Game 27: Illinois at Michigan Post Game

Dylan Burkhardt

44 points gets you bullets. I could probably breakdown all 16 Michigan baskets in a full post game, so we might as well keep things short and simple. Full box score here. “Highlights” here.

  • Michigan missed 49 shots, just two fewer than the Illini attempted all night long. If you are doing the math, Michigan’s 44 points on 65 shots equates to .67 points per shot.
  • The shooting line was terrible: 29.4% on twos. 19.4% on threes. 50% on free throws. Michigan just couldn’t get anything to go down.
  • Right now the shooting problems are mental and physical. There’s really just no way to explain it — this team can’t make wide open shots. Now the problem has even extended to layups. The problem is that they know all too well that they haven’t been able to shoot it. They are shooting not to miss and don’t have any confidence that their shot is going in.
  • The late alley-oop play to Mike Davis was a microcosm of the season. Michigan played great defense and forced DJ Richardson into a desperate running three point attempt. The shot just caught iron and somehow careened into Mike Tisdale’s hands. Michigan didn’t end up with the bounce they needed and couldn’t make the one play that might have gotten them over the hump.
  • Once again, turnovers kept Michigan in this one. Michigan forced turnovers on 27.4% of Illinois’ possessions while coughing it up on only 8.1% of their own.
  • Despite Michigan’s poor shooting, you definitely can’t say that they have quit. The defensive intensity over the last two games has been some of the best all year. Darius Morris has done a great job on two of the best lead guards in the conference and Michigan held Illinois to only .8 points per possession.
  • Michigan’s guards combined to shoot 1 of 18 from the field, that’s 5%. Douglass was terrible. Lucas-Perry was terrible. Morris did some nice things but also can’t shoot. Stat Sheet doesn’t have plus-minus numbers for this game up yet, but I would be willing to bet Lucas-Perry would come in last, his struggles are tough to watch.
  • DeShawn Sims was a no-show but Zack Gibson provided a nice spark of energy. Sims has been lackadaisical in Michigan’s last two games totaling just 17 points on 7 of 22 shooting which is disappointing considering how well he had been playing this year in conference play.
  • Shooting pull-up three pointers in transition is painful. Shooting long pull-up jumpers from one step in front of the three point line is inexcusable. Douglass thinks this is his shot for some reason and Manny is a fan of the shot as well. The three point shot in transition works when you have someone drive and kick (i.e. Novak vs. Duke), the pull-up three is just a terrible shot.
  • Bruce Weber made some interesting comments in his post game about Illinois’ 16-19 (5-13) season in 2008 and the paralells between this year’s Michigan team. The gist was that sometimes seasons don’t go the right way because of leadership and chemistry. I know coaches tend to look out for their fellow coaches but he definitely made some interesting points about things that we’ve discussed here previously.
  • Detroit Country Day class of 2011 big manĀ  Amir Williams made the trip to Ann Arbor. You can see some recent video here.
  • Tim Hardaway Jr.’s team lost in the state regional semi-finals despite Hardaway’s game high 20 points. Hardaway was “double-teamed him whenever he was near the three-point line” in the second half and held to only 2 points in the fourth quarter. Trey Zeigler had 27 points and 10 rebounds in Mount Pleasant’s 13th victory in a row, an overtime win over Bay City Central.

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  • JB

    i take it back. “win” is the wrong word. purdue will lose the big ten title and state will attain a piece of it by default.
    I think state and osu are the only b10 teams with a shot to make it past the sweet 16. i don’t think either has much shot at the final four. i thought purdue had a chance to make a good run this year.

  • jds

    I dont think State makes it past the Sweet 16. Look out for Wiscy too, they can be scary good when the shots are fallin

  • Drew

    OSU is really really dangerous. I feel like they are capable of beating almost anyone in the country. Turner is SO good, it’s unreal. Can lead them to victory at any time. Their depth will prolly be an issue though.

    I thought Purdue was Final Four material. Obvs not anymore. Really hope State doesn’t beat them Saturday. They absolutely do not deserve any piece of that Big Ten title. My ignorant roommates also don’t deserve to enjoy that again this year. Although I’d love nothing more than to see Sparty fans count their chickens before they hatch and have us ruin their Big Ten title by beating them in the last game of the year. A man can dream, right?

  • AG2

    Looks like the key to dominating Iowa is to get Fuller in foul trouble.

  • I too regret Hummel’s torn ACL. I really wanted the B10 to impress, Michigan or no Michigan.

  • Brian W

    I can’t stand Kramer on Purdue, but I like Hummel. Hopefully, he’ll heal up okay.

    Has there been any word on Ant Wright’s status? Gibson has been well in place of Ant during the extra minutes, but we’ll probably want Ant for a few minutes in the Big Ten Tournament.

    Even though the season hasn’t gone as well as planned, I’ll be sad to see Deshawn go. Would love to see him have some good games (and some wins) to end his UM career.

