All-Big Ten Teams Announced

Dylan Burkhardt

sims1 sims-2

In the most surprising news of the year… Evan Turner was named Big Ten Player of the Year. The entire collection of All Big Ten rosters were released this evening and you can find the list here.

DeShawn Sims was named to the second team while Manny Harris was given a spot on the third team. The first team consisted of Demetri McCamey, Kalin Lucas, Robbie Hummel, E’Twaun Moore, and the aforementioned Turner.

Sticking on the subject of DeShawn Sims, Mike Rothstein put together a great piece chronicling the changes in Peedi’s life over the last four years.

For the more analytical types, KJ compiled a final table of his Points Over Replacement Per Adjusted Game (PORPAG) ratings and the Big Ten Geeks also put together a wonky All Big Ten team.

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  • Evan

    Yes Deshawn sims got the sportsmanship award

  • Congratulations to DeShawn. His season started out slow, but he really played well in the Big Ten season. He had a good season.

    I hope Beilein realizes that recruiting in the Big Ten is 3/4 of the battle. You can’t be a top tier team in the conference, by out coaching everybody. You need talent and UM needs talent bad.

  • Evan

    He always was one of my favorite players sad to see him go

  • Tweeter

    Certainly gonna miss Deshawn’s play on the court as well as his smile on and off the court. Seemed like he was a great kid and I wish him well in the future. I don’t think he will get drafted but hopefully he at least gets a tryout from some NBA team.

  • Drew2

    I’m going to miss Peedi. He was on pace to be a first team b10 player after the first couple or weeks but has really cooled down of late. What is the cause of mannys production decrease? Is it because now no one has to even respect anyone else on this years team, they can just sag off and prevent his drive.

  • Evan

    i think its a little bit of both none of our guards can shoot good from 3 so they dont guard them

  • michigan hoops 4eva

    Glad to see Sims get some praise, even though this year has been tough. He’ll be greatly missed as a Wolverine, I look forward to seeing what he does after college.

    As for Harris, I hope he comes back next year so he can improve on that 3rd team ranking.

  • Evan

    Trey Zeigler scored 34 points and added 11 rebounds as Mount Pleasant held off Midland Dow, 69-62

  • AG2

    That story about Sims brother was touching. I’m also very happy to hear them talk about how the University of Michigan was able to change their lives for the better. That’s what college athletics is really all about.

  • Tweeter

    Manny’s drop in productin is probably a combination of things. Role players struggling, lack of consistent defensive stops which lead to transition baskets, lack of consistent inside scoring, increased scouting reports on his game, the hamstring injury which clearly limited his explosiveness, and lack of improvement in his skill set.

    I think he worked really hard on his shot this offseason, but he probably should have worked harder on his ball handling. Especially considering he struggled with his health, it just became too easy for teams to stop him driving to the right. A lot of times last year he could just blow by guys to the right just because he was more athletic but this year it was a lot easier for defenders to sit on his right and force him into tough shots.

    Hopefully this offseason he concentrates more on expanding his ball handling so that he can attack both ways and also be more confident in making a pull up.

  • Drew2

    I agree. He needs to be more consistent going to his left. Every time he goes left he is just waiting for an opportunity to go back to his right. Next, a pull up jumper. Too often he would just try to bowl over somone standing under the rim waiting for him. I expect (and pray) more games like the Minnesot game next year. Actually realistically a happy medium between an average shooting night and the Minnesota game. I’m excited to see what hardaway has to offer. Can he be an instant asset to the team?

  • Tweeter

    Im real excited for Hardaway, dont know what kind of off the dribble game he has, but he looks like a good shooter. He also looks like he has the athleticism to play on D, which is what prevented Vogrich from getting major pt. Dont know if he will be gettin starter minutes, but I do expect him to contribute.

  • ZRL

    As Dylan wrote a little while ago, it’s becoming evident that Manny “is what he is”. It’s foolish to expect Manny to all of a sudden develop a left a hand and a better jumpshot by next year when he was unable to develop them his first 3 years. However, one skill that Manny needs to develop by next year is his leadership. There is no reason why a Senior should be benched/suspended to be “taught a lesson” as he has been at various times the past 3 years. If next year’s team is going to overachieve, Manny has to start acting like a captain, both during games and during practice. Grevis Vasquez at Maryland is a perfect example of a player who was wildly inconsistent and immature his first 3 years (and unlike Manny, was also a punk), before developing into a respected leader his Senior year.

  • JimC

    About Sims:
    Was he a McDonald’s All American?

    Someone said he was on a recent broadcast, but my brief search on the web didn’t confirm. I’m guessing not.

  • He was not an AA.

  • Team fans are usually harder on their players than anyone else; guess that’s what experts are for. I’m (trying to say this in a pleasant way) a little consternated that people here continue to ask what’s wrong w. Peedi and Manny when it seems pretty clear that:

    a) every team could just pretty much assign all five of their guys to them and

    b) w. no subs they had to play 7 bazillion minutes

    c) simply keeping your spirits up under such conditions–not to mention all the real life stuff a guy like Peedi brings to the table–is, well, not easy.

    As happy for Peedi’s sportsmanship award as anything else. He is a truly memorable player. This guy has already conquered all of the toughest things he will face in his life.

    P.S. This is definitely not for most people here, but. . . let’s just keep remembering these guys aren’t meat, but (for most of us) fellow members of our school’s community.

  • Hope the above doesn’t come off as too high-handed. Sort of a note to myself, too.

  • MaizeNBlue2

    I’m really going to be sad to see Peedi go. He really has improved a ton in his time here at Michigan. I remember his freshman year, after the unfortunate incident his brother had, where he would miss layups without hitting the rim.

