Monday Night Bullets

Dylan Burkhardt
  • Senior forward Anthony Wright will not return for his fifth year of eligibility. Wright recently had a baby and is on track to graduate with a degree in sociology. This means that Michigan should have three scholarships remaining for the class of 2010 but if they were to use all three they wouldn’t have any additional scholarships for the 2011 class.
  • Updated scholarship breakdown lives here.
  • DeShawn Sims plans to attend the Portsmouth Invitational. Portsmouth is a tournament that is typically attended by bubble players, so to speak, but it’s a great chance to be seen. The bottom line though, a lot of these kids don’t get drafted. Last years class did include several players who were drafted, including guys like Sam Young, AJ Price, Ahmad Nivins, Jeff Pendergraph, Jermaine Taylor, and Robert Dozier.
  • Michigan looks almost locked into the 8 seed in the Big Ten tournament which means a 2:30 game next Thursday. Right now they would play Iowa but the Hawkeyes are only a game ahead of Indiana and Penn State. The winner of the 8/9 game plays the 1-seed which will be Ohio State if the three first place teams win out.
  • A care package drive will be taking place at tomorrow’s game.  Donations can be dropped off at Gate E or A for Task Force-12 in the Khakrez District of the Kandahar Province.
  • Ben Cronin is spending his spring break on a mission trip to New Orleans and keeping a diary.

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  • Paul

    Great news regarding Wright. That frees up another scholarship

  • JayRich

    Thank you baby Jesus for not bringing Anthony Wright back

  • Chris

    You know, we don’t know what kind of a “glue guy” he might be. I recall a lot of people thinking this team would be so much better without CJ Lee and David Merritt…..

    Be careful what you wish for.

  • Harry

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t see Dumars on the scholarship breakdown. Doesn’t he take up another scholarship?

  • Evan

    I am sad to see Wright go even though he wasnt the most talented players. I hope whereever life may lead him he does well

  • Bluebufoon

    Easy Harry folks are stressing enough around here. We don’t have enough scholarships for Dumars. The only way he will get one is if he earns a prominent role on the team down the road.

    No offense to anyone but didn’t we already know Wright wasn’t coming back ?

  • Giddings

    The Dumars situation is similar to Jeff Jordan at Illinois. His dad is obviously wealthy enough to pay for his tuition so he doesn’t “need” a scholarship, but if there is one available and Beilein feels he deserves it then he’ll get it like Jordan did.

  • AG2

    Congrats to Anthony Wright for in the words of the NCAA, is going pro in something other than sports. He may not have been the best, but he had his moments. Good luck on Senior Day.

  • Evan

    I’m pretty sure Anthony wright was not the glue guy so we don’t have to worry about that

  • UMQuasi

    So, let me make sure I have the scholarship situation down now. With the news on Wright, we have AT LEAST 3 scholarships to use between ’10 and ’11. Then if Cronin is done, that frees up another, giving us 4 total. I would assume in that case, we would probably try for two more in ’10 (1 Big and hopefully Zeigler) and two more in ’11 (Hopefully Williams and a wing).

  • Tweeter

    UMQuai – Cronin is not including in that breakdown. There are still only three scholarships left to use for the next two years.

  • Evan

    No we only have 3 for 2010 2011 that’s with the news on cronin and wright so 3 total

  • That’s including Cronin’s departure from the program. I find it hard to believe that the big guy will ever play again and that seems to be the consensus.

    So yes. 3 to use between 2010 and 2011.

  • fresh

    that piotrowski kid im guessing is what cronin was suppose to look like as well……although i have a feeling that piotrowski can move better than even a healthy cronin

  • michigan hoops 4eva

    I’m mixed about the Anthony Wright news…on the one hand he has been a liability on the court but on the other hand he is an experienced player.

    A worry of mine is the team’s lack of experience minus Manny Harris. Assuming Manny Harris stays and Beilein signs two more players this year (preferably Trey Zeigler and Jon Horford), our team will be made up of 1 senior, 3 juniors, 5 sophomores, and 7 freshmen. While I am a harsh critic of Wright, his experience will be missed.

  • The team will have a lot of experience coming back next year. Novak and Douglass will be starting for their 3rd year. Manny (maybe) will be a 4th year starter and Morris will be pretty experienced. Throw in LLP and that is a decent amount of experience. McLimans and Morgan will need to mature quickly though.

    Super=mega-early Starting 5…

    5- Morgan
    4- McLimans
    3- Manny
    2- Novak (Douglass)
    1- Morris

    Novak probably starts the year at the 4. If Manny goes he moves to the 3 and Douglass takes the 2.

  • Brick

    I see the first team as Morris, Douglass, Harris, Novak, and Morgan. Douglass and Novak have too much experience for them to lose minutes to any of the other players. I hope they improve this summer because we are going to be seeing a lot of them next year.

    Second team is LLP, Vogrich, Hardaway, Smotrycz, and McLimans. McLimans has been practicing at the 5 because we need two players there next year and we don’t have any other options. Even if we bring in another big man, I doubt he will play much.

    The good news is that we will have more players available next year. I think the freshman will be ready to contribute a little and Vogrich will get more minutes. This year has been tough. Two redshirts, an open scholarship, Cronin out and Wright not contributing means we are playing with eight scholarship players and that is counting Vogrich who just lets Manny catch his breath for 5 minutes a game and tries not to turn the ball over.

