Michigan Headed to 2010 Legends Classic

Dylan Burkhardt


This has been rumored for sometime but I had yet to see the entire field listed. Michigan will play in the 2010 Legends Classic in Atlantic City.

The three other schools participating are Syracuse, Georgia Tech, and UTEP. The semifinals will be played on November 26th in a double header that tips off at 5:30 PM EST. The finals will be played the next day (5:30 PM EST). From what I can tell, the bracket has not yet been finalized.

The tournament also features a regional round and the four host schools will play two homes games before they head to Atlantic City. These games are scheduled for November 19th and 21st.

Tickets go on sale to the general public this Thursday at noon but the presale begins tomorrow at 10am. You can purchase tickets here and the presale code is “GAZELLE”. There is also a buy one get one free offer going on for specific seats which you can access using the code “MADNESS”.

Update: The list of other teams participating has been released: William & Mary, Niagara, Mercer, Detroit, Bowling Green, Western Carolina, Gardner-Webb and Albany. I suspect Detroit and Bowling Green will be in Michigan’s “region” and play games at Crisler Arena, just based on geography.

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  • Evan

    Wow some very quality teams including Georgia Tech which could be very good if Favors stays for his sophmore year.

  • Eddie

    looking at the ticketmaster site, it appears the games are on Fri/Sat, not Thanksgiving/Fri?

  • JeremyC

    Sweet a chance for some quality wins early on!!!

  • AG2

    So far we’ve got:
    Michigan – Legends Classic
    Illinois – Coaches v. Cancer
    MSU – Maui Invitational
    Minnesota – Puerto Rico Tipoff
    Wisconsin – Old Spice Classic
    Penn State – 76 Classic
    Iowa – Paradise Jam

    Can’t find a field for South Padre Island, Preseason NIT, Charleston Classic, Cancun Classic, and Las Vegas Invitational. I’m assuming either Purdue or OSU goes to the Preseason NIT.

  • AG2

    Oh, and there’s one open spot in the Diamondhead Classic.

  • Evan

    I think the Maui invitational would be a tough place to stay focused. The Spartans may get upset. Yes

  • Brian W

    This is what I love about basketball scheduling over football scheduling. I’d rather play Syracuse, Georgia Tech, Kansas, Duke and teams on that level in the preseason than dumb down the schedule. You need some of the lesser teams for sure to work out the kinks the Big Ten and get the young kids experience, but the tougher teams help the strength of schedule and present a good challenge for the guys.

    Who knows there could be two teams from the Big Ten playing in this tourney if Jim Delaney and the Big Ten offers Syracuse a spot in the conference before then. Just kidding… Glen Rice Jr. will be in the tourney, though.

  • The key in basketball scheduling is playing 3-4 very tough games… Versus RPI top 25 type teams. Then Playing decent but not great schools. RPI 50-200 that you can beat, mostly the midmajors in this range.

    Michigan did a good job of that last year. This year they played a lot of underachieving teams that were talented but their records didn’t back it up.

  • Brian W

    Yeah, unfortunately the underachievers seemed to play a lot better this year when we played them in the out of conference schedule. Last year was much better. Hopefully next year we’ll surprise some people.

  • An early look at the three featured teams in Atlantic City…

    Syracuse — Loses Wes Johnson to the NBA (probably), Rautins, and Onuaku. Triche, Jadrine, Kris Joseph, and Rick Jackson still provide them with a great core of guys who played this year. Then they bring in 5-star center Fab De Melo, and 4 star SG Dion Waters as well as a couple 3 stars. They should be very very good.

    UTEP rolled through the CUSA but didn’t really beat anyone out of conference. Their entire roster is made up of juniors so they should be VERY tough assuming all those guys come back as seniors.

    Georgia Tech loses starting wing D’Adre Bell to graduation and freshman big man Derrick Favors is projected as a top 10 pick if he were to enter the draft. Four star shooting guard Jason Morris is their only incoming recruit. Tech is a bubble team this year.

  • AG2

    If GT doesn’t make the tournament despite all that talent, I heard that Paul Hewitt’s job might be in jeopardy.

    As for UTEP, that Derrick Character guy looks like a beast. They were fortunate to get him after transferring from Louisville.

    Watching this Seton Hall Providence game I can’t help but notice Keno Davis at Providence has recruited a lot of Michigan guys. Dylan, I don’t suppose you know anything about Duke Mondy out of GR Catholic Central, do you?

  • Dunno anything about Mondy. Providence has definitely been trying to make in-roads in Michigan on the recruiting trail. Michigan is also pushing into the Northeast though by recruiting the NEPSAC and other prep school leagues up there. So the overlap makes sense but it’s definitely interesting, seems like every recruit Michigan is going after lists Providence too. I’m pretty sure one of their assistants has Michigan roots.

