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Dylan Burkhardt

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  • Joel

    Giddings – VERY interesting stat, that it breaks down that simply. So we shouldn’t worry about any kind of defense and just run down and try to get as many shots off as possible! :P

    On the NCAA expanding the tournament to 96 teams – DON’T DO IT!!!!!! It’s working very well with 64/65, please don’t mess with it, unless we get up to like, 450+ teams in Division 1…heck I’d even say 500+. This is a good percentage of teams that make it into a *meaningful* post-season right now (I think there are 347 D-I teams, so 65/347 = about 18.7%). I find that to be a good balance of still getting a lot of teams in, but getting a berth is still fairly difficult to do and means something.

    The comparisons they’re making to college football, that they allow a much higher percentage of teams into the post-season, are crap. In the bowl games, only 2 teams REALLY have a chance to win a national championship. EVERY team in the tournament has a chance to win a national championship! Realistically, not all 65 do, but they control their own destiny and *could* play themselves into the final to win it all. Once a team wins a bowl game outside of the BCS championship, it’s just “Well, we ended the season on a high note, good job everybody, OK let’s go home.” STOP COMPARING THE TWO!! If they really want to have the same percentage, of teams that can play for the national championship, as football, then the tournament should have 6 teams. And NO ONE wants that [most people don’t want only 2 teams in football either but that’s another rant :)].

  • GrandChamp

    Somebody ban this guy please.

  • YpsiTuckyBoy

    GrandChamp, don’t ban qingyang. Like he said, “YOU MUST NOT MISS IT!!!”

  • AG2

    I’m still kindof thinking its possible McCollum is goin to the Pac-10 and that Zeigler’s going with him.

  • Colby

    Dylan, forgot to mention that Rivals has Johnny O’Bryant 2011 big man from Mississippi listing us with an offer. It is a long list and probably a longshot to get him out of the south but he also has Harvard on his list so school might be important.

  • bird

    So I wrote Rivals yesterday and asked why the heckity heck they had us down as offering Horford. Today Horford’s Rivals profile reflects the single offer from Providence. I am the Rivals Police. I crack Rival skull.

  • Kevin


  • MarcO

    Regarding Rutgers joining the Big 10, I’m a NJ guy too and I think Rutgers is a solid school. I hope my daughter goes there 1 day. This is confirmed by US News & World Report who ranks Rutgers as a top 26 public school.

    That’s better then Iowa and Michigan St though i’m not sure that’s saying much ;)

    I think adding Rutgers would be an enormous move for the Big 10. It opens the whole NY media market to REAL college sports. Do you know how many big 10 alumni live in NY, NJ, Delaware, & CT? I don’t either but it’s a lot. I can only imagine how huge it would be when Ohio st, Michigan, or Penn St came to NJ to play football. They might have to move the game to Giants stadium. As well, Big 10 basketball is no slouch. Though it may not have the clout the Big east currently has, the sheer #’s of alumni would sellout a lot more Rutgers games then they currently do. I can’t imagine having Michigan come to NJ every season in bball and every other season in football. The northeast may actually buy into college sports.

    Believe you me, Rutgers is a legit expansion candidate for many reasons. The most notable is the rabidness of the alumni from the Big 10’s programs. This will translate into real dollars for both Rutgers and the Big 10. It’s the dollars that count.

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