Ohio State 69, Michigan 68

Dylan Burkhardt

There’s not a more fitting way for this season to end than another heartbreaking loss. Michigan has lost a number of close games this season and this was probably the most painful loss yet.

The clock looks suspiciously close to starting late but I don’t think the officials are allowed to review when the clock started. Not to mention, it is always going to be human controlled so you just have to go with it. Thad Matta certainly didn’t look open to the idea of a review, judging by the rage he unleashed on the scorers table. Bottom line: Turner hit a ridiculous 40 foot shot at the buzzer. There’s a reason he’s the best college basketball player in the country.

I’ll have a full post-game later, including thoughts about defending the last play.

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  • other steve

    man i hate life. i can not believe we lost that game. i do blame some of the defensive strategy but that was also one helluva shot. i usually like evan turner but i have never hated someone more than i did after that shot. i was stunned. all i asked for was a chance to win but I almost wish we had lost by a lot than to lose a heartbreaker like that.
    If only I could know what our score would have been if we had played tomorrow. If I had known we would have lost tomorrow than i wouldnt care as much. but to know that we could be in the semifinals…

  • JB

    i understand your frustrations, but it is more important now than ever to stand by our coaching staff. our future is dependent on recruits and it looks horrible for our program to have all our fans criticizing beilein.

    yes, i do consider his two sub 500 seasons and a tourney bid a huge step forward for us and hence wonders for our program. we made the tournament for the first time in 11 years with two stars that amaker recruited and walk-ons. i agree, we will see what beilein’s legacy is once they leave and only time will tell. i guarantee horford commits to u of m within a week and it’s possible we’ll luck out and get zeigler. i think our program will be flourishing by 2012.

    it is fair weather to tear down our coach and looks horrible for the program, especially when season ticket holders embrace the mentality and start booing the football team.

  • Nick

    Love how people still back Belein, then complain about this team being undersized. If you back him because he’s an average coach, then I’m ok with it. He’s certainly not a great coach though. Definitely not a great recruiter.

    That being said we need to stay with him to become an average big ten team (I would argue that the past three years have been below average in the Big Ten). After that, we need to find someone to take us to the next level.

    Also, I know Cronin/Morgan injuries attribute to our lack of size. But seriously, Cronin was a long shot from the beginning, and just about everyone can verify that. Morgan has a little more upside, but not much.

  • JB

    i back beilein and complain about our team being undersized because it is a temporary problem that he will fix. morgan’s injury and udoh’s transfer were unexpected.

    it takes time to build a program.

    Dylan – I don’t mean to fill your forum with arguements (although i have a heck of a knack for doing so). I’m done with the arguments.

  • Evan

    Dylan, please give me some sort of good news to take my mind off this game

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  • Uhm, the most disappointing basketball season in a long time is finally over?

  • MaizeNBlue2


    I can’t be serious. Have you seen who Beilein is recruiting!? It’s not like he’s not trying to get size in here. Smote coming in next year is 6’8 (not a back to the basket player, but still height), Amir Williams is 6’9-6’11, Cody Zeller is 6’10, Plumlee is 6’9+, Horford is 6’9″. He’s trying to get size in here, and the guys from the ’11 class aren’t just big bodies, they all should be highly rated prospects.

    He’s recruiting height. Cronin was 7’0, we just had bad luck with his injury. Jordan Morgan is 6’8″, McLimans is 6’10. He’s not just an average coach, either. You must’ve missed that he was voted (by his peers), to be one of the best X’s and O’s guys in the country. That doesn’t sound like an “average” coach to me. He’s done more with this program in 3 years than anyone else did dating back to before Brian Ellerbe, and with less talent. Give the guy some time.

    I’m excited about the future. This team can go places, we just need a few pieces of the puzzle to fall in to place, particularly Horford and Ziegler this year, then bring in Amir in ’11.

    Now, about the game today, hell of an effort. I’m sure there were a lot of bandwagoners (as a matter of fact, I saw plenty of them posting places during halftime) that were throwing a fit at halftime because we lost a 9 point lead. If you would have told most of them that we’d have a 2-point lead with 2.2 seconds left, they would have called you crazy. Now they want to jump on the coach because the best player in the country hit a 40-foot jumper at the buzzer. Unbelievable.

