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Dylan Burkhardt

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  • Brian W

    In that WhatIfSports bracket, the ’89 team would make to the Final Four for sure. A game against Magic’s 1979 MSU team would be fun to watch. Glen Rice was on fire at the end of that season.

    Hopefully Manny will choose to come back.

    On the coaches’ show on Monday night, it was mentioned that the coaches are showing the players how to run a practice in the offseason. I think Darius and Zack will become important leaders for the team next year, and the offseason will be a good time to develop those skills. Zack was a co-captain with Deshawn this year.

    Thanks for the update, Dylan.

  • sven

    I’m totally ok with Manny going pro. I just don’t see how we’ll be any good next year with or without him. So why waste the playing time?

  • Brian W

    Ben Howland as a candidate for Iowa’s opening? Hmm. That’s an interesting list candidates that Hawkmania came up with.

  • ZRL
  • Alex

    Only time will tell ZRL. I still think Beilein is a good coach.

  • ZRL

    I agree that Beilein is a good coach. I meant sound familiar in the sense that Kent’s team overachieved and went to the elite 8, then returned the core of the team and did not live up to expectations, partly because of some bad luck.

  • Walt

    The margin between failure and success in big time college basketball is a couple of games decided by a couple of points. This year’s team was better than last year’s, just the record does not show it. That couple of points and the couple of games went against us this year, unlike last year.

    UM gave Amaker 5 years based on less overall success than JB has already had.

  • fresh

    you at least have to give beilein another probably 3 season when they will have an upperclassmen filled roster or should i say upperclassmen will be playing dominant minutes…… this point he will have guys playing their proper positions and there will be no excuses for losing……….if by the time darius is a senior and they still arent meeting standards then beilein will definitely be fired

  • Bill

    beilein has really only had one full recruiting season. his first class with stu and zack was just trying to get a couple of guys who could shoot. He only had so many optiions a full recruiting season is 2 years since you have to start by the time they are jr’s. This year morris was a good pickup. The 2 big guys will have to wait on. The next class looks ok and better if they get the main targets remaining. You can see he is trying to get more size and size with skill hopefully they will get more balance and not be a 4 guard 3pt shooting team. Lack of height killed them this year there were way to many second chance baskets. When teams went inside there was no defense.

  • Beilein deserves more time. He had some unfortunate injuries to big men and the departure of Udoh hurt. However, there is alot of pressure on him to get Mr. Zeigler and keep Mr. Harris around for one more year.

    Do you think Trey Zeigler could be for UM what Mateen Cleaves was for MSU. Trey could turn around UM and start something special.

    Reading WoJo’s article made me think about what one right player can for a program and coach.

  • Brian W

    Trey could definitely play the role of Mateen in terms of leading others to U-M. Nate Lubick probably would have picked U-M if Trey would have made his pick a while ago. There are other kids who would probably pick U-M, but don’t want to be the first kid to jump in the pool. Trey could cause other dominoes to fall if he picks U-M.

  • Mt. Pleasant and Zeigler trail 47-31 to Arthur Hill.

    Southfield and Brundidge led 29-25 at the half over Clarkson.

  • Mt. Pleasant loses 69-49 to Arthur Hill.

  • Drae

    Dylan are there any other SG or Big man to be had if we don’t land Zeigler and Horford… Anyone who could come in a be able to play right away??

  • I don’t think we will offer another wing if we don’t get Trey unless it’s someone that nobody knows about. I don’t see Sykes getting an offer.

    Southfield won tonight 67-57 over Clarkston. They will play De La Salle at U of D on TUESDAY at 7:30.

    Shocker of the night is Pershing got smoked by Denby 81-64.

  • Kainkitizen

    Well, sounds like a few official visits will be announced pretty soon, hopefully sometime in the next week or/of two (hint hint…wink wink).

  • Drae

    So do we find 2 bigs or just one and hold the other schollie for next year?

  • I am curious to find out how Sykes played in Denby’s blowout win over Pershing though… That could be huge for his recruitment if the right eyes were watching…

  • other steve

    ann arbor huron beats novi 63-38.

