Recruiting Roundup: Indiana Semi-states

Dylan Burkhardt


John Beilein was on the road again on Saturday, this time venturing to the Hoosier State to check out a pair of Indiana semi-states. Beilein watched Washington’s 2011 big man Cody Zeller in the early afternoon before heading over to see 2012 point guard Kevin “Yogi” Ferrell in the evening. Both players guided their teams to State Championship berths with great performances. Josh “MaizeNBlue2” Houchin was also on hand to record video of Yogi Ferrell in action.

First off, Yogi Ferrell was spectacular. The lightning quick 5-foot-11 guard did it all in Park Tudor’s 4OT win over Forest Park. Ferrell finished with a game high 26 points on 10 of 15 shooting.

Ferrell scored the ball at will in the first half and notched 19 of his points in the first stanza. He took the ball to the hole, came off screens, hit pull-up jumpshots, scored in transition — he did it all. Eventually Forest Park was forced to defend him with a box and one and sometimes a triangle and two, trying their best to deny him from even touching the ball.

The second half was a different story. Forest Park attempted to take the air out of the ball and just run the clock. Because they were focusing their defense on Ferrell, his scoring production declined pretty significantly. He did begin to look for his teammates a little more often and found them open for a number of good looks.

Despite missing a potential game winner in the first and third overtimes, Ferrell made two game changing plays in the overtime sessions. The first was a driving double clutch layup that he willed into the basket after getting fouled which tied the game (3:11 mark of the video). The second was his game winning shot with 5.4 seconds remaining in the fourth overtime. Here’s Josh’s video:

There’s a lot to love about Ferrell’s game. At 5-foot-11 he isn’t tall but he has game breaking speed and loves the ball in his hands. I think he showed great poise for a sophomore and he has led Park Tudor from 4-8 to the Indiana state championship. Ferrell has visited Ann Arbor unofficially (for Notre Dame game) and also attended Elite camp in Ann Arbor. With his visits to Ann Arbor and the fact that Beilein has watched him twice in the last two weeks, I think it’s safe to say he’s at the top of Michigan’s 2012 recruiting board.

zeller Cody Zeller defends 2010 Purdue commitment Travis Carroll

Washington big man Cody Zeller is another player that Beilein was watching for the second time in the last month or so. Zeller didn’t have his biggest performance on Saturday but it was good enough to help his team advance to the State Championship.

The 6-foot-11, 205 pound, post prospect finished with 14 points, 12 rebounds and six blocks in the 57-38 win over #1 Danville. Most of Zeller’s scoring production came in the first half when he scored 10 points including three “and ones”.

Zeller was matched up against a stronger player, Purdue commitment Travis Carroll, for stretches of the game and that was a tough test for the skinnier Zeller.

Indiana Hoops was at the game and posted this scouting report on Zeller:

Zeller had an up and down game today. He looked great in the first half, scoring 10 points, but struggled in the second … Zeller finished plays after contact, but struggled to convert from the free throw line, shooting just 3-8. He showed nice shooting range, knocking down his lone 3 point field goal attempt. Defensively, Zeller did a nice job and recorded 3 blocked shots. Zeller needs to add strength to his frame as he struggled at times guarding Carroll in the paint. Zeller rebounded the ball well, but struggled to control rebounds as many smaller opponents were able to tie him up for jump balls. He also passed the ball well and did not take any bad shots. All in all, Zeller had an "alright" game but could have done better. The main reason for his second half struggle was that Carroll switched and guarded him in the second half.

Zeller recently updated the IndyStar with information about his recruitment. The 6-foot-11 junior stated that he plans to take all five official visits and will probably decide “some time during his senior year”. Zeller has offers from Butler, Florida, Indiana, Iowa, Notre Dame, Ohio State and Purdue among many others.

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  • fresh

    yogi is real nice it seems……..hopefully he grows another couple inches

  • maizenblue4eva

    Yogi is diiiiiiiiiirrrrrrrrttttttttttyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy…we have to pull out all the stops to get him. Does anyone know if hes coming back to the elite camp this summer?

  • Bluebufoon

    Yogi, Yogi, Yogi !!!

  • I believe he is planning to camp in Ann Arbor again but I’m not positive.

    Also, thank MaizeNBlue/Josh for the video guys. He made the trip, filmed it, and edited it overnight.

  • Evan

    Yogi looks amazing. He’s only a sophmore i believe and he was making all the seniors look like fools. Unfortunatly i think that we dont really have a chance for zeller

  • JayRich

    Was it just me or did Yogi’s teammates burn a lot of opportunities. Can’t ask for much more than wide open shots.

    Thanks Josh! Awesome coverage.

  • They missed some open looks but they also hit a few big ones. Because Forest Park held the ball for so long in the second half and overtime (two OTs were scoreless) there weren’t a lot of chances so every possession was huge in the 2nd half.

