UMHoops Bracket Challenge '10

Dylan Burkhardt

Even though Michigan isn’t dancing this year, I setup a group over at Yahoo! and it’s open to the public so anyone is welcome to join in the fun. There’s no prize or anything but you can prove yourself as the most knowledgeable basketball fan around.

You can join the group here and the ID# is 77772.

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  • michigan4204

    When is the 32 team NIT field announced? I know that no team with a losing record has ever been invited, but I wouldn’t be shocked if they asked UM to come play. Just curious if anyone knew

  • The NIT Selection Show is at 9PM on ESPNU. Michigan will not make the field.

  • AG2

    Few things about this year’s bracket:

    1. MSU is the least likely 5/12 upset victim.
    2. If Butler were paired with a major conference opponent in round 1, they wouldn’t have stood a chance.
    3. Ohio State is officially on upset alert vs. Oklahoma State. James Anderson vs. Evan Turner should be a nice duel, and the Cowboys should literally give the bucks a “run” for their money.
    4. I can see Minnesota in the Sweet Sixteen. Really.
    5. If an ACC team was going to be left out, it should have been Wake Forest. Nobody tanks games like they do.
    6. Kentucky/Texas on Saturday could be the best game of the first weekend.
    7. Notre Dame. WTF!?

  • NIT brackets are out…No Michigan, as expected.

  • Giddings

    Interesting that UNC got in the NIT as a 4-seed… and Illinois has to go on the road to Stony Brook even as a 1-seed? I guess Assembly Hall is booked this week?

  • other steve

    AG2 agree with everything except the Ohio State game. I honestly think that Ohio State wins that pretty easily. They play good defense, especially that full court zone. That can prevent some of the running that Ok. State does. I see Ohio State losing to Georgetown tho. And im confused at the Notre Dame question.

    1. For a 12 seed New Mexico State must be one of the worst of all time.
    2. I honestly think Oakland has a chance to beat Pittsburgh
    3. Purdue shouldn’t be favored against Siena
    4. The South bracket is horrible

  • AG2

    I only meant that Notre Dame was seeded awfully high for a “bubble” team.

    In any case, I still like Purdue’s chances. Siena has been slipping lately, they needed HUGE 2nd half comebacks just to win the MAAC tournament on their home floor. Edwin Ubiles is good but I still like Etwaun Moore better. And Jujuan Johnson vs. Matthew Rossiter isn’t even close.

    That being said, they did manage to beat Ohio State in Dayton last year. But what does it tell you that this is the same OSU team that lost that game, just without BJ Mullens?

  • other steve

    oh i wasnt sure Notre Dame was a bubble team. I didn’t think they deserved to be a six seed but I didn’t think they were on the bubble either. Not with the way they finished and the teams they beat. I think maybe an 8 or 9 would have been better but I think they did a pretty good job. Maybe thought Illinois should have been in?

    Does everyone like Purdue to beat Siena…? I thought they looked awful without Hummel but now that you mention it Siena did struggle too…

  • Joel

    A 6 is absurdly high for Notre Dame, I thought they’d be like a 10. I get that the end of the season is important but it shouldn’t carry ALL the weight. I think the Purdue/Siena game will be close…not sure who I’m gunna go with yet. I was going to say VA Tech got shafted, but looking at their schedule, I understand how they got left out. Shoulda just won that first ACC tournament game.

    Disagree about Butler, I think they’ve shown they can hang with some pretty good major conference teams. Wouldn’t be surprised if they make the Sweet 16. My upset special: Gonzaga over Syracuse in the 2nd round! Who’s with me??

  • Mith

    Yeah I like that Gonzaga over Syracuse too. Of course Syracuse is a very good team, but they seem a little vulnerable right now. Plus, we’re due for a 8/9 over a 1.

  • Andy

    I have Syracuse going all the way. Need to get a better feel on that injury before I lock my picks, but I think they’re solid. I have been burned so often by going with teams that get hot in the conference tourney’s that I kind of go the other way now. Good teams that get knocked out of their conference tournaments early are my picks.

  • Old Style

    I can’t believe the Duke bracket. I feel like the second best team in that bracket is Louisville. Unfortunately they only show up a quarter of the time (hence the 8 seed.) Did Nova deserve a 2 seed?

  • Mike

    I honestly think Syracuse sucks for a #1 seed and could see them go down to zags, I don’t get what their record shows. N one remember when they lost that preseason game to a dII school. I dont see a OSU having a problem with cowboys cuz i dont see them getting past Georgia TEch

  • Mike

    my dark horse is Xavier making it to final 4

  • maxwell’s demon

    Butler is awesome and I will not hear otherwise. Like Minny over Xavier.

  • Joel

    Lol I actually ended up switching and taking Louisville over Duke as my “big” 2nd round upset, and now have Syracuse going to final 4 :/. It’s always nearly impossible to tell though, thanks to the beautiful unpredictability that is March Madness. I have OSU losing to Georgetown in the Sweet 16 but I wouldn’t mind if UC-Santa Barbara beats them on a buzzer-beater :D (only thing that would make me feel a little better about our loss).

    Other key upsets I have:
    1st Round:
    – 11 San Diego St over 6 Tennessee
    – 13 Murray St over 4 Vanderbilt
    – 11 Minnesota over 6 Xavier
    – 12 Cornell over 5 Temple

    2nd Round:
    – 12 Cornell over 4 Wisconsin
    – 9 Louisville over 1 Duke

    Also I have 5 Texas A&M in the Final Four with the 3 other 1 seeds, and Kansas beating Kentucky in the final. Not sure if I’ve finalized mine yet though. What are your upset/champion picks & what is your bracket name? Mine is “Questionable at Best”.

  • Ricky

    Besides this one if anyone wants to enter another one I created one on facebook. Here’s the link if you want to run two brackets.