Big Ten Tournament Sandwich Post

Dylan Burkhardt

Basics: Iowa box score. Ohio State match-up statistics. Next game: 12PM ESPN.

Apologies in advance but I have to keep it short because of time constraints… The Iowa game was ugly but at this point it’s tough to complain about a win.

For the first 10 minutes, everything was running smoothly and Michigan was scoring points at ease. Then Iowa switched to the zone defense and Michigan appeared bewildered. Michigan couldn’t buy a three point shot and they kept firing.

Four factors graphs sans interpretation:

Next up, Ohio State at noon eastern on ESPN. Evan Turner is good. The rest of the Ohio State starting is also good. Ohio State is a 9 point favorite and it’s really tough to see Michigan standing a chance.

For more on Ohio State here is the preview and post game from the last contest in Columbus. There isn’t really a good match-up on the court for Michigan so it will take a very impressive effort. Ohio State is probably playing for a one seed and Michigan needs a miracle to make the NIT.

It’s Ohio State’s first game in 10 days and also their first game in Indianapolis. That coupled with a noon tip off are probably the biggest x-factors going Michigan’s way. It’s not the best news when those are the only positives that you can come up with.

The post is short so let’s hear your thoughts, predictions, and everything else in the comments.

  • Joel

    There is no justice in the world. I want to die.

  • Tweeter

    dont care about guarding the inbounder, but you gotta press up and make it difficult for him to dribble into a shot. We just sat back and let him shoot it comfortably.

  • MattM


  • fresh

    that about sums it up……………..that ones on beilein

  • Tx

    Coach lost the game w/ 2 seconds you make it difficult to catch and dribble

  • AG2

    That one is on Beilein. That one is on Beilein. Someone send him a video tape of the 1992 elite eight as a case study on how to guard an inbounds with less than 3 seconds left.

  • Matt

    that ones on Evan Turner. He made the shot.

    Good game. I still will look at the positives from this game. They came to play and they definitely should keep their heads up. Tough loss but the better team won today guys.

    Good job Blue. Better luck next time.

  • fresh

    they played not to lose on that instead of trying to win……..i have supported beilein cause i think he will make michigan good at some point but beilein deserves that outcome but the players deserve that win…………thats going to eat at some folks for a long long long time

  • JB

    there is no justice in this world. worst. season. ever.

  • michigan fan

    I guess Beilein wad concern about fouling but come on, put some pressure on the ball and don’t give Turner the ability to catch the ball moving forward. Poor strategy on that late play in my judgment. That being said, he still hit a 40 footer. bummer

  • AG2

    Matt, that’s on Beilein. You know darn well that OSU is one of the best jumpshooting teams in the nation. If they had a clean shot, chances are they’d hit it. You know that, I know that, Beilein knows that. The only way you stop that is foul before the shot, or guard the inbounds. I mean, where do you think manny harris should have been? Under the basket for no reason, or on the baseline with a hand in lighty’s face?

  • TomThrice

    That was horrible. Why did they let Turner dribble it up like that?

  • AG2

    Kalin Lucas’ed by Evan Turner. I can’t watch basketball for a month.

  • chitownblue

    He made a contested 37 foot shot and you people are blaming Beilein?

    They lost. It was a great game, and they lost, because Turner made a completely asininely difficult shot. Period.

  • Joel

    exactly chitownblue. i hope evan turner gets all kinds of awful diseases. did you guys see thad motta taunting michigans bench after turner made the impossibley absurd miracle shot the completely bailed his team out? Way to be, OSU coach. Your team by all means should have lost and you start rubbing it in michigan bench’s face. Really, really classy. Boy you’re just such a great coach.

  • michigan hoops 4eva

    wow. just wow. at least we didn’t go down without a fight. jeeze, that hurts. we can only build on this to get better next year.

  • rs

    I’ll second the note that the shot was before the buzzer BUT the clock started late on the inbound. He caught the ball, turned and dribbled before it hit 2.1 seconds. I don’t who works the clock but I very much doubt it should have counted.

  • Max in Chicago

    Seriously. It’s not on Beilein. That was angry Michigan hating god.

  • CY

    That loss is on the coach. Seriously, who doesnt guard the inbound pass or at the very least slow down Evan Turner who gets a running start to the other end of the floor. Who cares about the time, send these West Virginia coaches back where they came from!!!

  • Matt

    Good game BLUE. You guys really showed some heart today. Tough loss. I hope we can build from our intensity into next season.

  • DC Wolverine

    The sad thing is, didn’t you just know Turner’s shot was going in as soon as it left his hand?

