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Dylan Burkhardt


Jerry Dunn and UNCW

Michigan assistant coach Jerry Dunn is a finalist for the UNC-Wilmington head coaching position. The other candidates are Ed Conroy (The Citadel), Dave Odom, and Mike Lonergan. According to The Star News, Dunn, Conroy, and Odom have all met with athletic director Kelly Mehrtens.

Dunn took a leave on absence this season before returning to the team as an administrative assistant.  The reasons for Dunn’s departure are unclear and not public knowledge. Former administrative assistant Jeff Meyer assumed Dunn’s roles and continued to act as assistant coach once Dunn arrived. Meyer was a longtime assistant coach, most recently with Indiana (06-08), Missouri (04-06), and Butler (01-04).

Judging by what transpired over the second half of the season, it seems unlikely that Dunn (a former head coach himself) would want to stay on the staff in an administrative role and a move to UNCW would certainly seem to be a good fit.

sykes4[1] CBRUN[1]
Isaiah Sykes and Carlton Brundidge will both be in action tonight

High School Hoops

Last weekend was filled with thrilling college games but today should be an extremely entertaining night on the high school level for Michigan’s state quarterfinals.

Detroit Denby wing Isaiah Sykes is rapidly rising up Michigan’s recruiting board and he will be in action at 5:30 PM at U of D’s Calihan Hall. Denby will be taking on Taylor Kennedy in the first game of a double header. Denby got this far by knocking off nationally ranked Pershing High and Mr. Basketball Keith Appling.

The second game features Michigan junior commitment Carlton Brundidge. Brundidge has led Southfield (20-5) on an improbable run through the state tournament and they will face a disciplined De La Salle (21-4) squad in the nightcap. Tickets are on sale here. Calvin will be covering the game for UMHoops and is planning to get some film of Sykes in action.

The other can’t miss game is Detroit Country Day vs. Flint Powers; the top 2 Class B teams in the state will face off at Brighton High School (7PM). Country Day features superstar point guard Ray McCallum and 2011 Michigan target Amir Williams while Powers features Patrick Lucas-Perry and 2012 Michigan target Javontae Hawkins.

You can find a full listing of quarterfinal games at the MHSAA official website.

Other Notes

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  • JBlair52

    I’ll be at 2012 recruit Kevin “Yogi” Ferrell’s state championship game this weekend in Indy.

    I’ll give ya’ll a little feedback.

    Weird question: But if Dunn leaves, who would be potential candidates to take his role? Could Jalen Rose come back?

  • I am not sure what the plans are for Dunn and Meyer. Perhaps Meyer stays as the 3rd assistant coach? He has the experience.

    I don’t see Jalen ever coming back. He’s got too good of a gig doing TV.

  • MaizeNBlue2

    I might be there as well, JBlair. If I do go, I’ll be getting video. Although, I decided that I might just stay home and record the games with my HD-PVR, since all the games are on cable in Indiana.

    I have to admit, it would be cool to go, as I’ve never been to the State basketball finals, but if my employer decides that they aren’t going to pay me to head up to Indy to get highlights of the 1A and 3A games (area teams playing in those games), then I might have to stay home this time. 2.5 hours each way is a haul, especially since I would stay to watch all four games if I made the trip.

  • JBlair52

    Yeah Maize – I havent gone since Chris Thomas lead Indianapolis Pike. Should be a good time though.

    1A has DeJuan Marrero for Bowman who, as a soph, already has offers from Cincy, Illinois, OSU, etc.

    2A has Yogi Ferrell who, as a soph, has offers from Butler, Purdue, and soon many others.

    3A has Zeller vs. Dawson who are both juniors and have offers from everbody and their brother. Dawson is currently a 5*, Zeller is a high 4*

    4A has Terone Johnson (Purdue commit) and two stud 6-3 SG sophomores that will be high D-1 against Warsaw lead by 5-9 PG junior Nic Moore who will probably end up in the MAC or Northwestern.

  • JBlair52

    Maize – you must be from Southern Indiana? Are those “area teams” Washington and Barr-Reeve?

    I’d like to know what Barr-Reeve has, if you’ve got anything on them. All the talk up north is about Bowman but I see Barr-Reeve had a great season and nearly beat Washington.

  • MaizeNBlue2

    Yeah, it’ll be fun to watch either way.

    I am from Southern Indiana. I’ve seen Barr-Reeve a couple of times this year, including Semi-State last week.

    They’ve got one really good player in Trey Hughes (the coaches son). He’s averaging over around 17 points and 5 assists a game. The other guy worth mentioning (just from looking over the roster) is Christian Duncheon. He’s averaging 13 point/5 boards a game.

