Scouting & Video: Trey Zeigler vs. Flint NW

Dylan Burkhardt

Calvin and I made the trip up to Bay City to check out Mount Pleasant versus Flint Northwestern in the state regional semifinals. The game was an interesting match-up as it pitted Northwestern’s athletic and scrappy team versus Mount Pleasant’s more methodical squad. Northwestern appeared to be more talented as a team but Trey Zeigler was easily the most talented player on the floor.

Zeigler finished with 28 points and 14 rebounds as Mt. Pleasant came away with a 57-49 win.

The 6-foot-5 185 pounds that he is listed at seemed very fair. He was the tallest player on the court and certainly used his size to his advantage. He consistently showed the ability to post up smaller guards. Once he got the ball in the post he was a very capable finisher inside.

Zeigler has a very good handle and consistently used it to get into the lane. He looked for his teammates often as well and made some very nice passes, I had him down for 3 assists but there were a couple others that just weren’t finished. He also had a couple turnovers but they were usually trying to make a pass that wasn’t there.

Zeigler actually played point guard for long stretches of the game and he is most effective when he can get in the lane. Once he gets there, he is capable of taking it all the way to the bucket but he also has a nice midrange game, something that we often reference as missing from this year’s Michigan team. He finished a number of ways in the lane: he used the backboard, went to a floater, and took it all the way.

One of the things that stands out when you watch Zeigler is that he plays very under control. His athleticism allows him to look like he’s almost just gliding by people and he doesn’t look like he is exerting much energy.

No scouting report is complete without the negatives. First off, his jump shot needs a bit of work. It just looks a bit unnatural as he releases the ball a little low and it seems like he almost flings the ball. There isn’t a lot of rotation on his jumpshot and it tends to be a little too flat. He wasn’t hitting the jumper but he didn’t really need to take many jumpers with his ability to get in the lane.

Most importantly, he needs to practice his free throws. Trey finished 2-for-13 at the line. It became so bad that Northwestern implemented a “Hack-a-Trey” strategy late in the game and it almost allowed them to come back. Free throws are obviously a huge mental issue but he also has unique free throw form. He doesn’t take any dribbles before he shoots (he just tosses the ball up to himself) and this creates a stop-start motion that seems a little too quick to be consistent.

Overall there’s a lot to like about Zeigler’s game. He is a versatile player that has the ability to stuff the stat sheet. With his size and athleticism he is a very good rebounder but he can also score the ball in a number of ways. It wasn’t his best day shooting the ball but it isn’t fair to judge his shooting ability on just one performance. Zeigler’s ability to do a little bit of everything is the the real takeaway when you watch him play.

Next up for Mount Pleasant is a rematch with Arthur Hill (Weds., 7PM), a team that blew out the Oilers earlier this year. It will also be a battle of Mr. Basketball candidates as Zeigler takes on USC bound Maurice “Pookie” Jones. I’ve seen Zeigler, Jones, Appling, and McCallum play this year and if I had a vote for Mr. Basketball it would have to go to McCallum.

  • Alyzen

    Hey Dylan – don’t know if others are having this problem, but I can’t seem to watch the video — it says it is private and that a “friend request” needs to be accepted. In any case, thanks for the work you guys are putting in.

  • Roland

    Yes i am having the same problem

  • Old Style

    Anyone know Trey’s ft% on the season?

  • Yeah I see it… I have it set to public. No idea why it’s doing that.

  • Tay

    Come on man!!! :) Im so anxious to see some good footage of Trey. Thanks for all the hard work. Hopefully you can get it up and running soon…

  • Reuploading it. Hopefully this works.

  • sombrero

    What was the final score?

  • Mount Pleasant 57, Flint Northwestern 49

    Just added it to the post.

  • This link should work for the video for now:

    Embed should work soon.

  • Fixed guys. Sorry about that.

  • Alyzen

    Nice, that works — thanks again!

  • Benjamin

    Nice report guys.

  • Jake

    seems like to me he really needs to work on his free throw shooting. Other then that i really like his ability to drive and finish. Hope he chooses michigan

  • ZRL

    If he comes to Michigan, I’m definitely going to remember to keep my expectations for him reasonable, something I didn’t do with Morris this year. I guess I always thought that Trey was very polished for a high schooler because his dad is a D1 coach. However, after watching the video it is obvious that Trey’s shot needs A LOT of work.

  • gpsimms

    sam webb says 65-35 manny comes back. leads for trey “by a hair.” helps if manny stays.

  • Huh. Thanks for the video.

  • Chaz Reinhold

    Little off topic, but does anyone know the details around where McCallum is probable to attend next fall? I’ve read a lot of player reviews, and the consensus seems to be that he would be a great pickup for any team. Yet, for some reason, I rarely hear him mentioned in recruiting posts for either Michigan or even Michigan State. Is Michigan simply not hot on him because they already have Morris on scholarship, or was McCallum never really in to UofM? Just seems to be too good of a player for the state of Michigan to just let go…

  • Tom_McC

    Trey’s release point is the biggest issue I see with his shot. I don’t notice a hitch, I notice that his release is out in front and too low.