  • YpsiTuckyBoy

    Ferrell reminds me a little bit of Earl Boykins. He was shorter than his defenders, but used his quickness and the hesitation dribble to create space between him and the defender. He has a really quick and smooth release which is helpful for a short(er) guard. His shot looks great, and he went both left and right, which is nice to see. He also has a very nice touch when he finishes around the basket. That “and 1” at the far end of the court was pretty sweet, and he put some nice English on the ball to make that. It’s good to see a player that young develop a sense for how to use the ball/spin/the backboard to finish close to the hoop. That’s the type of thing that can be hard to teach kids, as it usually comes only with experience.

  • Brian W

    Thanks for the coverage. Would love to see Yogi as a Wolverine.

    The elite camp has been one of the great things that Beilein ha implementated. Getting Yogi and other kids on campus early could help later in their careers, especially when the practice facility and Crisler’s renovations are done. Would be great to have Plumlee, Crider and/or Williams participate in the elite camp this summer.

  • Brian W

    Sorry. That would be “has implemented”, not ha.

  • Old Style

    Yogi looked awesome. I love that he has a pull up jumper. It seems like most high school players now are going to shoot the three or go all the way to the hoop completely forgetting there is a pretty good shot in the in between area.

  • sven

    Yeah Yogi looks sick.

    It wasn’t falling in the video but I liked his stop and pop jumper. Then when he did take it to the hoop he did a nice job dishing it out and finishing it.

  • Brian W

    Gobluewolverine has an article on Horford today, saying that he should be a Wolverine. Not anything new really, but just continues to show that a UM commitment should come at some point.

  • AG2

    Wow, looks like Cuse is relying a lot on Deshonte Riley.

  • Tweeter

    dont know if I would call it relying. More surviving with Riley. He did make one nice pass though.

  • Thanks guys for the recruiting vidoes. Yogi is exactly what we need, someone who can drive to the basket and create. I only hate to wait three years before he is college eligble, that’s why it’s imperative we get Trey Zeigler.

    Other great ball players will follow Trey to UM if he comes here. Seems some posters are worried about Trey’s shooting. That’s the least of my worries. Beilein can fix that.

  • JB

    ahh…yogi looks awesome, he could easily start for us right now. he can flat out shoot, coming off screens, with a guy all over him, etc. etc.
    Any word on when horford is gonna make the trip to ann arbor? i was hoping this weekend.

  • Evan

    Brian W, did it say anything about when hes gonna make a visit to U-M

  • fresh

    trey is a top 50 player for a reason worrying about shooting is unnecessary

  • AG2

    Now Wisconsin knows what its like to get beat up by a slow methodic ultra-clutch shooting team that wears red.

  • AG2

    Wow. Just wow. Cornell made 6 of their last 7 shots before the half. When have you EVER seen a team drop 43 points on Wisconsin in one half!?

  • Wow, a kid who uses the backboard. . . seemingly on purpose! And goes twd the basket from both directions, and can pull up! Only a sophomore, too. Wonder if we could get him. Thanks for the video.

  • AG2

    Someone tape this Cornell/Wisconsin game and send it to Beilein. Its a bloody massacre. Cornell is making ALL their shots, and even when they don’t, they are DESTROYING the badgers on the offensive glass.

    Also, Durrell Summers is one BAD dude. He is totally carrying his team today.

  • Deacon Blues

    So much for Bucky.

    What is the deal with Bo Ryan and the tournament? He hasn’t been horrible, but three trips to the second weekend in nine NCAAs is pretty underwhelming for a coach who’s won 71% of his Big Ten games. (Izzo is at 70%.)

    Everyone always says it’s because the Badgers are overachievers who lack great talent. That’s definitely part of the problem, but it’s not like they’re losing to teams like Washington that can fly. The last four years, they’ve gone down to UNLV, Davidson, Xavier and now Cornell. Wisconsin was favored in three of those games.

    Maybe the Badgers just aren’t the same when they’re not familiar with the opponent.

  • AG2

    I saw a few charges that would have been called blocking fouls at the Kohl’s Center.

    I guess you can say that Wisconsin isn’t so much a good team as they are just a bad matchup for most Big Ten teams.

    This is Karma paying Maryland back for the miracle minute in 2001. A 10-0 run in LESS THAN 60 SECONDS to retake the lead.

  • AG2

    I don’t even know what to say. That has to be one of the craziest finishes to a game I have ever seen. This has been one of the best first weekends of the NCAA tournament I’ve seen in a long time.

  • gpsimms

    well, my over-ethusiasm for kenpom convinced me that wiscy was an underrated, awesome team. and i, um, had them in my final four. oops.

  • Mith

    What a tournament so far. Great upsets, great buzzer-beaters, lots of close games. Here’s hoping Butler, St. Mary’s, Northern Iowa, and Cornell can make it even more memorable.

