2010 Big Ten Tournament Bracket

Dylan Burkhardt

This is an old Big Ten Tournament bracket. For the current 2012 Big Ten Tournament Bracket, click here.

The Big Ten Tournament bracket is finalized. Michigan plays at 2:30 PM vs. Iowa on Thursday (ESPN2). If they win they will face Ohio State at noon on Friday (ESPN). Here’s the full bracket for reference:

  • Drew

    Here’s to a miracle… Because good god, if anyone deserves some good fortune, it’s us.

  • The Bray

    Horford Offered?


    While he initially received interest from Michigan State, Kentucky and Florida (Al’s alma mater), Horford lists Michigan, Providence and California as his top three choices. Horford has received scholarship offers from Providence and U-M and expects California to offer when he visits in the near future. He likely will be used at the power forward position in college, giving him more room to roam the court and utilize his jump shot.

  • acedeuce

    What would you trade to be the 7 seed right now… sure seems a heck of a lot easier, at least for Michigan.

  • Michigan will not play in the CBI, according to John Beilein during the B10 teleconference today.

  • MaizeNBlue2

    I kind of like the way the draw came out. Ohio State is definitely beatable. We did a pretty decent job of hanging with them on the road. We do need to hope that Illinois beats Wisconsin, because I don’t like our chances against Wisky. I like the fact that Sparty is on the other side of the bracket. They’d definitely have the psychological advantage after the beatdown they just put on us.

    It could be a better, but could be a lot worse as well. Either way, we’ve got to win 4 so let’s get it on.

  • Andy

    Not a fan of turning down the CBI for a couple of reasons.

    1. Fans paid a lot finanically and emotionally for this team. I think they owe the fans a shot at a run through something (anything) and the potential of a title of some sort. End it on a positive note.

    2. They clearly need practice, so why turn down the opportunity to play?

  • This has been a gruesome year–between hockey, football, and bball the howls of wounded pride can be heard all over the state. Beilein may be anxious to turn the page.

  • Giddings

    Did Beilein elaborate at all on the CBI thing? Did he flat out say “if the CBI invites us, we will not accept”?

  • “We do not have an interest in the CBI this particular year.”

    That’s the quote.

  • JimC

    So this is our little opportunity for “March Madness” and I’m going to enjoy it.

    Until Friday when it ends abruptly.

  • Deacon Blues

    Fascinating that they won’t play in the CBI. Would love to hear why.

    The CBI costs money, so there is that. Last year teams had to pay roughly $70K to host a game. (Not sure how it works for road teams.)

    But if U-M wanted to play, it surely could scrounge up the fee. As Mattski said, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that they just want to move on.

  • YpsiTuckyBoy

    Any word on whether Zeigler was at the game on Sunday? If I’m Zeigler, it’d take a strong belief in Beilein to come to UM after that debacle.

    Here would be my decision making process:
    MSU (No) – too much talent, not enough immediate playing time
    UM (No) – embarrassing now, with a very uncertain future
    CMU (No) – too little exposure, not enough competition
    UCLA (Yes) – historically solid program with the opportunity for immediate playing time

  • Eddie

    the CBI has no television contract, so even if they bought a home game, they wouldn’t fill the place and none of their fans, recruits, etc would be able to watch the game. following a CBI game on espn gamecast against a mid level mid major or fellow bottom dweller of a major conference does not sound fun for anyone, especially the players.

    let’s turn the page and look forward to 2010-2011.

    btw…any word on what happened to Morgan’s arm?

  • Benjamin

    Going to the CBI is like scheduling Appalachian State in football.

    I don’t think the extra practices are worth it. And, even if you went to the CBI and won- You wanna hang that banner?

    Like Eddie, I am ready to turn the page.

  • Tweeter

    The only practice this team needs is skill work – shooting, ball handling, etc., all of which the players can do on their own, so extra practice to play in the CBI seems somewhat meaningless.

    Glad to hear that Horford got offered, hopefully he chooses UM.

    On Zeigler, Ypsi, couldnt you say the same things about UCLA as you are saying about UM? UCLA has more tradition but that team has been just as bad as UM this year if not worse. Plus with the talent they seem to bring in, Im guessing the playing opportunities are greater at UM.

  • Matt

    I liked Michigan’s intensity in the second half. I know it was all too little too late but I liked how they closed out the game. I’m hoping they can take that momentum into our next game against Iowa. We’ve beaten Iowa twice this year so we do have the edge but our boys better be ready to play and I think they will be.

