Trey Zeigler Narrows List to Five

Dylan Burkhardt
Trey Zeigler

Update: In a recent tweet, Zeigler listed his final five as: Central Michigan, UCLA, Arizona St., Michigan St., Michigan.

According to Daniel Monson of the Central Michigan Life, Trey Zeigler has reportedly narrowed his list of schools down to five:

Trey, a four-star 6-foot-5 shooting guard/small forward recruit, has narrowed his list to five schools — Duke, Michigan, Michigan State, UCLA and, yes, Central Michigan.

Zeigler still plans to make his final decision on or around signing day, which is April 14th. He also has two official visits remaining after previously making officials to Michigan, UCLA, and Oklahoma.

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  • sombrero

    I want him to choose, and yes, Michigan.

  • JayRich

    I can’t ever figure out where his head is. Sometimes I feel there is no chance he heads to UM, other times I feel he most likely will be a wolverine. April 14th, please get here and Trey…please pick UM

  • AG2

    Didn’t he already narrow it to 5 schools? And didn’t Duke run out of scholarships?

  • Arizona State and Providence were still thought to be involved, trying to get one of the last remaining official visits.

  • Kenny

    Does anyone know which school will definitely hold a scholarship for him on 4/14?

  • JayRich

    Another question about scholarships…Has there been any word on Cronin lately? I know most people have assumed he is done but has there ever been an official statement about it?

  • Kevin in GR

    In another post on here, there was some talk about Trey saying he would wear #0 next year…..Just something to think about….If I’m not mistaken, Novak’s HS number was 32…With Gibson graduating, anyone think that Novak may switch thus freeing up the #0 for Zeigler? This is probably a streach to think this is actually the case, but one can hope!

  • Drae

    I see on the rivals page that have another article about Sykes… Could they seriously be looking @ him as the back up plan… The thing that concerns me about him is they say he’s not a shooter but he is a scorer…we really don’t need someone who can’t shot the J every once in a while…

  • Sykes appears to be becoming a real option. Calvin is planning to make it out to his game Tuesday so we should be able to tell you guys a little about his game at the very least.

  • fresh

    well our shooters didnt do anything this year so ill take a scorer anyday now…….not that i even know what that means cause in order to score doesnt that mean you have to shoot

  • Sam

    This perplexes me a little bit as well, and still causes me to fear that he may choose State, which would be my worst nightmare. I still don’t understand what is going to happen with Herzog and with Duke’s scholarship situation, but we’ll just have to wait and see I guess.

  • intrpdtrvlr

    Well, it sure looks like that “TZ has an MSU scholarship because Lucas is as good as gone” thing isn’t happening.

  • Bill

    Hey don’t worry if he chooses state just foul him a lot. Trey or Sykes will fit in good, If your goonna win in Beilein’s system you need 8-9 guys with skills and all on the same page one player will only make so much difference anyway.

  • JBlair52

    On one of the live mgoblog chats I saw one of the guys say that recently Sam thinks michigan has a SLIGHT edge. That Trey really clicked with the staff and that it just so happens he’s dating Jordan Dumar’s sister – who will be attending UofM in the fall.

    Maybe just rumor but something fun to toss into the boiling pot!

  • Evan

    Where is he going for his final two visits?

  • Evan

    I heard that zeigler is going to choose what school he is going to on signing day which will probably be on espnu can anyone else confirm this rumor?

  • MSU does not currently have a scholarship free. Herzog did not participate in senior day activities, told a MSU website he was coming back, and Izzo isn’t the kind of coach to push a kid out the door if he doesn’t want to leave (I’m lookin at YOU Calipari). Of course Herzog may change his mind as I think he’s graduating, or already graduated, and I’ve got no clue if he has grad school aspirations.

    Unfortunately it doesn’t look like Zeigler will be coming to MSU.

    If he goes anywhere, as odd as it sounds, I hope it’s somewhere local like UM (blech) or CMU.

  • Matt

    Yeah, like Zeigler coming to U of M would really affect how MSU does in the future.

  • Kainkitizen

    Trey would put a gold stamp to the 2010 recruiting class for Coach Beilein. Be patient and wait for April 14th. Don’t extended an offer to Horford or Skyes until you have & know the answer about Trey. If the other 2 can’t wait then so be it. Hold the scholarships for next years class. If Horford wants to come then put him on the team as a preferred walk on with an academic scholarship and then redshirt him and get him in the weight room and cafeteria to gain 25 lbs. It can be done. Skyes would be a star in the MAC or even at UD with Ray McCallum. Skyes is just another bench player with some heart and skill at Michigan or other Big Ten Schools.

  • Brick

    Horford has an offer and his impending commitment seems like a done deal at this point. I for one think he’s going to be a great addition. He likes the paint, has a few decent post moves and can shoot free throws. He needs to gain weight but that’s pretty easy. He’s what, 18? He’s going to fill out. He’S regarded as a similar level recruit as Gauna and put up similar numbers this year so I don’t see why anyone wouldn’t be happy to get him.

    I was surprised when Herzog didn’t do anything on senior day. I thought that was Trey’s scholarship. I still don’t think we get him just because nothing is going our way lately in basketball.

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  • Gilmango

    I’m not sure why folks are so concerned whether MSU or Duke has an available scholarship, if none frees up by signing day TZ’s family can afford to pay for a year of MSU in state tuition, or a year at Duke with likely F.A. assistance, no problem, then he gets a full ride the next year. Pretty simple and it is no disrespect to him, more that it took him some time to make up his mind.

  • Basil Lewis

    I’m not sure he fits Beilein’s system. To fit that system, you have to be a complete stiff that stands 23 feet from the basket and jacks up three pointers with 4 seconds left on the shot clock. You also would have to be accustomed to losing. Nope, I don’t think he’d be a good fit.

  • Eric

    I don’t think he is coming to Michigan. Why wait? My guess is that he is waiting to see how the scholarships work out at the other schools. He could also be waiting for MSU to complete their tournament run. If he doesn’t get the scholarship then he will evaluate again and probably end up at CMU. Michigan is not high on his list.

  • Al

    Why would he want to go to U-M? The program is a sinking ship & going nowhere fast. Beilein ball simply can’t compete in the B10. If he’s smart, and wants to play in March Madness, he’ll go to MSU or Duke. Beilein won’t be there in 4 years to see his career end, anyways, the stupid extension Bill Martin signed him to right before resigning notwithstanding.

  • classified

    trey your best bet of making it big time in college is going to rely purely based on where you go. This is a huge decision. You have taken a lot of time considering, and hopefully all this consideration will pay off. If you are looking to become a better player michigan state is going to guarentee that. Izzo is arguably the best coach in college basketball, and is the best when it comes to march madness. Are NBA scouts going to watch the MAC conference more or the Big Ten…and when it comes time for March is michigan or CMU going to be in it…no they arent. States resume speaks for itself. Think about it Trey. East Lansing is a sweet campus and the people will love you!!!