    He needs to raise his elbow slightly which will get the ball above his head more and give him more arc on his shot and also help him get better rotation on the ball. It’s a easy adjustment but something he’ll need to focus on.

  • JBlair52

    Chaz – I believe McCallum is heading out of state…but I think both MSU and Michigan “recruited” him. Keep in mind he’s not truly and “in-state” recruit in that I think he came from Indiana (dad’s a college coach) during his HS years. So I doubt he has many “ties” to staying local.

    Nice report Dylan. On the FT’s – I would think that if Trey works on slowing down and “tones down” that down-and-up motion he might find more consistency. Obviously you want leg power but on FT it always helps to eliminate any excess movement for consistency. That can all be worked on though…

  • I agree a hitch probably isn’t the best way to describe it. I think his shot is off a little and agree his release point kind of forces him to push the ball along a little too much. It’s not nearly as bad as say… mannys shot in HS.

  • Merlin

    Speaking of Treys shot we forgot how much Manny has improved the form on his jump shot. He use to shoot low in front now gets it over his head. If he will stop kicking out his feet and perfect the last shot he took against OSU (8 foot pullup) he will be even better.

  • Old Style

    What is Trey’s ft % for the year? His form isn’t perfect but I would guess he’s better than he showed here.

  • I’m not sure if that hoodoo he performs with throwing the ball into the air before he shoots shouldn’t be abandoned. That look a little whack to people?

    I’m having visions of Ziegler keeping us in games down the stretch, then holding my breath, game after game, while his free throws decide it.

    Guess I should be happy that I wasn’t completely blown away by the video–as by several I’d seen of him. I won’t mourn as much if we don’t get him. . . Still, I’d like to hear from those who know him better–can he step right up/in as a freshman?

  • ToBlav

    Tom_McC had it pretty much right on Trey’s free throw shooting form. I’d add the he also would benefit from getting his hand under the ball and therefore up on his fingers for more of a finger release as opposed to a palm release. I’d like a bounce as opposed to his toss, because the wrist flick needed for shooting can be used to loosen up for the shot. On the positive side he is not locking up and the shot is relatively smooth.

  • Drae

    Hey Dylan, first off love ur post always right on point… Does Coach B and staff have a ram in the bush if we don’t land Trey and if we don’t land him do we hold on to that schollie and use in the next class??


  • Kainkitizen

    If you look at the photo of Trey in the recent recruiting update dylan has done for all of us, you can see trey has the ball resting more on his palm of hand then on the pad of his fingers, This causes poor ball rotation and minimal arc on his shot attempt. This is very correctable and coach can definitely be the one to do this for Trey and his future.

    Here is a link to Pistol Pete’s first step of shooting the ball. This will explain what is wrong with Trey’s shot.

  • Ben

    Hey Dylan is there going to be some footage from Trey vs M. Jones after wednesdays game??

  • Dylan

    Probably not. Don’t think we have anyone that can make the drive up to Bay City again.

  • Sam

    While the free throw shooting may be a concern, I don’t think that it will end up being a problem. He’ll probably be told to dribble a couple times and not pause for so long before he shoots it (which I think is probably his problem). Besides, he didn’t miss like most bad free throw shooters do. He was usually just a little short or off the heel, not way off to one side or dreadfully short like bad free throw shooters tend to do pretty often.

  • fresh

    duke just signed their first ever juco recruit under coach k idk for sure but i believe that eliminates them for zeigler……no more ships and he is a SF……….not 100% sure though

  • YpsiTuckyBoy


    You’re right. Duke just signed Carrick Felix, a JUCO player. He’s a 6’6″ swing forward. He’s the fourth player in that class, and I think that pretty much closes out Duke’s recruiting for 2010. That means chances are slim to none that Zeigler is headed to Duke.

    If only UCLA did something similar…

  • Evan

    i always thought he wasnt interested in duke because in an interview he forgot to say duke as one of his leaders and later added them in

  • Dear Trey:

    Good luck against Saginaw. When you start evaluating where you want to go to school please consider a couple of things:

    1. At UM you would get 15-20 shots a game
    2. Beilein would help you develop every facet of your game
    3. At UM you would be close to family and friends
    4. If you went to UM, I know other top caliber players would follow
    5. You could go down in history as the player that turned UM around

  • JB

    i would be thrilled to get trey…he looks like a great talent. surprisingly, his game doesn’t look like a typical coach’s son’s game.

    i’m amazed by how bad his free throws are. if you watch his self toss and shooting motion, his shooting hand doesn’t touch the ball until he’s at the lowest dip of his shooting motion. at this point, he’s catching the ball with both hands (ideally, left hand should only keep the ball balanced on right hand) while he’s starting his shooting motion. he’s making it way too complicated.