  • Conrad

    OSU has the talent to beat anybody in the country but i think Thad Matta will stop that from happening..he is a tremendous recruiter but i just dont see him as the coach to help his team when they get in trouble..they win on pure talent and athleticism..i dont see MSU goin that far, the removal of walton and suton defensively is what they are missing this year. they are allowing a ton of points and also dont have a dominant big man to go to (like Michigan)..Wisky and Purdue will always have a chance to win because they play great team always i root for every team in the big 10 come tourney time, but i will say watching MSU lose is priceless

  • gpsimms

    i guess it’s just the big ten homer in me. but i think osu is scary good. i think they can beat anyone.

    i’m really sad to see hummel go down, because i thought they had a very good shot at being a final four team.

    but, i agree wiscy and osu actually seem better equipped to make a run than state. saying that, it’s silly to count a state team out of the running.

    …like i said, it’s the homer* just wanting success in the conference, but i honestly think we have 3 (used to be 4 before hummel went down) teams that can go deep. (note: kenpom has wiscy, osu, andd purdue in his top 11 teams…)

    *it’s weird, in football i hate most other big ten teams for one reason or another. but in basketball, every team has at least a few guys i love to watch. maybe it’s just that i get to see more b10 basketball thanks to the btn that i feel this way.

  • Drew

    Couldn’t agree more on that last part GP. I essentially hate all the football teams in the conference aside from Penn State. But as far as bball goes, the only team I really HATE is State, and that is mostly because of my ignorant roommates and State basketball fans in general.

    Here’s how I classify the teams in my viewing opinion. Northwestern/PSU/IU/Iowa all brutal to watch. But OSU/Wisky/Purdue all interest me, and for some reason I actually kind of like Ohio State. Really don’t mind Illinois for that matter either. Big Ten basketball has got to be fairly brutal for fans of faster paced conferences, but I find myself enjoying it more than I should.

  • Tweeter

    really? I cant stand watching OSU. Dont get me wrong I think they have a ton of talent and several players (turner especially) that I enjoy watching individually, but the way they play annoys me. Offensively in particular. All they seem to do now is let Turner go one-on-one and everyone else watches.

    They actually have a team that I think would be sick under Beilein’s system. Spread teams out a little more and move the ball, plus they have two very good shooters in Diebler and Buford. Not to mention they have the perfect length for the 1-3-1, which they have been running a lot lately.

    But I agree with the general sentiment that I find myself rooting for and enjoying watching more BT basketball teams than I do football teams. I almost never watch BT football games except OSU games just cause they are usually good and I like to see them struggle.

  • AG2

    I have to agree that Matta is a great recruiter but his coaching holds his team back. As far as thinking they’re cool, absolutely not. If anything, it angers me to see a school whose fans obviously care so little about basketball pull in one 5 star recruit after another like they’re some dynasty. Plus, they have an arena with corporate naming rights, which is just lame. Yeah you can call it the Schottstein Center, buckeye fan, but we all know its Value City Arena.

    With Madsen and Lauderdale graduating, plus Turner and Buford probably going pro, OSU will still kindof have a short bench. Sullinger, Siebert, and Thomas might be good, but they’re still freshmen, and Thad Matta is still their coach.

  • Drew

    Lol maybe I came off a bit wrong there. I definitely am NOT a fan of ohio state basketball, I just think this year’s team in particular, is really good. If Mullens had stayed they would be nasty to face in the tournament. Most years I hate them though, and I agree on Matta not being a good coach. All the recruits he pulls pisses me off. But man did I enjoy seeing them beat State at the Breslin on Sunday.

  • maxwell’s demon

    I also think that OSU is now the most dangerous B10 team. And to be honest I can’t help but enjoy watching Turner play, hope he grabs POY. I’m also not sure there’s much evidence to say Matta can only recruit and not coach. It’s hard to tell because he does get so much talent but I don’t think that means he’s a bad coach. But it’s not like watching Texas where they play no defense and really no half court offense and entirely rely on talent.

  • I was super-impressed by OSU in their win over MSU. Funny, GP Simms had posted something about leadership being over-rated, and I agreed w. him. Then I watched Turner take over that game. . .

    Leadership takes on lots of diff. forms, and a really good team might have more than one–Jordan was aloof, Pippen mentored the younger players, then at game time Jordan ruled. Contrary to Vitale and others, I think Manny and Peedi HAVE led. Sometimes just soldiering on is leading, in tough circumstance. I bet they’ll share the (leadership) honors again this year.

  • Drew

    very good point Mattski

  • ZRL

    Mattski, I don’t think Turner taking over is called leadership. It’s called talent.

  • ZRL: You must know the two things are related. Often a veteran is the quiet leader and a talented player does it on the field, or simply by requiring the ball more. You wouldn’t–couldn’t–say that Jordan was NOT a/the Bulls’ leader. Some generals are loved, some are hated or feared. Sometimes it’s the person who talks, sometimes a quieter soul.

    But transfer these thoughts to Manny and Peedi. Reading btwn the lines I think you can see some people’s assumption that they aren’t leaders despite being the most talented. I challenge that, and would bet the awards ceremony will bear out my assertion once again. A lot of people early on were saying Novak was the leader–in time he may be, but he isn’t now.

    Manny’s outburst in practice might have stemmed less from a failure to lead than the shock that it came from a/the leader, threatened to shatter the team’s cohesion.

    Anyway, this is my conjecture from watching players’ on-court demeanor, adding it up.