Wednesday Links: Horford Gets an Offer

Dylan Burkhardt
  • Hoops: Horford picks up big offer ($)
    It took a while but Jon Horford landed his offer. He has to make his full campus tour to make things official but once he does, I would assume a commitment will follow shortly after.
  • Recruiting Roundup (3-10-10) / Recruiting Roundup (3-9-10)Part 2 (Podcasts)
    Sam Webb drops some hoops recruiting nuggets. Webb feels good about Zeigler and thinks that Michigan is in good position as things stand now. Webb speculates that it’s a “foregone conclusion” that Horford will receive an offer and that will be made official once he makes the trip to Ann Arbor for the academic presentation etc. Webb also thinks that Horford will commit once the offer is made official.
  • Michigan Headed to 2010 Legends Classic
    Post this yesterday, Michigan is playing in the Legends Classic next year along with Syracuse, Georgia Tech, and UTEP. All three schools return a lot of talent (depending on NBA departures) and it will be a tough field. The regional schools have also been added to the post and judging the list I suspect Detroit and Bowling Green will face Michigan.
  • Back and Forth, recapping the season
    The Big Ten Geeks look back at their preseason predictions, what went well and what didn’t… Michigan is example A in prognostication failure.
  • Big Ten Tournament Preview: The Coronation of …
    The Prospectus previews the Big Ten Tournament. Michigan’s logarithmic projection chance at winning the title: 0.7%. Minnesota has been a statistical (read: Pomeroy) darling all year and the projections like them as a Cinderella candidate but I’m not sure I see it.
  • Tempo Free Aerial – Final Edition
    Michigan’s efficiency margin in conference play was actually a tad better than last season.
  • NOTEBOOK: Michigan never considered the CBI; Jordan Morgan likely to have surgery
    Beilein explains the decision to skip the CBI. Morgan is getting shoulder surgery and could be looking at a four month recovery period.
  • Ohio State swingman David Lighty captains 11th annual All-Glue Team
    Draymond Green got hosed but Lighty is a good choice.
  • ESPN – NCAA Womens Bracketology
    Kevin Borseth has the Michigan womens team on the bubble. ESPN projects them as one of the last four teams in the tournament.
  • Oakland is going dancing
    The Grizzlies came up one game short last year but they punched their ticket last night. Oakland’s uptempo offense can be fun to watch and it’s great to see the local program make the tournament.
  • Committee experience and other musings
    Jay Bilas with some interesting thoughts about the NCAA selection process

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  • Giddings

    Beilein makes it sound as if the CBI is some brand new thing that nobody knows about (“We’ll wait to see how successful the CBI is”). They should be able to get a decent indication from it’s first 2 years and the fact that it’s run by the Gazelle Group, which knows how to put on tournaments.

    Recruiting-wise, I can only hope that Trey was sitting there in the Breslin Center on Sunday, noting the annoying Izzoners and thinking “I’m gonna love silencing these fools the next 4 years”…

  • intrpdtrvlr

    I’ve been on the record here as saying UM not grabbing Horford would be madness. I just hope as a Spartan that I’m not saying “Awh man, why didn’t MSU get that guy!” in three years as I watch him dominate Alex Gauna. It’s a possibility. It’ll be fun to see how both develop and I’ll probably always think of them in tandem. Kind of like Sims and Herzog but let’s not go there either. Smile, guys.

  • Evan

    Im happy about our status with horford and zeigler and happy that oakland is in the tourney

  • Loving the Blue

    I’m happy with the status of those guys. But with all the bad luck we been having this past year in all Michigan sports, I will hold back in excitement until they are commitments and not recuits.

  • JimC

    Here’s a thought…
    You know how disappointing it was for us not making a tourney run this year…well, imagine for a minute that you were a Northwestern fan. I work with a guy who is a huge college BBall fan and NW alum, and he was just giddy thinking that his Wildcats were going to make their FIRST EVER appearance in the Big Dance. And judging how they played until January, it looked very likely. Then the wheels fell off. Those fans have got to be crushed. If they couldn’t do it this year…they may never see it in their lifetime!