  • Evan

    I would definetly say that Ernie Zeigler did a way better job with his son than Todd Lickliter did with his, even though little lickliter is only about 5’8 and can only jump anout 3 inches

  • Brian W

    Dylan, excellent job on the video work and analysis.

    Trey’s game reminds me of Manny’s as freshman, except Trey can drive left or right (and Trey’s a little stockier). Manny didn’t have the greatest looking shot during his freshman year, and his shot looks a lot better now than it did then. As Britt said, Beilein is a teacher and can really help with developing a player’s game. I’d love to have Trey playing for U-M next year… Recruiting’s a lot like poker, and it’s always nice when a team like Duke decides to cash in and not wait til signing day for a recruit that Michigan’s in on.

    Marshall Plumlee’s team, Christ School, will be playing in the ESPN RISE National High School Invitational, which be broadcast on ESPN, ESPN2 and ESPNU and happens April 1-3 in Baltimore. Oak Hill Academy and six other teams will be part of the tournament. Thought I’d mention it since it would be a chance to see Marshall play.

  • Evan

    Hey does anyone know when horford is actually gonnavisit Ann arbor so he can his offer already

  • Kevin P

    Come on Evan, dont knock on a little guy thats 5’8 and plays with heart. Not all coachs sons are talented. He seems to be more of a “school kid” who just likes to play bball. Not all kids have talent.

    As for Trey. FTs are horrible and that stroke will be worked on all over by Beilein. It’ll get better in time under him. As for the rest of his game, he’s a kid who has the dribble drive game and the hops to get to the rim. Something the team DESPERATELY needs. As someone said, he can drive both ways.

  • Nick

    I will be at the game tomorrow but have no way of taping it. Sorry guys. Good post though.

  • Brian W

    In defense of Evan… It’s fine that John Lickliter was playing basketball for his dad, but he shouldn’t have been playing Division I basketball. I’d hope that his dad didn’t burn a scholarship for his son. Maybe Kevin P didn’t see the U-M/Iowa game at Crisler Arena, but you’d probably draw the same conclusion if you saw that in person.

  • DaveR

    Seems to have good height, athleticism, ball handling and short game. But his free throw shooting is uuuuuugggggly. If he can’t hit a free throw, his mid and longer range shooting likely needs quite a bit of work too. And even if he can get to the rim, it won’t be of much use if he throws bricks at the free throw line. Oh well, the scouts must love him for his non-shooting skills. Hope he signs and Beilein works some wonders with his shooting – quickly.

  • EJ

    I will be probably be going to the Mt. Pleasant vs. Arthur Hill game tomorrow. Don’t know if I will video any of it but I can write up a report on here for you guys.

  • Ben

    I just wanted to see footage of Trey playing against another top player in the state….Thanks guys a write will be great

  • Beilein comments on his thinking at the end of the OSU game:–backfired–vs.-Ohio-State-in-final-seconds

    Everyone can feel vindicated in their assessment: for those of us who defended his basic strategy, he says his/the team’s purpose was to keep OSU from an easy bucket inside, make them take a desperation heave. For critics he notes that Stu was playing too far off, and Turner should have been forced to shoot from 55 ft, not 40. (He saw Stu was playing too far back, he notes, says he wanted to call a TO; there was no time.) He takes responsibility for the screw-up, which I think you gotta do as coach.

  • Tweeter

    I am glad that Beilein adjusted his post game comments. Its always better just to take the blame and move on.

    However, I will still say that the strategy was not great. Its ok to come out in that situation with the idea to play 1-3-1 if OSU sends everyone down the court, but as soon as the players step on the floor and you see two OSU players in the backcourt, you have to adjust. They either should have called a quick timeout (dont remember if they had one) or had a backup plan in the huddle to put two guys up to defend the OSU players.

    It didnt matter where Douglass was playing because he was going to get screened either way. UM needed that extra guy up to defend. Oh well, Im not going to kill Beilein on it, it was a mistake, we lost, and we move on. Now if something like this happens again, then you worry.

  • Benjamin

    @Brian W – No scholarship was spent on John Lickliter.

    They are family, so, he already gets free education- also, he is awful.

  • Season Ticket holder

    i like Trey’s game. He sort of reminds me of malik hairston. not a gifted shooter, but a baller who can get to the hoop, dish, and rebound. we need him

  • Mike

    @Tweeter – The strategy wasn’t completely horrible. If a couple of things would’ve happened differently it changes the outcome. First, Stu is out of position. If he plays in front of Buford, he wouldn’t have been screened and could have picked up Turner before he crossed half court. Secondly, after the ball is inbounds, Gibson is around the mid court circle and starts retreating to the 3 point line. He should’ve seen that Stu is getting screened and converged on Turner. Gibson has taken himself out the play. Not sure if these guys were instructed to take the actions they did or it was their own instincts.

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