    I remember thinking “How is this guy a 4-star player?” Man, am I glad he proved me wrong. Granted, at the time, we didn’t know about what happened to his brother, so I’m sure it was a mental thing.

    He’s definitely given us a player to be proud of on and off the court and wish him well as he heads on to the next phase of his life. He’ll always be a Wolverine down to the core. Thanks for everything, Peedi.

  • ToBlav

    Tweeter and Mattski – Thanks for the consistantly excellent contributions here.
    Congrats to Peedi and Fresh – Well deserved all-conference recognition. Thousands of really good players can only hope for as much. Your critics have Howard Cosell’s disease.

  • Tweeter

    Mattski, kinda playing devil’s advocate here (Im somewhere in between people who think Sims/Manny have been bad this year and people who think they can do no wrong and its all the role players fault/Beilein), but for me at least, I have been disappointed in them because I simply expect more from them.

    I think both have had a good season for the most part, Sims especially, but for people that are down on them, they just expected them to be even better this season. They are certainly in a tough position having to carry the team on the court and as leaders, but its not like guys have not done that before. No one is asking them to lead a platoon into Afghanistan or solve the health care crisis. This is basketball. I dont really see anything wrong with expecting your most talented players to be that good on a nightly basis. Sure there will be off nights, but this year, it seemed like there were far too many of them.

    As for your reasons: a) certainly teams focused a lot of their defense on Sims and Harris, but for the most part they saw few double teams. A couple of games here and there Sims would see a double team (PSU, NW), but most games teams played him straight. Manny allowed himself to become easily defendable because he could only go right. Defenders and help defenders just sat on the right and waited. I would say struggles in this regard were more due to SIms/Harris not being able to finish plays than it was what the defense was doing.

    b) They are the star players, they should be playing a ton of minutes. You think Scheyer, Smith and Singler are complaining about the minutes they have to play? Or Scottie Reynolds? or John Wall? Thats just the way it goes and Im sure Harris and Sims are not complaining either.

    c) its been tough, no doubt for the players to stay motivated. But its at times like this when you find out who the real leaders are. Its not the guys that hang their heads and get upset with their teammates. Its the guys that rally everyone together during those tough times. This is one area that has really bothered me this year. There was only one game this year when I saw Manny grab the guys and bring them together on the court and say a few words. I know that seems like a small, petty thing to complain about. But thats the type of thing that helps teams stop runs and get back in games. Its the type of thing that builds unity and gets everyone on the same page. Its especially important when your team is really young. Like I said earlier in the year, some guys just do not lead that way and they never will, and there is nothing wrong with that. But when things go South for this team, I really miss CJ Lee and his snarl.

    Its always a tough thing for me to criticize college players. I dont want to come off as a guy that sits here and hates on these guys and blames all the faults of the basketball program on them. Because I most suredly do not. Often times when I am talking about the players struggles, I am doing so to explain why I think the team struggled on a particular night. Its not to blame the kid, cause they are going to play bad from time to time and they are going to disappoint at times. I still love these guys and I am very happy that they are part of UM.

    So to sum up, I do think this team struggled at times this year because Sims and/or Harris struggled either as players or leaders. The team also struggled because no one could hit an open shot and Beilein did not get any size, which could stay healthy, to help out this year. Its wrong to say that I am disappointed with Sims and Harris because I really have nothing invested in this besides just being a fan and my support for UM. I disappointed in the team as a whole, but not the individuals. Its more that I am disappointed for them because I believe they can do better and with their talent I think even they expect better.

  • Deacon Blues

    I hear you, Tweeter. Here’s the thing, though: Sims & Harris aren’t Wall. Or Scheyer. Or Singler. Those guys were all five-stars. That’s just not fair.

    Look at it this way: Manny Harris was considered roughly the same caliber of player in high school as Chris Allen. Who’s turned out to be the better college player? I’d say Harris by a mile.

    Now, their head-to-head matchup on Sunday was ugly, but Allen has the benefit of playing for a team so talented, he can devote all of his attention and energy to stopping Harris–a guy who’s on his level athletically. Check out Allen’s shooting figures in the two MSU/U-M games this year.

    Sims and Harris have turned out okay. Could be better; could’ve been worse. But it’s tough to compare them to four stars elsewhere (let alone five stars), since Sims/Harris’s teammates are at such a unique talent deficit night after night.

  • AG2

    I’d actually compare Harris favorably to Durrell Summers, who was a 5 star recruit.

  • Tweeter

    Deacon, I was just comparing them in terms of being stars of their team and playing major minutes not their abilities. But I dont buy the argument that since the guys I mentioned were higher rated, you cannot judge them similarly.

    I do believe Harris and Sims are as skilled as Scheyer and Singler, not as skilled as Wall though. But when I look at their production, I am not comparing them with other players. I am just looking at what I think they ar capable of on this team.

    Like I said before, I am not gonna get too down on them because they are just college kids and UM obviously has more issues then just their play. But I do think it is fair to say that both have struggled to play up to their potential this year.

  • RSCI ratings from the 2007 class (avg of various recruiting sites):
    Durrell Summers (28), Lucas (34), Allen (38), Harris (42)

    Also Legion (36), Tucker (39)

  • AG2

    Speaking of Chris Allen:

    Suspended for friday’s game for violation of team rules.

  • Really good response, Tweeter, better thought-out in many ways than my early-morning rant. This season feels a little bit tragic to me, but–yeah–it’s just a game.

    Thanks for the props, ToBlav; same goes for you.