    If you want to shoot me an e-mail, I’ll send you a link to their roster. If you click on the names, you can see the stats, etc from each game, as well as totals. I just don’t want to post it publicly on a web site, although it’s easily found with Google.

    As far as what I expect from the game. Everything I’ve read about Bownman has made them sound almost invincible. Then, I’ve also read that they looked that way last year when they got taken out of the tournament. I’d personally expect Barr Reeve to slow the game down. They’re obviously going to be “out-athleted.” As seems to almost always be the case in the finals when you take a Southern Indiana team to the State Finals.

    If BR doesn’t turn the ball over because of the pressure, and shoots a decent percentage, I can see them staying in the game and possibly pulling off a shocker, but in the few times I’ve seen them, I don’t know if they can take care of the ball against that kind of pressure.

    We’ll just have see what happens. Hopefully that link gives you something to look at though.

  • JRose

    MaizeNBlue2-I was at the Bowman-Monroe Central game…Bowman could compete in the 4A tourney. MC had some decent talent, but Bowman is loaded. The final score was 85-75, but Bowman controlled most of the way. You wouldn’t be from Southridge High would you?
    All 4 state championship games should be excellent ball!

  • MaizeNBlue2

    Yeah, I went to Southridge.

    Yeah, I’m looking forward to them. I’m still not sure whether I’ll be watching in person, or at home in front of the TV, but either way; I’ll be putting up some more video of Zeller and Ferrell.

  • Adam

    I was at the Blackhawk (my alma mater)-Bowman regionals championship game and I was impressed at how well Bowman worked together as a team despite having so much individual talent. Bowman was down at the end of the first quarter but seemed almost to ease up a bit while forcing turnovers down the stretch with their press. Blackhawk has 2 D-1 players and seemed overmatched for the majority of the game.

  • Bluebufoon

    Scout has a story up saying that Duke leads for a Junior, Center from Mississippi — wonder if this helps Michigan with Marshall Plumlee ?

    The more I read on Plumlee and look at the Duke roster I feel pretty good about U-M’s chances. Plus either way Plumlees is expected to make an early decision, so we won’t have to wait around on him.

  • JBlair52

    Plumlee’s family loves Beilein…we were VERY close to getting Mason but in the end, being close doesnt mean much

    Hopefully we’ll get Marshall and/or Williams and/or Washington – definitely some GREAT options for “bigs” in 2011

  • Halftime stats for Sykes: 6 points, 3 rebounds, 4 assists, 2 blocks.

    Denby leads by 4

  • From Mike Rothstein: 4:27 left in the fourth. Denby (Sykes) up 41-33. Sykes has 17, including a pretty nasty dunk.

    Calvin is there and will have an article on Sykes and Brundidge’s performances and then I’ll have the video edited late tonight. Lot’s of coverage for you guys so stay tuned.

  • Denby wins 47-37. Sykes finished with 19. They will play K-Zoo Central or Grand Haven on Friday at the Breslin.

  • Evan

    I heard sykes had about 7 steals in the second half too

  • Evan

    i think he finished with 19 and they won 47-37

  • Brian W

    Dylan, nice to hear. Sounds like Sykes’ ankle wasn’t bothering him. Looking forward to seeing the video.

    I’ll root for Kalamazoo Central to win over Grand Haven because of Devin Oliver, a U-M camper. Grand Haven has a nicer beach than Kalamazoo, though.

    Would love to see Bluebuffoon’s find (kid leaning towards Duke) turn into a commitment and take a big man spot for the Blue Devils. Plumlee would be a great addition for U-M.

  • Devin Oliver (Dayton) vs. Sykes would be a fun one. I’m headed up there so I’m certainly rooting for KZoo Central although I think they might be too much for Denby as a squad.

  • Brian W

    Dylan have fun at the game. If there are any underclassmen on Denby worth keeping an eye on, feel free to mention
    it. They must be more than just Sykes if they beat Pershing with Sykes on the bench for a lot of the game. Try not to catch Mad Cow disease at the Breslin. :)

  • Denby has a couple of seniors who are probably mid-major level players. Derrick Barden is a 6-foot-3 wing and Brandon Williams plays down on the block.

  • Quotes from Sykes over at The Wolverine

    “My coach told me not to think about it ? to stay focused,” said Sykes after noting his only thought was the state championship. “I’ve been getting calls from USC and LSU, but we’ve got to stay focused and hungry.”

    But Michigan, he said, is “home.”