  • Kainkitizen

    Coach did hint on this being Anthony’s final season a while back. Was Tommy’s thinking of Anthony’s recruitment from Oak Hill a slide in foot step to some of the top talent in the country to start the major recruitment since he wasn’t getting the state of Michigan recruits. I never could understand the reasoning for that. Much love to Anthony of being able to get a top notch education with the use of basketball.

    Now with the open scholarship, I’d love to see 1 more 2010 recruit that will be a superstar if he makes Ann arbor his home for 4 years. If coach thinks that having that extra scholarship for 2011 would be better for the program then save it and add 2 more recruits to 2011 with Carlton Brundidge. Don’t waste a scholarship just because. It’s not necessary to have discrepancies in building a program when there is definitely better prospects in 2011.

    Some excellent advice and worthiness, Don’t be greedy all at once, It’s a sin and could hurt with the development building of the basketball program that coach Beilein is trying to create for all of us Michigan Basketball Fans, Alumni, and Students.

  • Drae

    So Dylan what do you think Coach B and staff will do with the schollie situation… Burn all 3 or stick with 2 this year and 1 for next…

  • Bluebufoon

    Guessing on scholarships– ideally one for Zeigler and one for a big for this class, then you leave one open for another frontcourt player for nxt year, with the possibility of using one more in 2011 depending on what you do with LLP’s fifth year ?

  • Paul

    Good news about Anthony Wright. Not that he’s gone but, more so that he’s a father and he’s graduating. Good luck to Wright. Hope for the best for him.

  • michigan4204

    I guess I’m a little confused, but if we take 2 more this year, i.e. Horford and Zeigler, and we already have Carlton next year, then we have no schollies left, right? Or does Brundidge not count towards the 3 we have left?

  • michigan4204

    Nevermind, just looked at Dylan’s scholarship breakdown and answered my own question.

  • Brundidge is already counted.

    Say we have 3 more to give this year. We give two, there’s one remaining. Harris’ graduation will mean there’s one more to give for ’11. That’s two (one to Brundidge and one extra).

    Check this page for the graphical representation

  • michigan4204

    Yeah I forgot about Manny leaving. I guess I was hoping he would be around for a few more years. Thanks for your work on this site, Dylan. This is great stuff.

  • ToBlav

    Thank you Anthony Wright for your efforts and contributions to the Michigan basketball program. Congrats on your child and may you have a great life that includes fond memories of your time at Michigan and playing basketball. I’m sure you are taking lessons learned that couldn’t have been earned any other way.

  • Ben


    I really liked the video of Mat P. Any info on if he is a legit target? I think he moved really well and finished hard around the hoop…you can’t teach size…who is more legit at this time: MP or JH??

  • Ben: Webb brought him up on the radio. It seems like it’s a sort of feeling out process right now.

  • MarcO

    There are some pieces to this team that we saw against Ohio St. that are worth mentioning.

    1. DMorris’ progression is positive. I’d like to see him attack the lane more, especially on the fast break, but something is better than nothing. At the beginning of the season, he didn’t do it at all. A pt guard who can attack the basket is a huge asset in college basketball.

    2. Stu Douglass actually put the ball on the floor, went to his left, and pulled up and drained a 2-pt’er from the top of the key. I suspect Belein is working on this part of his game. Teams respect his shot and give him the dribble. He needs to burn them and he can’t take the ball all the way to the hole, we’ve seen what happens when he does that. He needs to be able to stop and make a defense pay in order to help this team. Nice job Stu and coach for recognizing this.

  • bird

    Rivals now says Horford’s got an offer from us.

  • Link? I haven’t heard anything about Horford getting an offer. I know his profile has shown an offer but I don’t know how many times I can tell you guys not to trust Rivals profiles for offer information.

  • Drae

    Yeah Dylan rivals suxs… Scout is a lot better of the 2… Hopefully Coach can sign 2 player that can come and make an impact from day 1…

  • Dylan

    I don’t mean to infer that either of the sites suck. Just the profiles are not the most accurate sources of information and not kept up to date that well in regards to issues like an offer.

  • bird
  • Again, you can cite profiles if you want but in an interview from LAST WEEK, Horford stated that he does not have an offer. That is the most up to date report and jives with everything I’ve heard.

    At this point Horford does NOT have an offer.

  • bird

    No argument — I have little confidence in the accuracy of either Rivals or Scout — although I’m not sure why they’d risk their credibility by falsely reporting offers. Before today, the LAST TIME I checked, I didn’t see offers to JH listed on either.

    I think something’s cookin’, and I’d be glad for it. The first thing I thought when I read that Wright wasn’t coming back was “Offer Horford!” A Horford in the hand is worth 50 Zeiglers in the bush to my mind.

  • YpsiTuckyBoy

    I like that idiom, bird.

  • JBlair52

    sorry but some of you are idiots

    Wright leaving doesnt really free up a scholarship.

    sure, we could take 3 more in 2010 but that’s highly unlikely anyway. we’ll be lucky if we use up 2 more in 2010.

    so we could have given him his 5th year and still had the scholarship for 2011.