    Oh the humanity!

  • Can someone please summarize what Webb is saying that makes everyone hopeful about Zeigler? Don’t have time to listen right now, but Webb seems like the most reliable guy out there re: recruiting. (Webb also writes pretty well, I’ve noticed; compare him to the poorly edited crapola you find in the Freep.)

  • Tweeter

    Summary of Webb on Zeigler: feels like Trey has liked UM for awhile. Said Beilein is pulling out all the stops to get him. UCLA and CMU are factors. If its not UM, thinks it will be either one of those. While not saying Trey is anything close to a lock, feels like UM has a real good shot.

    Next day said that UM is ahead by a nose for Trey. UM has done a real good job showing him what UM can do for him and how he would fit. Plus a lot of familiarity with players (dumars, etc). He doesnt have a gut feeling on it. UCLA is the gorilla in the room.

  • YpsiTuckyBoy


    Webb doesn’t give many in-depth reasons why he thinks Michigan is in a good position with Zeigler. The main ones he gave were Michigan’s consistent, aggressive interest in Zeigler, along with the fact that it looks like Zeigler’s girlfriend (and sister of Dumars) will be going to UM in the fall. He does think UCLA is the “elephant in the room”, though.

  • Brian W

    I would say it’s the tone and positive way that Sam provides his assessment of Trey’s recuitment. It sounds like Sam has a good relationship with Trey. Sam sometimes knows more than he’ll say on the air and will drop hints (aka the “Gut feeling”). I don’t think that’s the case with Trey (the “gut feeling”), but if Sam has a positive outlook, it at least means U-M has a legit (and very good) shot of landing a kid.

  • Wow. Fantastic. I’m clutchin’ at any straw–thanks, everyone, for the good word.

  • YpsiTuckyBoy

    Brian W…I totally agree. Maybe Webb is just really sly and talks the way he does to get people riled up and/or excited, but something in his voice does belay the possibility that he knows more than he’s saying.

  • ToBlav

    Wow, Smolts, Hardaway, Horford, Zeigler. If it happens, best class in how long? Maybe since . . . you know when.

  • YpsiTuckyBoy

    That would be a great class. However, I wouldn’t put them in the same sentence as “those of whom we do not speak.”

  • Brian W

    Since ToBlav almost went there… the Fab Five. I guess I’ll bite and go there… I did think it was interesting that a few weeks back Trey had mentioned talking to Jimmy King and then mentioning how cool it would be to have another Fab Five. If you consider that Dumars (a friend of Trey’s) won’t be eligible until next year (mid-season) and add the four other guys (Evan, Hardaway, Horford, and Zeigler) that would be coming in, and you’d have five fresh faces that would be newly eligible for playing time at U-M. A stretch possibly, but there could be a chance that those five guys could see the floor at the same time–yeah, that’s not counting the red-shirts.

  • Ken in Vegas

    Zeigler just means so much to this program. We either take a step forward or take a step back. I have already had visions of my reaction if he committs and visions of my reaction if he doesn’t. I thought I was done caring what high school kids think. Damnit.

  • ZRL

    Since 2003?

    Dion Harris: #28 overall
    Courtney Sims: #36 overall
    Brent Petway: #71 overall

  • Potential wise, this class would rival the 2002 or 2003 classes. Whether or not Beilein transfers that potential to production will end up deciding where we rank them.

  • Drew2

    In most of the videos I’ve watched of trey, he’s usually driving the lane or making plays in transition. His driving ability would be an incredible asset to the offense but what kind of shooter is he from the perimeter??

  • Giddings

    Drew2, from the few videos I’ve seen and what I’ve heard, he’s a slightly better version of Manny from the perimeter.

  • Merlin

    Just be cautious in your optimism because Sam also had a strong feeling on Casey Prather and we know how that worked out.

  • Bluebufoon

    Would love to hear an update on Jordan Morgan’s injury from his Mother — has she posted lately ? Do we know any specifics on what happened and what the particular injury may be ?