  • ZRL

    I hear ya gpsimms. Kenpom had Kansas and Wisconsin in the top 3 of his ratings, so I put both of them in the finals. First time ever that I didn’t even get one of my final 2 into the sweet 16.

  • GrandChamp

    Seems like I’m always on the wrong side of the buzzer beater. Sigh..

  • AG2

    You know, Cornell is about 1 hour from the Carrier Dome. That game might get a little sticky for Kentucky if their 3s don’t call and Cornell’s are.

  • Paul

    Since UM isn’t in the mix, here’s hoping for a Northern Iowa Vs. Cornell final!! :)

  • Old Style

    Deacon Blues, one problem with playing that super slow down style that Wisky likes is that if a player (or team in this case) gets hot and scores some points. A slowdown team is not used to scoring in bunches and will struggle to come back from behind. That and the physical style of defense the Badgers play is often called differently in the Big Ten than anywhere else in college basketball.

  • West Va. only Big East team left? Nice. Three B10 teams still in it.

  • AG2

    Don’t forget Cuse, Mattski. They were the biggest winners of the day. If they keep playing like this they could beat Butler by 50.

  • ZRL

    After leaving Purdue for dead after Hummell went down, I think they might have a legit chance at a final four. Kramer has really stepped up his play and they are starting to get used to playing without Hummell. I still don’t believe in Duke come tournament time and think Purdue can take them. However, Baylor would be a very bad matchup for PU because Udoh has the athleticism to neutralize Johnson and they are a lot more athletic overall. Gotta hope St. Mary’s can knock them off.

    On a sidenote, MSU was looking the best they have all season for the first 37 minutes. Sucks for them that Lucas went out. They were looking like they could go on a big run in the tournament if Lucas was healthy.

  • Oops! I stand corrected, AG2. Still, they have not represented themselves well as a league, having started with eight.

  • ZRL

    And to tie this back to Michigan, Lucas’s injury means he will almost definitely return for his senior year, meaning unless there are any transfers MSU will not have a scholarship for Ziegler.

  • Hey guys… I’m re-doing the hotboards for you all (long overdue). Should have 2010, 2011, and 2012 updated for Monday (HOPEFULLY).

  • Brian W

    Evan, I was away from the Internet for the afternoon… I don’t have a subscription to GBW, so I can’t say if an official visit was scheduled yet. I’d bet that it would be on a weekend after the high school basketball finals, which is the 27th, since Beilein gets out to watch a lot of games. That’s just a guess, but the Gobluewolverine blurb said:

    “Horford Almost Sure To Go To Michigan – He made unofficial visit to Alabama, but doesn’t expect to leave Great Lakes state.”

    The title appears to be like the trailer for the “Hot Tob Time Machine” movie where it gives away pretty much what the article is about.

    They have interview with Sykes posted now. Sam usually talks about what appears on the GBW web site during the recruiting round-up on WTKA. If he doesn’t say anything about a Horford visit tomorrow, I’ll email him a question for his recruiting segment.

  • Evan

    Thanks Brian, I will make sure to tune into wtka in the morning to hear what samm Webb has to say about horford and isiaih

  • Old Style

    Hotboard updates, hurrah! Great job Dylan.

  • Kainkitizen

    I played the swing offense in high school for one season and it was difficult for us to come back from a 10+ point deficit when our 3 pointers were not going in. The swing offense is to get the ball moving from strong side to weak side, around the 3 point line and have the defense catching up to the next pass for an open shot attempt. It’s a passing offense, find the open space, open man, and shoot.

  • JBlair52

    I’ll probably be at Yogi’s state finals game.

    Won’t be able to video but can probably send Dylan some information.

    From what I’ve seen of him so far, he’s a “slick” PG that is primarily “handles, quickness, and passing” but his shot isnt terrible.

    I’m thinking Kelvin Grady “like” – only not quite the shot but probably a little better finisher going to the hoop and I would probably – at this point in their careers (soph in HS) give the edge to Yogi as far as handles and potential. He’s just so smooth with the ball and he has a GREAT HS coach. Not sure of his AAU team but he’s in the heart of Indianapolis which has been producing some great ballers.

  • Brian W

    Sam Webb said in his recruiting round-up that he didn’t perceive Sykes to be the back-up plan for Trey anymore and that he could see a few scenarios developing where U-M adds Trey & Skyes, Trey & Horford, or Sykes & Horford. Since there are so many quality big men available in 2011, he could see how U-M could take two wings this year instead of a wing and a big man. Horford’s offer is still contingent upon him visiting campus for an official visit, but Sam didn’t say that one had been scheduled. Sam’s going to watch Sykes in person this week to see how his game has grown since he last saw him at Detroit Finney last year. Just an fyi.

  • Kevin P

    I’d rather bring in Trey or Trey & Sykes then go after Plumlee and Williams hard for 2011. This depends if 1 or 2 finish the 10 class. They can bring more instant impact to UM then what Horford brings