and think of what might have been. I think Baylor will be playing in the Final Four.

    Looks like I left out a word earlier… Manny may have friends/family/others telling him to go pro. I’d hope that he’s just testing the waters on his draft status. We’ll find out for sure on Monday.

  • Tweeter

    Brian I thought I saw that too. I certainly saw Turner just take off as soon as the game was over. To me its not that big of a deal, as long as they go shake hands in the lockerrooms or whatever. But if they do nothing, that is pretty classless.

  • gpsimms

    lol @ duke purdue. what an ugly game. (which is good for purdue)

  • Turner is a sloppy ball-handler, as I noted the first time we played them.

    I think a big consideration for Manny could just be fun. Would it really be such a pleasure to come back and play on a losing squad next year? I don’t think most of the players enjoyed themselves so much this year. Why put yourself through that again when you could be making money? It may not be that he’s overestimating himself at all. Maybe he’s just ready for something new. Also, you could construct an argument that Europe would be better for his development than another year at UM. Add the possibility of getting injured. . .

  • AG2

    One less banner going up in Value City Arena. MSU closed the gap by the first tv timeout, wow.

    If Manny leaves, then its probably because he thinks Beilen can’t fix his shot. After this year I’m not sure you could blame him I’m afraid.

  • Brian W

    Northern Iowa’s success isn’t going to make it easier for the University of Iowa to make their basketball team respectable. The coach that replaces Lickliter will have his hands full.

  • Giddings

    If Peedi was still going to be around next year, Manny would be back in a heartbeat. Those guys are inseparable…

    I’d love to have Manny back, but if he leaves then I’m excited to see the way the team plays next year. It will force guys to step up, it will solidify Novak and Morris as the team’s leaders, and it will lower expectations – hopefully giving the guys motivation to work extra hard. We will start to see real Beilein Ball in action.

  • Is crashing the boards a lost art, or has the strategy just changed in the era of the 3-pointer, when the ball is more likely to come out farther? Have found myself wondering this a number of times this season.

  • Brian W

    Giddings, good call on “forcing others to step up.” I could see Stu and Darius raising their games next year. I thought it was a good sign to see five of the guys hanging out at the women’s game last night. That can help build trust and camaradarie. I’m hoping it leads to players working out and playing ball more over the summer. I was encouraged when I heard that coaches were showing players how to run their own practices in the offseason. I can see Novak and Morris leading those. The incoming freshman may see more opportunity to play and work harder. We’ll see.

    I’m so tired of airline baggage handler commercial that’s been shown adnauseum during the tourney.

  • Mstt

    If you send guys to crash the boards on a 3, you’re running the risk of a runout.

  • Bergs

    All I have to say is…Ernest Shazor.

  • EchoWhiskey

    Best of luck to him either way. Of course I wish he would stay, but I will root for him no matter what.

  • Merlin

    We will start to build for the future but next year is going to be very painful.

  • sven

    We are going to be a very bad team with or without him.

  • Alex

    Conventional wisdom says that we won’t be good next year. One thing I know: this team is far from conventional. We won’t know how good the team will be until we know who the personnel will be in full and until we actually see them play on the court after an off season of training.

    I wish Fresh the best of luck either way. He certainly helped us out a heck of a lot last year and many times this year.

    Here’s to the future.

  • Just watched Horford again. Plays a really deliberate, thoughtful game. I don’t see much to fault in his size and bulk at this stage for an 18-year-old.

    Michigan will not be good next year, but if we can see them growing through the year. . . I love that our D was so good this year through the hard times, and hope that can become a trademark of Beilein’s teams (wasn’t aware of that when he came in). With our terrible shooting, think how bad some of those games could have been. . .

    One thing that was cool about Cornell was how they seemed to effortlessly change up on D sometimes. Would love to see these guys go from man to trad. zone coverage to the 1-3-1 over three successive trips downcourt, and blow some minds. And I’m hoping the day comes when we can beat MSU with a finesse 3 pt. team. THAT would be a triumph of good over evil.

  • JimC

    I’ll hate sparty even more if

    1) They land Trey, as the gigantic talent-sucking force around here.
    2) They make the final 4, and Detroit sports talk radio stations gush all over Tom Izzo for another week.
    3) They get past Tenn, giving points to the other people in my pool.
    4) What the heck, i think i hate them more for no reason at all.

  • maxwell’s demon

    Wouldn’t it be too late to offer Sykes if we find out that Trey is going elsewhere on signing day?

  • Bluebufoon

    I bet Beilein has a pretty good idea what Zeigler is going to do
    and U-M is planning accordingly.

  • Beast1530

    I think Turner is overrated as a NBA prospect. He lacks the explosiveness and the shooting to become a successful player. He doesn’t get to the spots whenever he wanted to.

    The talks of Turner at #1 overall is silly IMO. John Wall is the real deal and is a much better athlete than Turner. John Wall’s upside is huge and is already better than Derrick Rose at the same stage. He reminds me of a cross of Rose and Rondo which is a good comparison IMO.

  • Jay

    All this “Manny isn’t ready” crap is absurd. This is coming from the same people who say WVU hasnt been better since Belein left, and laughed when Ekpe transferred to Baylor. All bias opinions! Manny is ready, but he could use the extra year also. It’s almost like Josh Howard situation when leaving Wake Forest. He came back his senior year, became the ACC POY and went as the last pick in the first round I believe. How much will this year help him draftwise? What if he tails off like this year, it could hurt him more actually since he will be the guy next year…if the team bombs, his stock also bombs…is that a risk worth taking?

  • Jay

    Also Evan Turner is one of the most complete ballplayers i’ve seen in a while. He hasnt reached his peak in any parts of his game, which means he can only get better. He reminds me of Paul Pierce (not the most explosive, slow methodical play but efficient), but without the consistent jump shot.

  • KDavis

    ESPN is already reporting
    (via Det News) that Manny
    is declaring for the draft.

  • jmblue

    The big question is, will he sign with an agent or not? If he doesn’t, he could return.

  • lansingrage

    Manny would be back if .

    1) we had any chance of making a tourney run

    2) we had a legitimate post presence

    3) Their was any team chemistry what so ever to look forward to .

    Bottom line we will finish 10th in the big ten next year and hopefully the boosters will break out some cash and go after a top flight recruiting coach with fire!!!!1

  • Bergs

    (Directed at Jay) I don’t hear anyone here arguing West Virginia hasn’t been better since Belein left. That’s what’s expected when you go from a niche coach like Belein to a proven coach like Huggins. As for the Ekpe comparison, there is a world of difference between an unproven 3-star recruit transferring to a school with a poor basketball track record to a very good, not great, player with a fair amount of blemishes forgoing his senior season to attempt to enter a league already overstocked with 2 guards.
    Although the prospect of him returning brings up the risk of injury, I would argue that entering now when most people have him pegged as a late second rounder to undrafted is even riskier. The NBA is continuing to grow into a huge high risk, high reward league and little time is spent trying to correct the flaws of a second round draft pick. He may as well stay this year, continuing to be the star of a poor team, and work on his jumper, defense, and control and improve his draft stock into, at the least, a solid second round pick. Either way, it’s not as though he can’t go embarrass the Paul Shirleys of this world overseas. That being said, whatever he chooses I wish him the best and I certainly will miss him.
    As for giving up on Belein, I don’t think we should call it quits just yet. Give him a few years with his own recruits in place and see what he can do. He’s not the type of coach to take you far in the dance, but he at least makes your program appealing to those coaches who can take you to that next level.