    I’ll back Coach Beilein until I can’t any more, and a lot of you should really learn to control your emotions. I was as upset as anyone that the shot went in, but you know what, it was a great shot by a great player and life does go on. I can’t wait for our guys to come out hungry next year and get back to the dance where they belong. Go Blue!

  • Evan

    that will do

  • other steve

    these last two years for UM sports have sucked so much… we couldn’t have just gotten one lucky surprising win to keep us hoping for a BTT title? not even one?…
    i honestly didn’t think id care that much about this tournament til now. The last time I had this feeling was losing to Appalachian State. If trey ziegler and jon horford both commit then ill feel a lot better. since we lost this game we should get a make-up present… trey ziegler please

  • other steve

    i wouldve preferred a loss like this last year… We wouldve had the NCAA tourney to fall back on…

  • No offense, guys, but calling for the coach’s head/a**/liver after a heartbreaking loss equals. . . classic fail. Yes, it’s the wrong call, because he had three or four strategies available to him and the one he chose didn’t work. But lots of coaches play it that way, load it up downcourt and force the other team to beat them from way out, not do it with an easy, high-percentage shot. It’s not like that’s not a legitimate way to play the odds.

    What’s more–as more than one person here is pointing out–the game is over when the ball leaves his hands if the clock starts when the ball comes in bounds. Or at the very least we are still embroiled in controversy and the riots continue at Canseco Fieldhouse. Further, Tweeter nailed it when he said (as Lavin echoed) that Stu let Turner get into his full motion, which bites. But it’s not like Turner was completely undefended, as some have alleged. And even God was surprised that sucker went in.

    For me a whole lot of anger toward Beilein is pretty wierd. He had his team ready and they played their hearts out today, almost beating the number 7 team in the country in a huge game on national TV. They went a long way toward redeeming themselves in my eyes; hell, I enjoyed it, didn’t you? Personally, I’m saving my hate for Thad Matta, who will for ever after just enrage me on general principle.

  • Max in Chicago

    I agree. It’s not up to us whether or not he stays or goes, so we might as well stand behind him. Beilein has nearly out-coached thad matta twice this year with the loads of talent that OSU has compared to our two-stars and gimps. I think that with some talent, and some luck, this program can make a run at the tourney next year. Besides, who else was thinking Andy Rautins when Stu was draining those 3’s? I’m excited.

  • MichFan4borw

    For those claiming that Coach B can only do it with Amaker’s two stars, let’s look at how Amaker developed his previous recruits and how Beilein DEVELOPED Sims and Harris. Harris needs more work, but I’d say Beilein deserves some credit for developing Sims. The same goes for Brandon Graham in football. Yeah, he was a Carr recruit, but look at who’s staff developed him into the stud he is.

    Fairweather fans blow and Michigan’s fan base needs to get rid of the part of it that is reluctant to exhibit patience (the fan equivalent of the Michigan players hard work all year to improve) and an appreciation for the process of building championship programs (Which Amaker and Carr failed to do during their final 3-5 years).

  • AG2

    I felt that loss was on Beilein, but there are mistakes and there are signs that a coach has to go. This was just a mistake. Beilein might not be off to as good a recruiting start as Amaker, but at the end of the day once those players are here, who do you trust to get them to the tournament?

    I’m still optimistic for next season, and I still think we can be a tournament team next year, even with OSU/MSU/Illinois monster recruiting classes.

    If we can get some size, some athleticism, some shooting, and some depth, we could pretty good.

    I hope Manny stays. He can’t let it go out like that. Not with what we have coming in next year. Not if Turner, Buford, Summers, Lucas, and the Purdue 3 could come back.

    Tune in Monday to find out if our women’s team makes it.

  • MaceoBaston

    Relax on the Beilein bashing. Yeah he screwed up at the end, but the bottom line is that Turner still had to hit a half court shot. This wasn’t shades of Grant Hill to Christian Laettner. It was a freaking half court shot and they guy drilled it.

  • tru blue 78

    GREAT POST MaizeNBlue2 So to all the fools who think Coach B is at fault heres some facts:

    Beilein is the only active collegiate coach to have achieved 20-win seasons at four different levels—junior college, NAIA, NCAA Division II and NCAA Division I. He has been recognized as Coach of the Year four times: in 1981 at Erie Community College, in 1988 at LeMoyne, in 1994 at Canisius, and in 1998 at Richmond. In addition, Beilein is one of only seven coaches in history (along with Lefty Driesell, Jim Harrick, Lon Kruger, Rick Pitino, Tubby Smith, and Eddie Sutton) to have taken four different schools to the NCAA Dance.