    I really think that the experience are young players will gain from the Big Ten Tournament is huge. DMo, Stu and Novak can gain a lot from facing a tough team like Ohio State (hopefully…) in the 2nd round. Beating OSU could really help our team heading into next year. I don’t like the news about McLimans and Morgan being hurt. Hopefully nothing is serious.

    I’m anxious to watch the Big Ten Tournament and I hope our boys can come out and play like we know they can. From what I’m hearing, be ready to be suprised when it comes to recruiting…

  • YpsiTuckyBoy


    I don’t think that the UCLA/UM comparison is there. UCLA has had a worse year than UM this year, but they were great in the few years before. They lost some high-level NBA talent. UCLA has had a few bad years sprinkled in the last decade. UM, on the other hand, has had only a couple good years sprinkled into a horrible decade.

    Zeigler will have a better opportunity for PT at UM, but he’s probably going to get a good look at starting for UCLA too after a sub-.500 season there. Plus, the weather is way nicer there and UCLA has an unmatchable hoops history.

  • Brian W

    Maybe the Dumars factor and close-proximity to Mt. Pleasant (compared to UCLA) will help with Trey. It would be easier to drive to Ann Arbor on an off-day or after practice if you coached in Mt. Pleasant than fly to L.A. to watch your kid. We’ll see.

    Interesting if they offered Horford as a power forward (if true). McLimans and Morgan at center, with Evan and Horford at PF. A lot more size for sure. Add Plumlee or Williams at center in 2011 and that’d be pretty cool.

    Great job this season Dylan. From posting the video of Novak’s dunk at Michigan Madness and through the ups and downs of the season, this has been a great place to visit. Thanks.

  • JB

    I agree with all of those points about trey, but it’s all speculation. michigan still has a legitimate shot at him for a lot of reasons- proximity to his family, opportunity for immediate playing time, his girlfriend, believing in beilein as a coach, etc.
    ucla – warm weather, females, tradition, recent success, immediate playing time, etc.
    …and other schools for other reasons
    who knows what his deciding factors will be. i wonder if the supposed horford offer was influenced by morgan’s injury.

  • Evan

    i definetly think that is one of the reasons for offering horford and he definetly wasnt interested in pitroski. On playing iowa i dont like playing them even though we usually win. 6th time in 2 years great.

  • Kevin

    I’m for playing in the CBI. At the very least it gives some younger players (vogrich particularly) a chance to get a few more minutes. Could be related to Notre Dame turning down a (what would’ve been) crappy bowl game. Although I guess we’re not changing coaches.

  • AG2

    Well Zeigler mentioned waiting until he was done with high school ball to make a decision, probably because he wants to make official visits to UCLA and Arizona State.

    I could easily see a situation where Zeigler and McCollum go to UCLA together.

  • He’s already taken an official to UCLA.

  • Paul

    It’s one and done. If they do beat Iowa, then Ohio State will finish them off. Heal the wounds don’t make them worse.

  • Brick

    I see Horford as a 5 for us. If he is ready at all next year, maybe McLimans moves to the 4. Since Smotrycz can play some 3, we could see a 6’4″, 6’5″, 6’9″, 6’10”, 6’8-9″ big lineup in a few years with Morris, Hardaway, Smotrycz, McLimans and Morgan/Horford.

    If Horford really has an offer, I think we will get him. I wonder if this can be confirmed. I don’t trust Lansing papers.

  • COLBlue

    Don’t like that they’re passing on an opportunity to play in the CBI. It’s a tournament that they might actually have a chance to win, and would be fun to follow

  • MaceoBaston

    All Big Ten teams are out. DeShawn made 2nd team and Manny made 3rd team:
    First team: Evan Turner, Demetri McCamey, Kalin Lucas, E’Twaun Moore and Robbie Hummel

    Second: DeShawn Sims, John Shurna, Talor Battle, JaJuan Johnson, Trevon Hughes

    Third:Manny Harris, Draymond Green, William Buford, Jason Bohannon, David Lighty (media) /Raymar Morgan (coaches)

  • maxwell’s demon

    Wow. 3rd team… Can’t even disagree.

  • ZRL

    I would swap McCamey with Hughes and Battle with Buford, but other then that I aree.

  • other steve

    i would definitely put buford over battle on the second team. and i dont know if kalin lucas should be first team… but this list looks pretty accurate to me.

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  • Tom Arthur

    Thank you umhoops.com !!!!!!!!!

    One might think that one could find a mens bball tournament bracket on the Big 10 website . . . sadly not. Thank you for coming to the rescue.

    Thank you !!!!

    Tom Arthur
    Richmond, VA

  • Mark T

    Where is Nebraska on this ????