Hotboard Updates (3-22-10)

Dylan Burkhardt

After far too long, the 2010 and 2011 recruiting hotboards have been updated. I have also added a 2012 watch list, which is essentially a hotboard in an early format. Another update will probably be necessary after signing day, but for now this should help you keep track of some of the prospects that Michigan is watching.

These hotboards are supposed to be a catalog of information and not a constantly up to date recruiting page. You will find links to prospect profiles at Rivals, Scout, and ESPN as well as any recruiting information that we have posted here. They are unofficial and just an attempt to organize information that has been made public already. If you have any comments, corrections, or suggestions then don’t hesitate to e-mail me.

I’ve also added an index to each page, if you click a players name it should jump you down to their bio. Now here are the links:

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  • Wolverines

    Not to be a stickler, but on the 2010 hotboard, you have Zeigeler ranked as #52 as far as national players (on Rivals). Last time I checked he was at #26.

  • Oops. Fixed. Actually had to adjust all of his rankings on the 3 sites.

  • ToBlav

    Nice to get this info. Thanks. Seems to me we are active with more highly rated players than most of the recent past. Is that an accurate observation, or have I just been better informed because of this site?

  • Evan

    I think it would be great if we could get zeigler and sykes. if horford probably wont make a impact this year why not wait till next year when were in on so many bigs that are better than horford and can make an immediate impact

  • j savy33

    is there any film on sykes anywhere out there??

  • Matt

    I don’t know how everyone else feels but I’m more worried about getting big men then I am guards… Yes it would be fantastic to get Zeigler and maybe Sykes but who’s to say that Horford can’t be a top player for Michigan. Yeah, maybe Plumlee and A. Williams games are better in high school but will they translate to Big Ten ball and to Michigan’s system. We hope so but for now I really want Jon Horford in a Michigan uniform. If we don’t get Sykes or Zeigler and we do get Horford, I’ll be on board. I’d like to see us get Zeigler/Sykes and Horford but we’ll have to see on the 14th. I love players with chips on their shoulders and I think Jon Horford wants to prove that he can be as good as his brother and maybe even better.

  • Chad

    Question: I wanna know why was it so easy for Steve Fisher to attract top notch recruits and why its been so hard ever since

  • BigPlayBray


    It was easier for Michigan to recruit under Fisher because (1) the program was healthy. They won a national championship before his first full season. It also helped that Ed Martin was “encouraging” players to go to Michigan. Even after Fischer left, Ellerbe brought in a couple of talented classes (albeit troubled).

    (2) Michigan State is now a perennial top 10-20 team. They are successful in the tournament. They are the clear cut marquee program in state making it harder to recruit.

    (3) In the late 80’s early 90’s there wasn’t a facility arms race for the best arenas and practice facilities, one that Michigan has clearly fallen behind on.

    (4) It’s easier to recruit for a winner. Like it or not, the NCAA infractions knocked our program for quite a loop.

  • Brian W

    Dylan, excellent work as usual.

    The big man situation worries me, but I get the feeling that Manny’s being undecided (last I knew) about whether to come back and Zeigler’s need to wait until signing day to decide is influencing the emphasis on Sykes. Sykes has also been playing well evidently too. Sam Webb said that the interest in Sykes is serious this morning and that he could see scenarios where U-M could end up with Sykes & Zeigler, Sykes & Horford or Horford & Zeigler. Sykes has been getting interest from other schools, but doesn’t have any offers (contrary to Rivals) evidently. Will be interesting to see when Horford schedules his visit to U-M.

  • I like two of three combinations listed by Sam Webb. Zeigler is the prize. If we don’t get Zeigler, I would recommend not offerng Sykes and waiting til next year, where there is tons of talent.

  • Brian W

    Just thinking out loud here. But would it help Beilein with Detroit’s PSL if he landed his first PSL recruit? Not implying one way or another, but I know it’s been mentioned before that Detroit and the PSL is important. This is another thought that crossed my mind today when toiling at work. Will be interesting to get Calvin’s report after the game this week.

  • Paul

    Anyone going to any of the Michigan HS quarterfinal games tomorrow (Tues)?

  • mitch

    I’m going down to Calihan, I want to see Sykes in person. Have seen Brundage many times and he is a beast.

    I’m also more concerned about our bigs. We need big, athletic,(not Ben Cronins)forwards to compete.

  • mark

    Dylan just so you know Rya Lee only lasted 2 games at Cass Tech before transferring because of playing time. He has enrolled at Romulus HS and will be able to play at the beginning of the season next year.

  • JBlair52

    What does Sykes offer sheet look like?

    Scout doesnt show any but Rivals shows Tennessee, Oklahoma, Syracuse, and Dayton all offered.

    IMO – If those schools are looking at him, I think I’d love to get him on board. He’s got good size, athleticism, can attack the hoop, and he’s from Detroit. What’s not to like?

  • Drae

    i see on the page that there are 2 new bigs named for 2011… anybody no much about them… Think one of the names was Darren Williams??

  • Brian W

    It’s Darren Washington, not Williams, for 2011. He’s from Ann Arbor Gabriel Richard.

    Webb said yesterday that he had talked to Sykes’ coach, and Isaiah has no offers. He’s drawing interest from schools, but hasn’t been offered according to Sam.

  • Sykes offer sheet is blank right now.

  • Drae

    So is this kid Washington any good… Anyone seen him play…

  • ToBlav

    I have no knowledge of Sykes’ character or scholarship and don’t want bring those into question unfairly. With a blank offer sheet and a comment (quite unexplained) someone posted a couple weeks back about being ‘unrecruitable’, it makes one wonder if there is an attitude or acedemic problem. If someone is informed about that it might provide some insight. Until and unless I hear otherwise I’ll assume he is of fine charater and applies himself in the class room.

  • mark

    I watched Washington play a couple times this season. In both games the only thing you noticed is that he is the tallest player on the floor. My guess he is closer to 6-8 then 6-10 and weighs about 190 to 200.