    The only thing that sucks about Michigan is fair weather fans and this post has a few(i wont name names) as for the rest of us we will do 3 things

    1 we will support our bball coach

    2 we will support our fball coach

    3 and we continue to be the best fans on earth

    Thanks Peedie and coach B

    And Thanks Dylan, its been a pleasure Cant wait for spring ball!!!!

  • UMIndy

    A guy makes a basket from just passed half court and it’s Beilein’s fault… give me a break. That’s analysis on par with sports talk radio.

  • Joel

    I don’t even know if he screwed up at the end. He only “screwed up” because it didn’t work. If Turner had missed would we be saying it was a good defensive call? Like NVE a slightly contested 37-footer isn’t really the worst shot you can allow. I just hate Turner with all of my being for making it, and how smug he acted after. AP quoted him as being “modest”. Right. I also hate Motta but he even he wasn’t sure they deserved to win after the first 39 minutes 57.8 seconds.

    Furthermore, I hate the announcers and ESPN for loving up on OSU and “oh what great shot hes such a good player” when he had had an awful half up to that point and was totally out-played by Manny. Not one mention of how well Michigan played to force Ohio St into that situation, or anything.

    Man, the Michigan St game @ home was NOTHING compared to this, that almost feels like a win now. If you had told me after that game that there would be a loss 20 times worse than that to end the season…well I dunno.

    Lol Chad you literally threw up? I’m not surprised. Can’t wait to go to the bar tonight and see this replayed like 30 times. They should just switch all the TVs in the Ann Arbor bars to…..I dunno Animal Planet or something. I was too young to remember the Colorado hail mary but I have to imagine this is the basketball equivalent. Unless he had made it from like 80 feet but really it’s just as awful from 37. That shot going in just drives home the “lifes not fair” saying. Ohio St gained what, a very slightly better chance @ a 1 seed from that, when they’re probably going to be a #2 anyway? And we had everything riding on it. But like with every close game this season….*sigh*

  • fresh

    a long pass being successful other than christian laettner has anybody ever scored again like that? you play man defense there and the chances of getting a shot like turner had is nonexistent…………that being said i like beilein he just got this one really wrong in my worthless opinion

  • fresh

    steve lavin was questioning beileins decision and i wont be watching any sports for awhile but im sure every other analyzt out there doesnt agree with the decision either

  • Kainkitizen

    WOW! This was the best loss i’ve seen in quite some time from our basketball program. The start of the game was good, the middle belonged to the opponent and the last part game down to a buzzer beater by a talented player. I saw this team play even better then there beatdown of Minnesota and their tough win against UConn. This was definitly a heart breaker. We will greatly miss Deshawn in the low post and 12-15 foot baseline jumpers. I definitly see Deshawn playing professionaly here in the states or over in Europe. Thank you Deshawn, it was a pleasure and entertaining.

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  • Jban

    Refer to Kentucky Vs. Duke 1992. You have to guard the inbounder, and at least token pressure in the back court. Horrible decision and awful loss. I am still a supporter of Beilein, but that loss is on him, even though it wasn’t a high percentage shot.

  • Conrad

    i fully support beilein and think he has the program headed in the right direction..sure, i would’ve maybe done some things differently at the end of the game. but at the end of the day, he hit a 37 footer to beat us. not much more you can do than tip your cap. loved the effort by everyone today. stu was on fire. manny simply took over. it just simply wasn’t meant to be this year..i hope our boys watch this replay everyday during the offseason and play like they did today all of next year..in beilein i trust..and thank you deshawn sims. i will miss his 12 foot fadeaway jumpers that hit nothing but net..as always, go blue

  • JSmooth

    Go Bucks!!!!!!

  • Drae

    total heart break but you have to admire the way this team fought back… most disagree with the way Coach B coached that last play but you can fault him or beat him down like alot of people have done on this forum… the same guy who people are beating down is the same guy who coached these kids back in the game… hopefully this lost won’t sit well with the returning guys and add some fuel to the fire for next year… hopefully we’ll have 2 more additional players on the roster in Horford and Ziegler…

  • Drae

    here’s a question for you Dylan what effect (if any) will this game have on recruiting?