  • JB

    UTEP is pretty talented but really undisciplined. I think they have a good big man who is a little bit of a headcase, so who knows what to expect from them.

  • AG2

    Considering Keno Davis’ dad used to coach at Iowa and Drake, I wouldn’t be surprised if Iowa makes a run at him to replace Licklighter.

  • JB
  • Drew

    Hate to be negative, and this is certainly premature, but with what I’ve seen from us all year and the fact we are losing seems, I don’t see us being capable of beating any of those three. I guess G Tech will be pretty beatable.

    I’m really hoping we come out with that underdog swagger we had last season at the Garden. Beating UCLA at the Garden gave us some serious swagger going into the rest of the season. Never had that marquee gritty win in the nonconference this year to look back on as a foundation for the rest of the year.

  • Drew

    Aaaand I’m officially classifying myself as an idiot for some reason typing “seems” instead of *Sims. Good lord.

  • Kevin

    Mondy is a freshman combo guard from GR Catholic Central. I played with him in fall leagues in high school. Very strong, very athletic with a good motor and a nose for the ball. Good defensive player and rebounder in the backcourt, but lacks a great jump shot…anything else you want to know?

  • Giddings

    So our non-conference schedule could consist of games against:
    – Georgia Tech
    – Syracuse
    – (ACC Challenge road game)
    – Utah
    – Kansas

    That’s pretty solid… and Beilein may be in the process of working out a home-and-home with another big name school as he has each of the past 3 years (Duke, UConn, Kansas).

  • AG2

    Thanks. Although I wouldn’t associate good defensive player with Providence right now.

  • InBeileinITrust

    “This is what I love about basketball scheduling over football scheduling. I’d rather play Syracuse, Georgia Tech, Kansas, Duke and teams on that level in the preseason than dumb down the schedule.”
    -Brian W.

    But Brian what the BCS does is make EVERY GAME MATTER.lol.jk. That is exactly the reason we have Michigan playing teams like Del. St. and Umass.

  • Brian W

    Yup. You’re right. There’s no rpi or incentive to schedule meaningful nonconference games in football with the BCS. I blame Bill Snyder And Kansas State for the start of it; they’d play no one in the nonconference, coast through the weak Big 12, and end up in a BCS game. Others, including OSU followed. Maybe the justice department’s investigation into the BCS will finally result in a playoff as exciting as the NCAA basketball tourney. I vaguely remember watching Miami of Florida at the Big House as a kid in the 80s, as well as Florida St. and others later. Sure beats Delaware St., EMU and WMU.

    Thankfully Beilein will play the toughies and make it meaningful when we beat teams like Duke and UCLA. Would be awesome to beat Kansas at home next year.

  • AG2

    Wow. Just, wow.

    Seton Hall 109, Providence 106. Providence, despite being down almost 30 pts in the 2nd half, missed a potential game tying 3 at the buzzer. Providence scored 67 2nd half points.

    One of the most exciting games I’ve ever seen. The grand irony is that people associate games like this with good basketball, even though both teams played disgraceful defense.

  • umhoopsreader

    It appears from Rivals that Jon Horford got his offer from Coach B, and is pretty excited about it. It would be nice to see that one become offical

  • umhoopsreader

    just realized you covered that in the comments section on the round-up sorry for posting old info

  • It’s cool. I’ll have a links post up in a few minutes, had to wrap something else up.

  • Drae

    Dylan any word on a plan B or even C if Trey decides to go to another school…

  • If we don’t get Trey I wouldn’t be surprised to see us bank the scholarship. Maybe look to Europe? I don’t think Sykes would get an offer but I guess he’d be one of those plan B/C guys.

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  • rdlwolverine

    Are the four featured teams guaranteed to play in Atlantic City even if they lose one of the “early round” home games? I don’t want to buy tickets and then find out I get to see BGSU.

  • Yes. Guaranteed to move on.

  • Brian

    I see how to put in the “Gazelle” for presale…but where do you put in “Madness” for the buy one get one free offer?

  • I was looking at it earlier and the buy-one-get-one was there and worked… Now it’s gone. Maybe they aren’t doing it until after the presale period.

    Ticket sales have been a huge problem for the tournament so I don’t think it’ll be a huge worry if you wait until tomorrow.

  • Evan

    ImAgine how tough it would be to play detroit if they get mccallum you know he’s gonna start and get huge minutes with his dad

  • rdlwolverine

    I just got two tickets in section 121 (center court) in the third row (CC). No option for the BOGO offer appeared.

  • tom

    I hope we do well in this tourney. How well do you think we’ll do if we get Manny back/Zeigler?