  • Brian W

    On the coaches show, Mike Jackson said that LLP landed on Jordand Morgan’s shoulder. He didn’t say if it was a collar bone or another part of the shoulder. I know a collar bone that requires surgery takes a while to heal properly since a relative had that problem.

    As for Sam, he always says anything can happen in recruiting, and Prather didn’t work out. There’s enough other factors in Michigan’s favor, compared to Prather’s, that U-M still has a great shot at landing him.

  • Brian W

    That would be Jordan, not Jordand. Sorry for the typo.

  • I wish the best to Morgan. I want him to succeed so bad, but two surgeries are unfortunate. Sometimes that may make a player a step slower,less strong or not the same as before. Let’s hope this is not the case with Morgan. We can’t afford to lose two big man.

  • Paul

    Just got done watching Country Day play tonight in their playoffs. Amir Williams was dunking and scoring inside all night long (against 6’3 players granted). McCallum was amazingly cat-quick (he looks like a LONG arm cheetah out there – said in a good way) and will be a scary-good college PG. He drove to the basket at will past smaller very quick guards and had a vicious dunk in traffic. He was a master @ applying full court pressure. Their game was in the 15 point’ish win column vs. the 50 or so point win they had in the 1st round of the playoffs. Amir’s hands (catching the ball) looked a bit suspect and he was a bit slow up and down the court. They play this Fri night @ 7PM @ Clawson HS if anyone wants to go to their next game.

  • Brian W

    Unfortunately Jarrod Ward comes to mind when I think of Jordan’s situation. Bad luck with injuries. I hope he can rehab and find a way to contribute this season.

    I’m pretty sure they said Jordan would be out for four months too. Forgot to mention that.

  • Alex

    Horford’s potential committment is more important than ever. Like other people have said we may need another big man in 2011. Back to the present, I hope we win tomorrow and, provided we win, make the game on Friday competitive.

    I do hope our injured big men can recover.

  • Brian W

    Paul, thanks for the update on Amir. McCallum will be great in college.

    My brain has already moved on from this season evidently… Hopefully Jordan Morgan will contribute next season. And U-M beats Iowa tomorrow… It’s been a long day.

  • Tweeter

    Hey where’s our preview of Iowa, Dylan?!? I’m still excited to see this team make a run. I’m just kidding on the question/demand though. You have done a fantastic job this year Dylan and deserve a hardy pat on the back.

  • Preview will be up tomorrow morning haha. I’ll try to get it up early, considering the 2:30 tip.

  • Evan

    I have unfortunatly moved on from this season too but I still think I will watch the game tommorrow

  • Amir Williams has another year to grow, get stronger, hone his passing, and–I’ll bet–become less clumsy. He tosses some kids around in those videos (above), looks anything but timid. Having a banger to complement Horford down the line might be just great. He might have more ceiling than early reports suggested.

  • AG2

    If Nebraska could beat Mizzou, we can beat Iowa and Ohio State.

  • other steve

    different feeling going into the BTT against Iowa this year as opposed to last year eh?

    Think UM wins against Iowa and at least makes me believe a run to the championship is possible…

  • michigan hoops 4eva

    I listened to Webb’s recruiting update…overly optimistic in my opinion. There’s really no indication that Trey Zeigler is leaning towards Michigan, and he hasn’t even made all his visits.

    On Zeigler, I am very worried. This program is in a crossroads, let’s be honest. Things have gone very wrong this year, and next year we have NO returning big men (and Jordan Morgan seems to be following the path of Ben Cronin unfortunately). Scoring Zeigler, and Horford for that matter, would be monumental in taking the next step forward in this program. I would love to have Trey come to Michigan, but I just don’t think that it’s likely at this point, as he’s opened up his recruitment. I really don’t think Michigan is the favorite for Zeigler, although it’s probably in the top.

    My opinion of where Zeigler ends up:

    I really think it’s that close, but time will tell.

  • mark

    I would ignore what Webb said because he tends to believe every recruit is coming to Michigan. He is way too much of a slappy to be taken seriously. I’ve heard him say he expects a commitment anytime now and then a month later the player commits to another school.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Trey committed to UCLA about 7 to 10 days after his team’s season is over.

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