    As Brian pointed out on MGoBlog a few months back, being a Michigan sports fan right now is like getting dong-punched repeatedly. Lord make it stop.

  • AG2

    Oh come off it! It was ALLL on Beilein! Every single person I have talked to so far, even those who don’t watch basketball, asked “why didn’t anyone guard the inbounds?”

    OSU is an EXCELLENT shooting team. He got a clean shot off in rhythm against a guy who isn’t nearly tall enough to guard him. If he was falling away from the basket it would be a tough shot. That wasn’t a tough shot, that was the cleanest look he could have gotten from 37 feet. And once again, I don’t think just Turner could have made that. Diebler could have. Buford could have. Heck even Lighty could have!

  • mike

    yea that was bs on the clock. No way he takes that many dribbles and still gets a shot off in 2.2 secs

  • CY

    seriously, this is up there with the CWebb timeout, the hail mary, the texas rose bowl game, the fumble by atrain, the last 10 years of suffering at the hands of OSU…… i dont know how much more I can take…..

  • chitownblue

    AG, you’re acting like any 35 foot shot is a certainty. Stop being an idiot. Take a deep breath.

  • mike

    o and yea I saw that taunting by matta. Really classy for a coach there. They should of threw OSU a T for that

  • Alyzen

    I’ve seriously never hated a player more than I hate Evan Turner right now. That f-ing grin on his ugly f-ing face after he hit that shot…ugh. Just had to get that out of my system.

  • Joel

    Geez I can only imagine the state Drew is in right now. Hope he doesn’t make any rash decisions ha.

  • chitownblue

    And did Beilein only coach the last 2 seconds? What about when we cut their lead from 10 in 10 minute? Did he coach that part, too? Or does he just takeover when you need a scapegoat to fill your overly-simplistic need to find a scapegoat?

  • AG2

    I’m just saying, chitown. OSU is one of the best jumpshooting teams in the Big Ten, if not the nation. You have to EXPECT that Turner makes that shot the way they shoot. If you don’t think he can make it, what is the purpose of having ANYONE out there on defense ANYWHERE on the court? I’m not saying its a certainty. I’m saying if anyone could have hit that shot, its Turner/Buford/Diebler. And Beilein did not have them in position to win.

  • GrandChamp

    Brutal to lose that game after making that great comeback. I think this will look a lot better to the potential recruits then if we had won and then lost our next game by 20 or so though.

  • Joel

    Agree 100% Alyzen. I wanted to punch him in his stupid buckeye face. I hope OSU loses in the 1st round by 50. Screw rooting for your own conference. I never thought I could hate OSU so much over a basketball game.

  • chitownblue

    Also, Matta wasn’t yelling at Beilein. He was yelling at Hightower, becaus he was waving it off.

  • intrpdtrvlr

    I agree with AG2. If you’re going to need a 40 foot shot to win the game in two seconds, that was about as ideal an unfolding as OSU could have imagined.

    For everything Beilein did well and for everything his coaching contributed to the win, it sucks to have it wiped any by what most observers would say was a dubious defensive approach on the last play. Just because OSU needs a miracle shot to win doesn’t coaching decisions don’t matter. Yes, he made an unlikely shot but partially because he got about the best look he could have hoped for.

  • Joel

    @ chitownblue are you sure? He totally looked like he was doing an “in your face we scored” thing. To me anyway.

  • ToBlav

    It hurts. I am proud of the team’s showing. It was really good for the youngest team in the Big Ten. Still, it hurts.

  • Jake

    if you have any pressure at all there is no way he gets that far up court. im not even saying contest the shot just make him change his dribble and the games is over. instead they let him run up past half court. this one is defiantly on beilein.

  • rs

    I might guess that Beilein didn’t think that Turner could catch the ball, dribble a few times and get the ball off in 2.2 seconds. If the clock had started on time he probably didn’t. Beilein may have thought they only had time for a throw past half court and a catch and shoot.

    Either way, I probably would have defended the throw in but I’m not a coach.

  • Jeff

    That seems to be a pretty fitting end to a brutal season. I can’t remember a team that ever finding more agonizing ways to lose games. I thought they had it perfected after the MSU game, but they topped that today. And yeah, it was a terrible decision not to guard the inbounds pass. That’s all I can say.

  • Drae

    Anyone notice the clock when OSU called time out @ the end… It was 2.0 not 2.2… Great effort poor last defensive set… Still great game!

  • Jake

    Drae thats because they started it after thad matta had called a timeout so they had to put the time back on

  • Alex

    The game was great. They played extremely hard. I cannot fault them. I wish it had gone the other way. I do think that the team can build off of this and if certain people stay/commit watch out for UM Hoops next year.

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