Mr. Basketball Goes to Keith Appling

Dylan Burkhardt

Michigan State commitment Keith Appling was awarded Michigan Mr. Basketball today. The 6-foot-3 guard was a scoring machine this season and averaged 28 points, six rebounds, and five assists per game. Michigan recruiting target Trey Zeigler finished second in the voting. The final vote was:

Keith Appling – 2,037 points
Trey Zeigler – 1,145 points
Ray McCallum – 934
Maurice Jones – 868
Devin Oliver – 470
Michael Talley III – 360

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  • Was this outcome predicted, or does it owe to the deficiencies in Ziegler’s game becoming more apparent? Would love to hear from people in the know.

  • This was very much expected. I am a bit surprised Zeigler got 2nd and not third but a lot has to do with geography and politics as well.

  • Thought this race should’e been close. I’m surprisd by how easily he won it.

  • Evan

    MCcallum should of won. Appling 2nd. Zeigler 3rd

  • andrew

    Mccallum is the best player in the state and he proves it game after game. Mccallum beat appling and his pershing team with amir williams.
    there is no better player than mccallum

  • andrew

    without amir i mean

  • And McCallum is headed elsewhere? Tried to figure it out, saw references to Arizona and Duke. . .

  • Mike

    McCallum is likely going to UD.

  • JBlair52

    remember McCallum isnt originally from Michigan – his Dad is a college coach so he came during HS to Michigan from Indiana after his dad got the Detroit job.

    He would have been at Bloomington South which is producing some nice D1 players.

    I think he also spent time in Texas and Oklahoma.

  • UM must get one of the top three players on this list. To build a strong and long lasting program, UM must keep players in the state.

    Consistently over many years, we can’t have a good program without keeping in state players, especially in such a talent rich state as Michigan. UM is not a big enough basketball power to always get out of state kids. This was a major problem with the previous coach.

  • Paul

    Ray McCallum got robbed

  • Evan

    Wow applings team gets upset but they only look what he did last year. Mccallum robbed

  • Paul

    Yep – this was a gift to Appling for his tourney performance last year

  • mitch

    I’ve seen McCallum play many times, and I haven’t seen a more polished H.S. kid in my life (36). I’m sure since he’s not from here and isn’t going to MSU or UM that it hurt him. I can’t see him going to UD, thats not happening.

  • GrandChamp

    UD is gonna be very good next year with or without him, they are on the rise.

  • mark

    Ray Jr. didn’t get robbed. I think Appling deserved Mr. Basketball even though I think Ray Jr. is the best player. Ray Jr had no chance to win he had 23 things working against him. 1. Hasn’t won a state title, 2. Isn’t going to commit to an instate school, 3. He plays for Country day

  • chunt

    Mr. Basketball is a sham every year! The voters vote for the best player staying in state, not the best player! Case and point last year when Ben Simons got robbed because he was going to Drake! Same this year its almost certain McCallum won’t stay in state and its still up in the air whether Zeigler will! (Hears to hoping) Go Blue! I wish there were a better way to vote on this and truly give it to the best player in the state!

  • smance

    Real good chance McCallum stays in state to play for his dad

  • ME


  • vloon

    Keith deserved to win it, he put up great numbers! for all of the state haters, you know who you are. its obvious you dont want to see a great instate player go to state. Ziegler and Mccallum were not even named all-americans. hey, go to state because in the end it is rewarding. Congrats to keith, he will make state’s basketball team even deeper next year. I have to admit, it is great being a spartan.