    “That’s a good place to be,” he said. “[Manny Harris] said it’s a good school to go to. He said [John] Beilein likes guys that can penetrate and knock down shots, so I’ve got to work on my shot more.”

  • Brian W

    Nice. The last paragraph says a lot in regards to what how he thinks he fits and what he has to work on. It sounds like he’s not afraid to put in the work.

  • DCD leads Powers 19-18 at half. Jordan Dumars is there supporting his old team.

  • End of 3 in the Southfield game…
    11 pts, 5 reb, 2 asst and 2 passes that shouldve been
    SF leads 42-38. Brundidge stats: 11 pts, 5 reb, 2 asst

  • Good article by Dan Wetzel about the PSL. I was surprised to learn that only two D1 recruits last year and only 4 or 5 this year out of the PSL.

    I guess I will have to change my tune about recruiting the PSL, I didn’t know it has fallen so fast. To be honest it’s kind of sad.

  • Southfield knocks off De La Salle, 67-57. Brundidge finished with 17.

    Calvin’s game write up will be up later this evening and then video late tonight.

    Class A semis will be Friday, 1 p.m. & 2:50 p.m.:
    Ann Arbor Huron (22-4) vs. Southfield
    Kalamazoo Central (25-1) vs. Detroit Denby (16-9)

    Country Day also knocked off Powers and will be at the Class B semis.

  • South Florida Maize Rage

    I hope everyone gets a chance to read Dan Wetzel’s article on Southwestern and the PSL. Very sad what’s happened to that community and so many others.

  • AG2

    Watching this NIT game I really have to say not only is Andy Kennedy a terrible coach, he’s kindof a huge jerk as well.

  • Brian W

    Wayman & SFMR, thanks for pointing out the article on yahoo sports. The school system’s bankruptcy isn’t helping unfortunately. Not to get political… Hopefully, Dave Bing can the city going in the right direction and get the school system back in order.

  • Evan

    Good to see all our boys still playin. But unfortunatly I too think it ends here for sykes and brundidge. It was very cool to hear what sykes thought about michigan which make me really think that sykes may end up getting an offer which i would like. Sykes is a winner, he does all the little things he plays great defense with his steals and blocks and on offense nobody can stop him when he gets to the rim his jumper needs confidence which jb might be able to help him with

  • Evan

    Dylan, do you think that depending upon how far sykes goes in the playoffs will effect if we offer him or not?

  • The Yooper

    Who’s all going to the Breslin for the games later this week? I’m going to see the two B semifinals on Friday night, then the A and B finals on Saturday. (May possibly see D as well if Superior Central, an area team, makes it to the finals) Would love to see Brundridge and Sykes in the final for A.

  • I don’t think how far he goes in the playoffs (Friday or Saturday) will have any effect on whether we offer him. Beilein will continue to evaluate him IMO but it probably won’t be based on w’s and l’s.

    I don’t think we’ll find anything out until next week after his season is over though. Will be interesting to see how this plays out.

  • Tweeter

    Glad to hear that both Brundidge and Sykes advanced. I have been reading as many Denby articles as I can find to see what people have said about Sykes, and the more I read the more I like him. He sounds like a winner and seems to be very focused on his team. His athleticism would be a great help to the team and I trust that Beilein can mold him into a decent a shooter.

    I still want Trey more just because I have seen more of his play in games, but the gap is certainly no where as large as it was for me a couple months ago.

    Dylan did you say video or writeup is going up tonight? If so I will put off sleep to see/read it.

  • Calvin is writing the write up now. I’m ripping the video now. Both should be up at some time tonight. Write up first.

  • JB

    horford and parents are heading to ann arbor tomorrow…

  • Paul

    I went to the exciting Detroit Country Day / Flint Powers Catholic game. I saw John Beilein (Univ of Michigan coarch) and Tom Izzo (Michigan State coach) in the stands. DCD won by about 15. Ray McCallum was a beast – as usual. Patrick O’Brien was a beast for FP. Too bad he isn’t about 2-3″ taller. Apparently he’s being recruited by Harvard for bball. Lucas Perry did ok and is very fast but is very small/slight. Hawkins seems raw and doesn’t appear to be a good shooter. He’s more of a slasher. He had one nice dunk along the baseline.

  • Good stuff Paul. Remember Hawkins is only a sophomore.

  • Paul

    Amir Williams was getting pushed around quite a bit by the much stronger Pat O’Brien but battled back admirably and was on the free throw line most of the night. I only counted 1 block for him which is much lower than usual. He probably had 10-15 boards though. He needs to hit the weights HARD after the season.