  • Evan

    I hope we bank them both if we don’t get Trey. I hope he doesn’t waste scholarship just because he thinks he needs to get another guy in this class.from the looks of it we can still get two very good player next year if we miss out on trey

  • Evan

    They never put stats up for games on mlive anymore we will just have to wait for an article probably

  • Brian W

    Anyone one else wondering if Markus Crider is a contingency for Trey? I’d think that a big man, whether it’s Plumlee, Williams, Zeller or someone else, would be a priority in 2011. I don’t think we could take more than one plus Brundidge next year if Trey commits.

    When Tim Hardaway Sr. finishes moving in Jr., I hope he can stick around and teach some players the killer cross-over.

  • Evan

    I can see it now……. The only thing that vogrich is missing is that crossover. Once he learns how to do that he will turn his college career around after a rough start : )

  • Evan

    But seriously on that crossover I heard that jrs handles are not that great and it amazes me that his dad hasn’t taught him that. Maybe it’s just athing that can’t really be taught

  • Brian W

    Nice. If Vogrich breaks out the crossover next season, that’ll be freakin’ sweet… Darius is getting pretty good at driving and finishing; if he could add a crossover and mid-range shot (the three pointer doesn’t appear to be his calling), that would be excellent.

  • Isaiah Sykes had 26 in Denby’s win over Appling (who had 29) and Pershing.

  • AG2

    Are players allowed to talk to recruits or are they regulated like coaches are? If anything, at least Zeigler is keeping an open mind about where he wants to go, rather than yet another in a long line of in state blue chip recruits who call MSU their “dream school.”

  • Evan

    Remember that move Morris pulled on hoffarbor in minnesota when he made that fade away. That is what I would like to see more out of morris

  • Evan

    Applings a state guy right. That’s too bad to see them loose . What a shame

  • michigan fan

    Hopefully Manny will come back. If he doesn’t, I would think he is going to Europe for money. 3rd team big team with questionable ball-handling and shooting skills is tough for me to see right now in the NBA.

  • Evan

    We need manny to make his decision soon. If he decides to leave and we loose out on zeigler then we will definetly have to go after sykes.

  • If this box score is right on Mlive…. Zeigler had 20 points and 12 boards… Scary part is 0-8 free throws.
    Rough week for him at the free throw line.

  • Brian W

    Darius seemed to not be as deferential at the end of the season, especially after Gary Grant talked to him (when Gary was in town for the Big Ten champs reunion). The Minnesota games (home and away) seemed to bring out the best in Darius.

    I’ve heard that Manny was talking to Trey, telling him the positives about U-M. Not sure if that was just in the offseason or not.

    Since Trey isn’t announcing til signing day, it’ll be interesting to see if Sykes doesn’t make a decision on where he wants to go to school before then. That’s sorta what makes me wonder on Crider–if he’s a back-up plan or not. There were several U-M targets playing tonight. Beilein had lots of choices to go and see.

  • Evan

    There’s some serious problems with zeigler free throw shooting he went 2-20 in the last two games which were playoff games when he has to step up and make those shots. I don’t understand how a player that skilled can shoot that bad from the line.

  • When you go through a slump like that… especially at the free throw line, it becomes mental.

  • Evan

    I honestly don’t understand the crider offer at all unless we think we lost out on zeigler. We did not have to offer him this early because he’s a junior and has slot of time to think about it. If anything we need a big for next year. What happens if zeigler committs can we possibly take a scholarship offer away from a guy because I really want a big next year and I don’t think we need crider and zeigler on the same squad

  • GrandChamp

    JB must think Crider is vastly underrated and will be a top 50 player in his class.

  • JeremyC

    It doesn’t look like Zeigler puts any arch at all in his free throws. Coach B. can help fix that though!

  • Drae

    does anyone have any game footage of Sykes?

  • Nick

    Zeigler was unimpressive other than a nice dunk. He consistently drove and did not finish and took a whopping total of one jump shot the entire night. I am not saying he is a bad player he just struggled today.

  • fresh

    its either zeigler or 2011 they arent going to take sykes………..why do that when you can build an extremely strong 3 person 2011 class………i think beilein realizes now what its going to take in order to win and taking somebody just to take them isnt an option any more especially when 2011 kids are just starting to bud, smart thing to do is bank the scholarship and recruit in the next class if zeigler fails

  • fresh

    i will say that i dont understand the crider offer, this kid better end up being a stud to offer him so soon or else my theories are completely wrong and i will really just never understand what beilein is doing here

  • JBlair52

    sounds like Crider is a stud…I’d be surprised if he’s not in the Top 150